Are you moving and looking to switch to Xfinity as your new service provider? SmartMove has the ultimate guide with everything you need to know about Xfinity’s TV, Internet, and phone offerings. Whether you’re transferring existing services, scheduling installation, or choosing the right WiFi package for your home, we’ll get you connected — so "down time" is only a phrase for relaxing on the couch.

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Xfinity Company Overview and History

Xfinity, a brand of Comcast Communications, offers Internet, mobile, TV services, home security, and other wireless services to residential and commercial areas nationwide. Comcast was founded by Ralph Roberts in 1963 to provide telephone and television services and has been providing a variety of services since then. Comcast and their 164,000 employees provide services to 31.8 million customers in 42 states.


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Benefits of Using Xfinity Services

  • Up to a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast Internet speeds with affordable rates
  • Strong company reputation

Xfinity Internet Service

Xfinity Internet plans offer a range of speeds and prices to suit any household's needs. Whether you're a casual Internet user or a power user who needs the fastest speeds available, Xfinity has a plan that will work for you.

Types of Xfinity Internet Plans

Xfinity plans come in a variety of speeds, from the basic Connect plan to the lightning-fast Gigabit Extra plan, all of which feature unlimited data.

  • Connect: Download speeds up to 75 Mbps with unlimited data. The Connect plan can handle up to five devices at once and is best for basic browsing and emailing.
  • Connect More: Download speeds up to 200 Mbps with unlimited data. The Connect More plan can handle up to 10 devices at once and is best for streaming and browsing.
  • Fast: Download speeds up to 400 Mbps with unlimited data. The Fast plan can handle up to 12 devices at once and is best for streaming, gaming, and browsing.
  • Superfast: Download speeds up to 800 Mbps with unlimited data. The Superfast plan can handle up to 18 devices at once and is great for multiple users gaming and streaming at the same time.
  • Gigabit: Download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps with unlimited data. The Gigabit plan can handle up to 20 devices at once and is best for multiple users gaming and streaming at the same time.
  • Gigabit Extra: Download speeds up to 1,200 Mbps with unlimited data. The Gigabit Extra plan can handle up to 50 devices at once and is best for multiple users live streaming and elite gaming at the same time.

Internet Pricing

Xfinity pricing for Internet service ranges from $20/month for the Connect plan to $80/month for the Gigabit Extra plan. Taxes and fees may apply. Xfinity also supports the Affordable Connectivity Program and offers promotions to help you save money.

Xfinity TV Service

Xfinity TV packages offer a variety of on-demand and live TV plans that vary by region, with different popular channels, access to the Xfinity Stream app, and price points. The plans are:

  • Choice TV: Includes 10+ channels without cable channels and starts at $20.00/mo for a one-year term contract.
  • Popular TV: Includes 125+ popular cable channels and starts at $50.00/mo for a one-year term contract.
  • Ultimate TV: Includes 185+ channels with premium channels and starts at $68.50/mo for a one-year term agreement.
  • Gigabit Extra Internet + Ultimate TV: Includes 185+ TV channels, such as Cooking Channel, Cartoon Network, and MLB Network, and 1,200 Mbps Internet speed, starting at $130.00/mo for a one-year term agreement.
  • Xfinity Flex: While this is not a traditional cable TV plan, Flex is an alternative that allows you to access all your favorite streaming apps with a 4K streaming device.

It’s important to note that pricing does not include additional fees like equipment fees (i.e., DVR TV box rental, voice remote, etc.).

The availability of each package and the cost of your monthly bill with Comcast Xfinity depends on your zip code, add-ons, and other factors. Therefore, you should check availability in your area before selecting the best service.

Additionally, there are Xfinity bundle deals (i.e., bundles including professional monitoring, mobile, Internet, etc.) and promotions available to help save you money.

Xfinity Mobile Plans

Xfinity Mobile is a mobile plan built for you, with unlimited data and unlimited nationwide calling starting at $30 per line for two lines or By the Gig data starting at $15 per month.

Their powerful nationwide network with 5G and secure WiFi hotspots keeps you always connected, while their flexible data options and mobile app give you complete control over your data usage.

Xfinity Mobile offers two data options: Unlimited and By the Gig.

Unlimited Data Options:

  • Unlimited Intro: $45 per month for a single-line account, $30 per month with any two lines from Unlimited.
  • Unlimited Plus: $55 per month for a single line account, $40 per month with any two lines from Unlimited.
  • Unlimited Premium: $65 per month for a single line account, $50 per month with any two lines from Unlimited.

By the Gig Data Options:

  • 1GB: $15 per month
  • 3GB: $30 per month
  • 10GB: $60 per month

With Xfinity Mobile, you can enjoy multi-line pricing, add lines to lower your monthly cost per line, and switch any line to a different By the Gig or Unlimited data plan at any time.

Also, similar to AT&T and other service providers, you can bring your own device or choose from the best devices they offer.

Xfinity Cable and Internet Bundles

Xfinity provides three main types of bundles: Double Play, Triple Play, and Quad Play bundles. Each of these adds a new tier or facet to the one before and each has a variety of options designed with you in mind.

Double Play

The Double Play package includes Internet and TV. That way, you can catch your favorite streaming series and still stay up-to-date on The Bachelor before Twitter spoils the finale for you. This is a perfect slim bundle to make sure you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Triple Play

The Triple Play package adds a landline phone into the mix, which can be great if you have a home office or get poor cell phone reception in your home and need a landline phone to ensure you can call all of your friends to catch up on sports — or who got the rose this week.

Quad Play

The Quad Play package includes all four services: TV, Internet, phone, and home security. This package can include services like Netflix or HBO, as well as 24/7 home monitoring and security. That way, you can keep your home secure while you’re binge-watching your favorite shows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Xfinity
How can I get in contact with Xfinity customer service?
You can request a call, live chat, find a store, or check for outages here.
Can I pay my Xfinity bill online?

Yes! Xfinity offers paperless billing and digital payment options. You can learn more here.

Is Xfinity available in my area?

Xfinity is available in 42 of the 50 states. To see if it’s available near you, visit this page.

Where to return your Xfinity Equipment?

You can drop your Xfinity equipment off at Xfinity Customer Service Centers or stores.

What type of modem and router do I need for Xfinity Internet service?

Here is a list of approved modems and routers for Xfinity Internet.

What is Xfinity Voice?

Xfinity Voice is a digital phone service known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It takes your phone service online to give you the best call clarity and advanced features, and requires an Internet connection. You can learn more here:

How to use Xfinity Hotspot?
You can learn how to use your Xfinity WiFi Hotspot here.
How to boost Xfinity WiFi signal?
There are lots of ways to help boost your WiFi signal! Xfinity has a few recommendations here.
How fast is Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity offers plans up to 1,200 Mbps. You can run a speed test here. If you want to increase your speed, here are some ways to make your Xfinity Internet faster without upgrading your plan.

In what cities is Comcast cable service available?

Comcast and Xfinity are available in major cities across the United States, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City.


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