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How to Transfer Spectrum Internet Service When Moving

Find out how Spectrum Internet customers can transfer their service when moving, as well as how to avoid fees and find new options if Spectrum can’t be transferred.

Do you need to move your Internet service? Whether you're looking to move your current services or you simply want to purchase new services, Spectrum’s Internet plans offer many benefits to homeowners. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading your Internet package, transferring to a new provider, or moving to a new location, Spectrum’s high-speed home Internet service offers a no-risk, money-back solution that’s guaranteed to fit your budget.

Transferring your Internet service to a new location can be a tedious process with unexpected problems cropping up. Spectrum will help you through your move by finding the best deals in your new area with a seamless mobile WiFi experience, no contracts, and peace of mind. Spectrum will even buy you out of your old contract!

Are You an Existing Customer Moving to a New Residence?

If you're moving to a new residence, you can take advantage of Spectrum’s offers. Existing customers can transfer to areas where Spectrum provides service by contacting customer support representatives. After receiving confirmation, Spectrum service professionals will help you move your connection and hardware to the new address.

Spectrum will even help those moving outside their service area find a new provider. Those receiving new equipment will be required to send their old devices back. Existing customers will be charged a one-time transfer fee of $9.99 that will be added to the next billing cycle. In cases where a technician has to make a house call or if the old service isn’t disconnected on time, customers may be charged a new installation fee of $49.99, even if they already have equipment. 

Are You a New Customer Wanting to Check Out Spectrum's Services?

If you are not a Spectrum customer but are moving to a Spectrum service area, you should take advantage of the on-demand Spectrum TV and Internet service with professional installation. Spectrum can help you avoid the overages that often come with setting up service in a new home by ensuring you get the most practical solutions for your situation. 

The company offers a wide variety of Internet service packages designed to fit your needs. With no contracts or termination fees, Spectrum’s 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the flexibility to find the solution that’s right for you.

If you're a new customer, you are eligible for great deals on the Internet, voice, and TV. Just open your account, choose your service, provide your new address, and Spectrum will get to work activating and setting up your services right away.

Save Money with Self-Install

In some circumstances, Spectrum offers customers the option to self-install their equipment. Contact support to see if you are able to take advantage of this great offer. Those eligible will not have to pay a self-install fee.

Keep in mind that you could end up without service if you need to have service transferred without an appointment. All customers, no matter how they choose to activate their service, will be charged a one-time WiFi activation fee, with the exception of those subscribed to the Spectrum triple-play package.

Transfer Your Spectrum Service with SmartMove

SmartMove provides the tools and support you need to make transferring or starting your Spectrum Internet services painless. We work with service providers in your area to help keep you connected to the things that matter most.

Take control of transferring your Spectrum Internet service with SmartMove.

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