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Moving to Arizona

Guide to Cable TV, Mobile, and Internet Providers

Getting Ready to Move to Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful place full of contrasting extremes, from the arid deserts of the south to the mountains of the north. Home to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona is a fantastic place to live, either part time—like the numerous snowbirds who flock there every winter—or all year round! Whether you’re setting up a winter retreat or a new full-time residence, SmartMove is here to help make your move to Arizona as easy as possible. Read on to find out how to easily set up or transfer your Internet, cable TV, and phone service in Arizona.

If you're moving to Arizona, you'll need to stay connected by choosing the right TV, mobile, and Internet providers for your new home. Here's a quick overview of the top providers in each category, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Check Out Internet Service Providers by City

How to Set Up Your Digital Life in Arizona

There is a lot to think about when moving to a new place, and keeping your digital life in order will make all of it go more smoothly. From the Phoenix area to Yuma and Lake Meade, SmartMove can help you stay connected and entertained via the most reliable cable TV, Internet, and phone service providers in Alaska.

High-Speed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Arizona

Whether your household needs the fastest Internet available or just fast-enough Internet, reliable WiFi is a must. Arizona Internet availability is excellent throughout the state. While it’s true that in some of the more remote regions, satellite Internet or fixed wireless are the best or only options, broadband wireless Internet plans from excellent companies, including Xfinity (Comcast), Charter (Spectrum), Cox, Optimum, Xtream (Mediacom), and Sparklight, are widely available. 

Types of Internet connection options available include DSL Internet (with download speeds up to 100 Mbps), cable Internet (with download speeds up to 300 Mbps), and fiber optic Internet (with gigabit download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps).

Whether you’re looking to set up a brand-new service and need to see the cheapest Internet options at your new address or you’d like to transfer your current home Internet to your new address, SmartMove can help.

Cable TV Services Available in Arizona

There’s no shortage of high-quality cable TV providers in Arizona. Whether you’re looking for a new subscriber deal or you’re happy with your current cable company and want to transfer service, SmartMove is here to help you find the right channel lineup, price, add-ons like DVR and on-demand, and more from Xfinity (Comcast), Charter (Spectrum), Cox Communications, Sparklight, Optimum, and Xtream (Mediacom).

Enter your address to view plans at your new address, or look into package deals that are available if you’d like to bundle cable TV and Internet service, and/or phone service.

Cell Phone and Home Phone Plans in Arizona

Interested in a mobile phone plan or home phone at your new place? SmartMove can help. Both Xfinity and Spectrum offer a range of cell plan options that offer everything from unlimited data/no data caps to budget pricing.

SmartMove can help you find home phone plans — some of which are VoIP — through our partners: Cox Communications, Xfinity (Comcast), Charter (Spectrum), Sparklight, Optimum, and Xtream (Mediacom). Home phone plans can often be bundled into Internet and/or cable TV subscriptions at a very low cost.

Support for the Rest of Your Move

Whether you choose to hire a professional moving company when you relocate, or you opt to invite family and friends to help you, moving takes a lot of preparation and forethought. From getting a quote from a moving company to solving the many logistics involved in the process, SmartMove has the moving resources you need to relocate with ease.

From connecting you with the best Internet providers in Arizona to providing you with moving checklists designed to keep you on track, turn to SmartMove for all your moving-, Internet-, and cable-related needs.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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