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Which Internet Provider Is Best In My Area?

When you’re in the process of moving, finding the best Internet provider can be the last thing on your mind — until you need to go online and order some celebratory pizza when all the boxes get moved in. SmartMove’s got you covered with our tools to help you find the right deals for your area, and in this article we’ll chat about some of the ways you can scope out the Internet providers in your new home.

How Do I Find Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Internet Providers in My Area?

Want to see what other people are saying about the Internet Provider you’re checking out? Time to fire up Google and check out what the people are saying.

While websites like can be a helpful guide when you’re trying to make a decision on the right Internet provider for the kinds of services you’re looking for, keep in mind that, well, it’s the Internet. Comments sections are littered with spam and trolls, so take what you find with a grain of salt and compare different providers on different websites to get a picture of customers’ experiences with these companies near you.

Brave New World: New Bundles, New Needs

Doing a crosstown move? Trying to see if your Internet provider will keep you covered, even if you’re just moving a few blocks over? SmartMove’s tools can help you figure out if your favorite company covers your new area, or if you’ll need to make a switch.

If your needs have changed — like, moving in with a roommate who needs a sports package — then you may want to consider a different bundling of services to save cash and get the most out of your Internet package.

Another thing to consider if you’ve got new roommates is whether or not you’ll need a faster Internet speed to service more devices at once. Even something like moving into an older home with walls that aren’t router-friendly can be a reason to plan for taking another look at your router placement or getting a Wi-Fi extender.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

When meeting the neighbors or your landlord, ask them what Internet providers they’re using. That way, they can give you some hot tips if you’re still undecided or uncertain when it comes to picking the best provider for your new home.

Maybe they’ll even invite you to their weekly Game of Thrones viewing party. After all, it’s not just about the speed of your Internet, it’s about the friends you made along the way.

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