Are you moving to a new home and want to switch wireless providers? Or simply ready for a mobile upgrade? SmartMove makes it easy to find the best mobile service providers and cost-saving packages in your area.

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It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for — an unlimited data plan, a prepaid plan, or a plan that comes with one of the best smartphones — SmartMove has you covered. We compare different mobile phone bundles to help identify the best one for you. Every phone carrier provides a range of cellular mobile services, from 5G coverage and 5G mobile hotspots to the most affordable phone plans per month. SmartMove helps you compare carriers and plans — including limited time offers — side by side so you can quickly find the best cell phone plans, providers, and bundles to keep you connected.

Explore mobile plans from different cell phone providers:

Provider Offerings
Xfinity Mobile offers mobile data plans starting at only $15/month for 1GB. Learn More
Spectrum Mobile offers mobile data plans starting at $14/month that could save up to 60% off your monthly bill. Learn More
Optimum Mobile offers mobile data plans starting at only $14/month per line. Learn More
GCI, Alaska’s largest wireless network, offers mobile data plans for up to four lines starting at only $35/month each. Learn More
Cox Mobile runs on the network with unbeatable 5G reliability and offers two data options – Pay As You Gig starting at $15/GB per month or Gig Unlimited at $45 per month. Learn More

Bundle services and save!

Many providers offer cost-saving options when you bundle your wireless phone service with high-speed, reliable home Internet. SmartMove helps compile all the best deals for you according to your local service area so you can quickly choose the best service plan for your family.

As always, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any phone plan you pick, paying careful attention to the billing cycle, any sales tax and fees, eligibility requirements, etc. For additional information on TV and streaming services, smart home automation, Internet plans, as well as moving resources, you can trust SmartMove.

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Did you know?

Many wireless providers make it easy to switch phone carriers and keep your number! Simply ask your new phone carrier how to transfer your phone number before canceling your existing plan. Additionally, the perks of the past are now common with most monthly plans, such as unlimited talk & text and international roaming. High-speed data, WiFi, and mobile hotspots ensure you get the most out of your unlimited plan whether you’re video streaming, gaming, or surfing the web.

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All the hottest devices.

Many phone carriers allow you to bring your current device with you when you switch phone plans. In the market for a new phone? SmartMove helps you compare great deals from wireless providers on the best smartphones, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and more. Once you’ve chosen your phone, we help ensure you have the connectivity you need, not only for your phone but all connected devices such as tablets and smartwatches.

Flexible plans to fit your lifestyle.

Most of today’s cell phone providers offer different data plan options to best fit your needs and your wallet. Need enough mobile data for the whole family? Check out unlimited data plans. Want to only pay for what you need? Some carriers allow you to pay by the gig to avoid extra costs. Explore now and save!

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