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Moving to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Phone, Cable TV, Internet Provider, and Resource Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a history-rich U.S. state. Commonly regarded as the “birthplace of America,” it was one of the original thirteen colonies and continues to this day to be a hub of culture, commerce, and industry. Whether you are planning to move to Philadelphia, relocate to Pittsburgh or one of the many idyllic locations in between, SmartMove is here to help you plan and execute the perfect move to Pennsylvania.

Like moving anywhere else, executing a move to Pennsylvania requires planning and advance preparation. It makes some difference if you’re moving to a home you’ve purchased in advance, or if you are moving into a rental, but preparation for your move is key in either case. SmartMove is ready to help you find great deals on all your moving-related expenses, helping you to plan your move while you save money. Read on for some great information to help you put together your move to Pennsylvania.

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Help and Services for Moving to Pennsylvania

These days, there are many options when it comes to planning your move to Pennsylvania. You could begin your preparations by searching for moving companies in your current area that offer moving services to Pennsylvania. If you’re planning to hire movers, make sure that you get at least three estimates for the complete cost of the move before you pick a company. This way, you can rest assured that you’ve gotten a terrific deal before you put pen to paper and sign a moving contract.

Make sure you also take the time to check out online reviews for the movers you are considering. You can find out a great deal about a company and how they handle issues that may come up during your move.

Also, make sure that you know what you’re signing when you’re hiring a moving company. There is a significant difference between a bill of lading and an order of service, although you might not be able to tell the difference between the two documents at first glance.

The order of service is the company’s estimate of what the move will cost. The bill of lading, on the other hand, is a final contract for services that stipulates the terms of the agreement you are entering into with the moving company. Though both documents may contain similar language and provisions, one is binding while the other is not. Make sure to protect yourself by obtaining a bill of lading and hanging onto it until the move is completed and any potential damage is settled along with the final bill.

You might also look into doing some or all of the work of moving your household yourself. There are several truck rental companies that most likely have locations near wherever you currently live. Or, you might look into a pod-based moving service, where you pack a transportable container with all your goods and have it delivered once you reach your new home in Pennsylvania.

Regardless of how you go about transferring your household goods during your move to PA, you’ll want to check with your current employer—if you’re transferring to a new location for an opportunity in your company—or with your new employer to see if they offer relocation assistance or moving expense reimbursement.

Also, make sure to keep all of the receipts associated with the move for your tax accountant. Some or all of your moving expenses may be tax deductible.

Cable Providers Available in Pennsylvania

Getting cable set up in your new home in Pennsylvania is quick and easy. Whether you will be getting service from Armstrong, Cablevision, Charter, or Comcast, SmartMove is ready to help you get everything ready to go.

In most cases, you will find that you have more than one company that provides TV, Internet, and phone service in the town or city you’re relocating to in PA. Transferring service to your new location without changing companies is a naturally smoother route—giving you one less thing to worry about during your move.

Regardless, SmartMove is ready to help you move your TV, Internet, and phone service. Nothing beats arriving and enjoying your already-connected services to call with friends and family back home, explore the local attractions near your new home, and entertain your family after a long day on the road or unpacking in Pennsylvania. SmartMove is an amazing resource for helping you get your TV, Internet, and phone service set up in your new place.

Energy Providers Available in Pennsylvania

Setting up accounts with your local utility providers in advance can also reduce unnecessary stress on the big day. As with most states, who your water, power, and natural gas provider is in Pennsylvania will depend upon where you will be living.

Electricity providers in Pennsylvania include Allegheny Power, Citizens' Electric Company, Duquesne Light Company, First Energy, PECO Energy, PP&L, Penn Power, Pike County Light & Power Company, UGI, and Wellsboro Electric Company. But unlike many states, if more than one utility serves your area in Pennsylvania, you have the right to switch providers if you so choose. There’s even a website set up to help you compare and switch providers, if you want to.

Natural gas utilities in the state include Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Peoples Natural Gas Company, Equitable Gas Company, the Pennsylvania division of National Fuel Gas Distribution, the gas division of PECO Energy Company, PGW (Philadelphia Gas Works), UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas), T.W. Phillips, NUI - Valley Cities Gas, UGI Penn Natural Gas, and UGI Utilities, Inc. Water utilities include Aqua America, Inc, Consumers Water Company, Pennsylvania-American Water Company, United Water Company, and York Water Company.

Important Pennsylvania State Agencies and Resources

Remember, organization is key. One great way to keep everything organized and moving along smoothly during your relocation is to use the handy moving checklist available from SmartMove. Along with several of the key moving tasks mentioned above, it also includes reminders to take care of your vehicle licensing and driver’s license once you’re settled in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) handles driver licensing and state ID cards, as well as vehicle inspection and registration. Unlike many other states, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gives new residents a full sixty days to get their state driver’s license, but requires new arrivals to register their vehicles within twenty days of establishing residency.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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