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Moving to New Jersey

New Jersey Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to New Jersey

Whether you’re moving to the northern part of the Garden State for its proximity to the New York Metropolitan Area, getting ready to explore the Jersey shore, or are relocating to southern New Jersey with its proximity to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the nation’s capital, SmartMove is ready to help you plan your move from start to completion.

Everyone knows that relocating, especially to a new state, can be both challenging and stressful, and the stress of moving is always compounded by lack of preparation. Careful planning is key to executing a flawless move, no matter whether you’re relocating to a new home you’ve purchased in New Jersey, or to a rental.

SmartMove has plenty of tips for moving to New Jersey, as well as several tools, handy checklists, and other important aids to help you put together the perfect move while saving you money on several common moving expenses. Read this guide for all the information you need on moving to New Jersey.

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Help and Services for Moving to New Jersey

You have many options when it comes to hiring moving services to help you execute your move to New Jersey. If you’re planning to hire a moving company, you’ll want to begin by searching for movers in your local area that offer moving services to New Jersey.

Once you’ve determined all of your options, spend some time reading online reviews of the various companies. You can tell a lot about a company’s professionalism, customer service, and dispute resolution ability by reading reviews from prior customers. SmartMove has also an incredibly handy tool to help you compare.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a list of finalists, solicit estimates from all of them so you can compare their rates and available services. Once you’ve selected a company from among your finalists, make sure that you get a contract or “bill of lading.”

Many companies may try to get you to agree to moving services with only an “order for service.” Unfortunately, an order of service is not a legally binding document. Request a bill of lading to make sure that you are protected in case something goes wrong. Store it in a secure place until your move to New Jersey is complete.

If you’re like many folks, though, you may choose to do some or all of the moving on your own. There are most likely many truck rental providers that are located in your current area, ready to rent you a trailer, truck, moving equipment, or even a transportable storage pod, so you can pack and move all of your household goods using your own labor and the goodwill of friends and family.

Whichever way you end up moving to New Jersey, make sure you check with your employer about relocation assistance. You may be able to get some or all of your move covered by your employer. Also, remember to save your receipts for tax time. Check with a tax professional or accountant, as some or all of your moving-related expenses may either be deductible or qualify you for a tax credit of some kind.

Cable Providers Available in New Jersey

Getting cable services in your new New Jersey home couldn’t be easier, and Armstrong, Comcast, Cablevision, and Charter all operate in different areas of the state. Regardless of who you end up going with for TV, Internet, and phone service, SmartMove is a great tool to use to transfer services with your existing company or to set up service with a new provider.

If your current cable provider is operating in the area where you will be relocating in New Jersey, SmartMove may be able to get you set up so that all you have to do is bring your equipment with you, and plug it in at your new home. Further, if you want to sign up with a new provider (or have to because your current company isn’t available where you’ll be moving), SmartMove can help you with that too.

Setting up your cable service in advance of your move to New Jersey is yet another way to take a little bit of the stress out of your move. Wouldn’t it be great if your TV, Internet, and phone were waiting and ready to use on the very first day in your new place? SmartMove can definitely help you to accomplish that with ease.

Energy Providers Available in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, your electrical utility is determined by where you live. You do have some choice in the matter, however, as residents are able to select what sources their electricity comes from, but the utility company is a matter of geography. For more information, you can check out the website, Power 2 Switch.

Jersey Central Power and Light covers the northwest and southeast corners of the state. Public Service Electricity and Gas (PSE&G) covers territory from the northeast corner of the state to the southwest corner of the state, and serves slightly more than half of the state’s customers. Atlantic City Electric covers the southern third of the state, from Atlantic City to Philadelphia. Rockland Electric Company is the smallest provider, and only serves the area along the border with New York. Vineland Municipal Utilities is the only publicly owned utility in New Jersey, and they serve residents of the City of Vineland.

The four natural gas utilities in the Garden State also own specific territorial areas. Depending on where your new home in Jersey is located, you will either be served by PSE&G, Elizabethtown Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas, or South Jersey Gas.

Regardless of who will be providing your power, you’ll want to take the preparatory step to get your account set up in advance of your move to New Jersey. Setting up your accounts and providing your power companies with your new address and your anticipated move-in date can help make your move less stressful, and may even save you a little money.

Important New Jersey State Agencies and Resources

Moving to New Jersey is easier when you take the time to use tools like the handy moving checklist from SmartMove, which allows you to keep all of the details of your move organized before, during, and after moving day. Little details like getting your New Jersey ID and getting your vehicle titled and registered in the state can be easy to overlook when you’re dealing with moving to a new location, and delays can result in penalties.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is the state agency responsible for driver’s licensing, the issuing of state ID cards, and vehicle titling and registration in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey gives new residents up to sixty days to complete registration of their vehicles and to get their New Jersey ID.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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