Moving Guide

Moving doesn't have to be stressful and expensive. Our guide includes expert moving tips, helpful timelines, and comprehensive checklists to answer all your questions so you can get settled quickly.

Moving Checklists & Logistics

There's a lot to keep track of when you're moving. Make a fool-proof plan using our checklists and timelines.

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Different Types of Moves

Moving can be a process for everyone – these tips can help guide you and your family through it.

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The Fine Print for Moving: Finances & Legal

Stay on top of the financial and legal aspects of moving.

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Mover Tech Smart

Moving is a lot of work – but technology make it simpler than you think.

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Green Clean and Healthy moves

There’s no way around it – there’s a lot of cleaning involved in moving.

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Settling in your new home and community

Moving to a new town means having to locate key institutions and new service providers.

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Additional Resources

The costs of moving

Moving can be an exciting - and costly - time in your life. Even if you're moving into a less expensive home, you can expect to spend money before you can start saving it. Here are some tips for keeping your address change on budget and as inexpensive as possible.

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How to pack efficiently

Packing for your move doesn't have to cause stress. Remember that you're in control of the process. Make good decisions by following the instructions we have outlined, and you'll enjoy the calmest moving experience of your life. Now, get ready to start your packing.

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Update your address on time

Moving to a new city can be hectic – a new job, new apartment and a million of tasks in between. While I didn’t realize how crucial changing my address was at that time, hopefully this post will be helpful in reiterating how vital it is to change your address in a timely manner.

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