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Moving to Colorado

Colorado Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Colorado

Colorado is known primarily for the Rocky Mountains, and they are certainly majestic, as they tower over the western edge of the great plains. The continental divide forms the backbone of the state of Colorado, but there is much more to Colorado than sweeping views of the mountains. The southern part of the state is rich in history, with evidence of human habitation dating back tens of thousands of years. The eastern part of the state is rich in ranchlands, and the north is wealthy in oil. With so many diverse communities and environments to choose from, Colorado is a great place to make a new home – and SmartMove is at the ready to make moving to Colorado as smooth as possible.

Regardless of where you are relocating to in Colorado, and whether you’re purchasing a home or renting, you’ll want to take the time to carefully prepare for your move. With advance planning and by taking care of aspects of your move with great moving tools like those available at SmartMove, you can save money on many of the common moving expenses while you put together a stress-free move. Read on for a complete guide on moving to Colorado.

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How to Move to Colorado

The best way to get started planning your move is to look into moving companies in your current area that offer service to Colorado. Make a big list of all the possible companies you could hire, and then start looking at their online reviews. You want companies that consistently receive high praise for their efficiency, reliability, and customer service. To that end, SmartMove has a fantastic online tool that will help you find and compare movers.

Once you get the field of potential companies down to a short list of finalists, ask representatives of those companies for estimates—that way, you can compare their relative levels of service and prices. That should give you enough information to pick a winner. Then, make sure you ask them for a bill of lading or other binding contract for your move. Many people forget to do this, and end up paying more than they expected, thinking that an estimate or an “order for service” guarantees them a price for the move. Remember to keep your bill of lading someplace safe where you can reference it during and after the move.

Also, if you are looking to save money on your upcoming move, think about handling some or all of the physical moving yourself. Anything you can tap your friends and family to help you with is something you don’t have to pay a professional for. There are bound to be several companies in your area that offer drive-away truck or trailer rentals, and even shipping containers that you can pack and have stored until you’re ready for delivery in Colorado.

Cable Providers Available in Colorado

No matter what part of Colorado that you’ve elected to move to, you’re bound to have great cable providers to choose from. SmartMove is ready to help you find your new cable provider as you get a new account set up. SmartMove can help you set up or transfer service in Colorado with Charter, Comcast, or Suddenlink.

If you’re in the fortunate position where your current cable provider also operates in the area of Colorado where you are moving, then transferring your service with SmartMove should be a snap. Getting your cable service transferred in advance of your move is one easy way to cut down on some of the hassle of moving to a new state.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to avoid potential delays, waiting for a service appointment at your new home? If you transfer your service with SmartMove, you may even be able to transport your equipment with you when you move, and simply plug in on the first day in your new home in Colorado.

Energy Providers Available in Colorado

Just like with your cable provider, it pays to get your utilities set up in advance as well. In some cases, it can even save you money—having your new electric, natural gas, and water start on your first day in your new home. Taking the time to put in the work researching your options and setting up your accounts in advance can actually be a great way to cut down on the hassle of unpacking while trying to get everything else handled in your new Colorado home.

There are two investor-owned electric utilities in Colorado, two cooperative utilities, and five public or municipal electricity providers. For a complete list and map of their areas of coverage, you can visit the Colorado Energy Office online. Their website also contains contact information and areas of coverage for the state’s five natural gas companies.

Colorado State Agencies and Resources

It can be easy to lose track of important details when you are dealing with the stress of completing an interstate or across-town move. But with SmartMove to help and some thorough preparation, your Colorado move doesn’t have to be overwhelming. SmartMove has a fantastic moving checklist that can help you plan for and complete all of the little tasks associated with your move to Colorado—tasks like taking a trip to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to get your new ID and license plates for your car.

Keep in mind that it takes ninety days to establish residency in the state, and you have thirty days from that time to get your new ID and to get your vehicles re-titled and registered in Colorado. In addition to the DMV, you’ll also want to make time to visit the post office or change your address online so your correspondence can catch up to you. Take time to let your bank, insurance companies, and any creditors know where you’re moving as well.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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