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Moving To South Dakota

Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to South Dakota

South Dakota is best known for its unspoiled natural beauty, but it’s got a lot more going for it. Recent years have seen a strong increase of people migrating there for work, and it’s easy to understand why – rated a top business state by both CNN and MSNBC, with low corporate and private taxes and a low cost of living despite high quality healthcare and utilities, and thriving urban life alongside rural solitude for those who desire it, South Dakota keeps growing more attractive to millennials and retirees alike. Whatever age and income bracket you fall into, SmartMove can help you make a smooth transition to the Rushmore State.

No matter if you decide to rent or buy your home, your move will require planning and preparation. Read the rest of this SmartMove guide to relocating to South Dakota, and you’ll be on your way there in no time.

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Help and Services for Moving to South Dakota

Although services are highly rated in South Dakota, there’s something to be said for old-fashioned self-reliance, and you might be one of the many people who likes taking care of the full move themselves. However, if you’d rather focus on the logistics and have some help with the physical parts of your relocation, consider using SmartMove to pick the right movers. You can compare prices and get information on any applicable deals, allowing you to make a truly informed decision.

Before making your final choice, read up on your preferred companies. See what former customers have to say about their service, and see which of them has the highest ratings when it comes to quality, attention to detail, and policies regarding breakage or loss. Thoroughly review the contract with your chosen company and keep a copy close at hand in the unlikely event of a mishap. You don’t want to risk any setbacks on your momentous move to South Dakota, and a little care goes a long way.

Many employers will offer a stipend for a cross-state move, so be sure to check before you start spending. Sometimes, a move will also be an allowable deduction on your federal return, but check with a tax professional instead of making assumptions; South Dakota doesn’t have a state income tax, among others, and this might complicate matters. This counts double if you’re moving with your business or plan on starting one in your new state, as South Dakota also doesn’t have a corporate income tax or a business inventory tax.

Cable Providers Available in South Dakota

SmartMove can help you choose the best providers for your phone, internet, and TV. Use SmartMove to check if you can transfer your old contract to your new space, or choose a new company and use SmartMove to compare prices and get the best start possible with your new service. You can opt for Sparklight, Mediacom, Charter, or any of the other available suppliers – SmartMove is sure to help you make the right choice with confidence.

If you take care of your cable early, you might be able to have it all set up by the time you move in. Crossing things off the list before you’ve even loaded your boxes onto the truck – that’s smart planning!

Energy Providers Available in South Dakota

As with most states, your providers in South Dakota will largely depend on where you live, though you’ll often be able to choose between different companies and municipal suppliers. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has a dedicated utilities webpage, with lists of local providers and information on private companies and power cooperatives. There is a little more information on water utilities on the South Dakota Consumer Protection page.

If you can, contact your likely providers to set up your utilities before you move in. The last thing you want is a dry faucet or a dark house on move in day, and getting everything ready in advance is often perfectly doable. Limit your worries with just a little prep work.

Important South Dakota Agencies and Resources

Keep SmartMove’s handy moving checklist close by to remind you of all the little things that are easy to forget, like registering your car in South Dakota. You’ll first need to get a South Dakotan driver’s license, which will involve going in person to a licensing location with a number of documents that you can find listed on the South Dakota Department of Public Safety website. Once you have the license, you can register your car at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make sure to tell your banks and insurance providers about your move, and update your address with the Post Office, too. You’ll find reminders of everything you need to do on SmartMove’s checklist, so look at it regularly and keep track of everything you’ve done and still need to do. With a little effort before the move, you can make the actual process a lot more enjoyable.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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