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Moving To Rhode Island

Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the definition of “tiny but mighty.” With some of the best ocean views on the East Coast less than an hour’s drive from anywhere, a long-standing commitment to diversity, great schools, a passionate sports culture, and a capital that was recently voted America’s top food city, the smallest state in the country really has something for everyone. If you’ve chosen the Ocean State as your new home, SmartMove can make the move a snap.

Moving to a purchased home or rental property in Rhode Island will require a lot of planning and preparation, and SmartMove is here to help. With this guide, you’ll soon be packed up and on your way to Lil’ Rhody.

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Help and Services for Moving to Rhode Island

The first step towards moving to Rhode Island is choosing a place to live. If you need some help narrowing down your choices or you’d like more information on affordable housing, municipal taxes, mortgages, or first-time homebuyer advice, the Rhode Island government website has a selection of helpful links under the “Housing” header of this page.

Once you’ve scouted out your dream house, it’s time to plan the logistics of the move. You could choose to save money by doing the bulk of the work yourself, packing and driving everything on your own, but if you want something more convenient yet still affordable, SmartMove’s got a handy tool that lets you compare moving companies to find the best prices and deals. Don’t forget to double-check online reviews if you can’t decide. Even if the prices are similar, you might find that one particular company’s way of operating fits you better than others, and there’s no better way to find out than reading about the experiences of other customers.

When you’ve got a couple of estimates, ask your chosen company for a bill of lading. The language will be similar to that of an estimate, but this bill is legally binding and will protect your rights should any problems arise.

In some cases, you may get a little bonus on your taxes from the move. Check with an accountant whether your moving expenses can be deducted on your federal return, and ask your employer if there are any relocation stipends available. Every small money-saving step will add up in the long run, and you’ll be surprised at how much less expensive you can make your move to Rhode Island with just a little preparation.

Cable Providers Available in Rhode Island

Despite the state’s small size, Rhode Island offers a number of options for TV, internet, and phone providers. The main companies are Cox, Full Channel, and Verizon. Using SmartMove, you can easily check if your new provider is the same as your previous one, so you can transfer your services and start using these services as soon as you’re in your Rhode Island home. If you decide to go for a new company, SmartMove will help you find great offers and ease the transition from one provider to the other.

Energy Providers Available in Rhode Island

If you know your exact moving date, it’s almost always possible to set up electricity, gas, and water in advance, letting you cross another worry off the list. Unlike many states, residents of Rhode Island can choose to receive their electricity and natural gas from the National Grid or from competitive suppliers. Empower RI can help you find the lowest electricity rate, and a list of certified gas marketers and tariffs can be found on the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) website. While competitive suppliers can be cheaper, National Grid customers are eligible for energy efficiency rebates and programs. It all depends on your circumstances and priorities. Power in Rhode Island is expensive, so it’s wise to think through your options before deciding.

Water is a mix of for-profit and municipal suppliers and varies by location. You can find a list of suppliers and prices on the RIPUC.

Important Rhode Island Agencies and Resources

Using SmartMove’s handy moving checklist will remind you of all the finicky aspects of a big move, like registering your car and getting a Rhode Island driver’s license. The Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles website has links to most of the forms and details needed online. If your car is from 2001 or newer, you’ll need to title the vehicle, which means you have to get a faxed or certified copy of the title from the lien holder if you don’t hold it yourself. Your car also needs to go for a VIN inspection at your local Rhode Island police department before your register, and for a safety inspection within five days of registering. Your insurance needs to be with a company licensed to insure in Rhode Island, so make sure to update your provider if need be.

It’s a good idea to have as many documents ready as possible before you move, just in case you need something taken care of in your old neighborhood. Inform your banks and insurance providers of your move, and change your address with the Post Office. With just a little planning, your move to Rhode Island will be a breeze.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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