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For over ten years, SmartMove has been providing easy-to-use tools and resources to connect people with the best Internet, TV, and Smart Home providers that keep their life in sync.

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SmartMove helps you stay connected to your world, whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or across the country.

We know the first thing movers want in their new home is access to the Internet (and a cup of coffee). SmartMove makes that possible—along with watching your favorite shows, finding the best neighborhood restaurant, setting up your home security, calming the kids down with Wifi access on their phones—and more.

It's easy to make your dream of a connected home come true on move-in day. Get started now.

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SmartMove understands that moving can be a hectic time. That's why we've made it easy to bring you back online, giving you one less thing to worry about. We not only make sure that we connect you with the right provider in your location, we also provide you with helpful tips and resources that making moving a success.

We have great resources and guides to help you with your
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Helpful Tips & Resources

The costs of moving

Moving can be an exciting - and costly - time in your life. Even if you're moving into a less expensive home, you can expect to spend money before you can start saving it. Here are some tips for keeping your address change on budget and as inexpensive as possible.

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How to pack efficiently

Packing for your move doesn't have to cause stress. Remember that you're in control of the process. Make good decisions by following the instructions we have outlined, and you'll enjoy the calmest moving experience of your life. Now, get ready to start your packing.

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Update your address on time

Moving to a new city can be hectic – a new job, new apartment and a million of tasks in between. While I didn’t realize how crucial changing my address was at that time, hopefully this post will be helpful in reiterating how vital it is to change your address in a timely manner.

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