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Moving to Virginia

Virginia Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia, one of the original thirteen colonies that became the first U.S. states, is an excellent place to visit and an even better place to live. Whether you’ve been drawn in by the charm and economic robustness of the Virginia Beach area, or you’re relocating to Northern Virginia to work in our nation’s capital, or you’ve simply fallen for the beauty of The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia’s west, SmartMove stands ready to help you plan and execute your upcoming move to Virginia.

Pulling off a smoothly executed, worry-free move to Virginia can require a serious amount of advance planning and preparation. With all the handy, easy-to-use moving tools and checklists available from SmartMove, you can get out in front of organizing and planning for your move.

Whether you’ve relocating to a rental or purchasing your own home in Virginia, SmartMove can get you great deals on many of the common moving-related expenses while helping you handle all of the details. Read on for your complete guide to moving to Virginia.

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Help and Services for Moving to Virginia

When it comes to the physical work of actually moving to Virginia—packing your household goods, loading a truck or trailer, transporting everything you own safely, and unpacking—you have many options these days. Some elect to do part or all of the work themselves, saving money while enlisting the help of friends and family. If that sounds great to you, look for a truck rental business in your area that offers truck rental, trailer rental, or pod rental and shipping to Virginia.

If, however, you prefer to have help with anything and everything from packing to loading and transport to unloading, begin your search by checking out moving companies with offices near your current location that provide service to Virginia.

Once you’ve figured out what your options are, invest some time in reading online reviews from prior customers of the possible companies you may hire. Look for insight into how they handle customer service, the move itself, and potential disputes involving any damage incurred during the move. SmartMove has a handy tool that can help you find and compare moving companies with ease.

Once you’ve narrowed the field of potential moving companies down to a few finalists, solicit estimates so you can compare relative prices and services available for your move to Virginia. Then, once you’ve made your choice, ask your moving company to provide you with a bill of lading or other form of legally binding contract.

Do not confuse a contract or bill of lading with an order for service. Both types of documents may contain similar language, but an order for service, or estimate, is not legally binding and will not protect you from overages and other issues such as damages that occur during the move.

Regardless of how you end up handling the physical aspects of moving, make sure you talk with your current or prospective employer about their relocation assistance program or policy. The costs associated with moving for a job often can be partially or completely underwritten by your employer.

Also, make sure to keep all receipts for any moving-related expenses you occur on your way to Virginia. When the next tax season comes around, present the receipts to your tax professional to see if you qualify for a deduction or credit related to the move.

Cable Providers Available in Virginia

Armstrong, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, and Suddenlink all offer cable service, including TV and Internet service, in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Moving your existing service—if you’re already with one of these providers—or setting up new service with a new provider is extremely easy with the help of SmartMove.

SmartMove can help you transfer existing service if your current cable provider also services your new address, so you can move with your own equipment. In some cases, you may even be able to get your new service turned on in advance of your move-in date, so you are ready to plug in while you’re unpacking and can enjoy all the cable service on which you’ve come to rely, starting on your very first day in Virginia.

Using SmartMove to set up service with a new provider can also save you time and hassle. Setting up your cable service in advance could mean that your new service begins the day you move into your new home. Wouldn’t it be terrific to have one less thing to worry about while you’re putting together and executing your big move?

Energy Providers Available in Virginia

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, utilities are somewhat deregulated. There are several investor-owned utilities vying for customers in the state, as well as member-owned energy co-ops, and municipal electric utilities. Investor-owned electric utilities include Dominion Energy (includes distribution company Virginia Power), AEP (American Electric Power), Potomac Electric Power (PEPCO), and Delmarva Power & Light.

The state of Virginia has thirteen co-op utilities owned and managed by members, including A&N, BARC, Choptank, Community Delaware, Mecklenburg, Northern Neck, Prince George, Rappahannock, Shenandoah Valley, and Southside. Check the state’s online electricity guide for help figuring out what your options may be, depending on where your new home is located.

There are more than fifty natural gas providers operating currently in Virginia. Many offer service statewide, while others are more regionally specific. The state website above can also help you navigate your options.

No matter which energy providers you choose to get your power from at your new home in Virginia, make sure you reach out and connect with them prior to your move, if at all possible. Setting up your accounts in advance and providing your utilities with your intended move-in date can save you hassle when it comes time to move, and may even save you money, as well.

Important Virginia State Agencies and Other Resources

As you’re planning your big move to Virginia, you may not be focused on making sure that you visit the Virginia DMV as soon after you get moved in as possible, and that’s certainly understandable. With so many details to handle as a part of moving to Virginia, vehicle titling and registration may be far from your mind. The Commonwealth of Virginia gives you a full thirty days to get your Virginia driver’s license or ID card, and to get your vehicles inspected for safety, titled, and registered.

Getting set up with the Virginia DMV before you move may not be possible using SmartMove in the same way as getting your cable service transferred, but you’ll want to take care of as many of the other moving details as you can prior to your move. Change your address with the U.S. Postal Service, and make sure to let your bank and other creditors know where you’ll be living in your new Virginia home.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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