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Smarter Living with a Smarter Home

From home security systems to smart thermostats to voice-activated speakers, your home and devices are more connected than ever. Interact with your home like never before.

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Smart Home

Smart Home Automation Devices from Top Providers: With Smart Home Automation, the Future is Now!

It wasn’t long ago that many of the smart home automation systems and options so widely available today seemed like the stuff of The Jetsons. Even as recently as the 1980s, the idea of being able to actually see the person you were talking with on the phone was a wildly futuristic thought for many of us! But smart home technology has advanced in ways we never could have imagined since then, and with those advances came smart home devices and home control systems that offer everyday Americans unparalleled opportunities to protect, control, and manage their homes—no matter how many hours or miles away they are from the front door.
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Smart Thermostats

Among the most popular smart home devices on the market are smart thermostats. While their specific features vary between models, the primary features they offer include the ability to control your HVAC — heat and/or home cooling — remotely from your computer or smartphone. The many benefits this brings include:

Energy & Cost Savings: Smart thermostats make a wonderfully eco-friendly choice that can reduce your energy consumption, and the associated costs! While a smart thermostat does require an investment up-front, the cost savings you’ll soon realize through thoughtful use will recover that cost in no time. These smart home devices are especially popular in areas with extreme temperatures, and areas where the temperature can greatly fluctuate throughout the day.

When can I use my Smart Thermostat?

These smart home devices are especially popular in areas with extreme temperatures, and areas where the temperature can greatly fluctuate throughout the day. But smart thermostats are appealing to homeowners and renters all over the world. Below are some examples of current customer scenarios where having a smart thermostat with remote control is helpful.


Changing Climates

Was it a comfortable 65 degrees when you left the house this morning, but it will climb into the high 80s before you return home? Turn up your air conditioning system an hour or so before you expect to arrive so it has a chance to cool things down in time for your return.


Temperature Drop

Perhaps you’re experiencing the opposite scenario and you left the cold air blasting when you rushed out this morning, only to later remember that the day was expected to cool down. Not only will adjusting the temp ensure you won’t be shivering when you arrive home, but you won’t be wasting energy and money cooling an empty house. If you have pets, they’re sure to appreciate you lowering the AC as well once the temperature fell!


Frequent Travelers

Smart thermostats are also popular for people who frequently travel, even if they’re often just away for a day or so. After a long day in the air or on the road, you don’t want to wait for your AC or heat to adjust when you finally sink into your favorite spot on the sofa.

Smart Home

Securing Your Home

The degree to which we have been given control of the security of our homes – and the irreplaceable people and pets who live there – has reached incredible heights in recent years. Many of us were initially drawn to smart home devices with a home security angle, including alarm systems and security cameras that can be accessed from our smartphones, both inside and outside the home.

But behind all of these front-facing features of home security – including text alerts when motion sensors are activated, or a door or window is opened – are advanced home automation services and systems that power the whole operation. And it is those advanced systems that we want monitored by companies like those that SmartMove partners with.

Smart Home Security

Below we have highlighted some of the most common home security solutions on the market to help you in crafting a list of which are most important for you and your family:

Motion sensors, alarms, and lights

Door and window sensors

Smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and water (flood) sensors

Remote door locks

Live video feed

24/7 professional monitoring

Smart Lighting Benefits

Many years ago, the closest we came to controlling the lights without getting up was The Clapper – a simple device that is still available, which allows you to turn on and off plugged-in appliances with the clap of your hands. While this can be a fun solution for turning on the lamp across the room, smart technology lighting control options allows you to command and manage lights inside and outside the home from a convenient app, wherever, whenever you choose.


Energy & Cost Savings

Setting lights to your schedule is a bright idea – pun intended! And this bright idea can add up to significant energy and cost savings, while simultaneously making your life easier. Know you’ll be pulling into the driveway every weekday at 6:30 pm?



Going to be away for a few days and don’t want your house to appear empty? Many thieves are looking for the easiest target on the block, and a light turning on may be just enough of a deterrent to reduce your risk of being that target.

Smart Home Services

Many of our premier partners in high-speed Internet and WiFi, voice, and cable services also offer cutting-edge smart home system options! Smart “Whole Home” automation grows in popularity every day, and with that growth comes exciting new offerings from providers you already know and trust – providers you’ve been relying on to consistently deliver the best in Internet, television, and phone. Our partners offer some of the most cost-effective, reliable equipment and home automation solutions monitoring on the market, and we hope you’ll consider them all in your search for the perfect smart home solutions for you and your family.

Provider Provider Options
Do you want a highly customizable system, with equipment that you’ll own at the end of your contract? Home security offerings from Mediacom are definitely worth your attention. Learn More
Already know which specific devices you’re interested in, and want to easily compare them? GCI’s website allows you to narrow your options based on manufacturer, device type, plan type and more. Learn More
Do you want a robust system that instantly notifies you when a door or window has been opened, and allows you to check crystal clear HD cameras at home from your phone? Consider plans available from COX Homelife. Learn More
Xfinity offers around the clock security with 24/7 professional monitoring and video recording options. Bonus: The motion sensors know to ignore dogs up to a certain size, so you won’t have to worry about Fifi or Fido setting off false alarms! Learn More

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