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Avoid Fees When Moving Your Internet Service

Moving? You can avoid some Internet transfer and installation fees depending on your circumstances. Learn how.

When it’s time to move to a new house or apartment, paying Internet transfer fees is the last thing you want to think about or do, but it’s often a reality of continuing to receive service.

While there are specific plans that don’t charge Internet transfer fees (even if you have fiber Internet), in many cases, relocating your high-speed Internet service requires you to pay:
  • Internet transfer fees
  • Installation fees
  • Cost of activation in a new location
  • Equipment upgrade fees

Don’t worry. If you’re planning on moving and are already locked into a high-speed Internet service plan, this article has a few suggestions to help you maneuver out of Optimum, Spectrum, and Xfinity Internet moving fees.

Continue reading to learn how to avoid fees when moving your Internet service.

Do All High-Speed Internet Service Providers Charge to Move Service?

It’s not uncommon for ISPs to charge customers for Internet service transfers. It just depends on the type of plan, the existing Internet service contract, and the new Internet provider’s network connection fees (if applicable). Learn more about the Internet service relocation fees of popular ISPs below.

Xfinity Internet Moving Fees

Xfinity Internet moving fees are dependent on the details of your specific plan. However, in many cases (but not all), there are costs involved. These costs may include, but are not limited to:
  • Xfinity installation fees: $49.99 – $89.99
  • Xfinity cancellation fees: Up to $10/mo remaining on your contract at the time of cancellation
  • Xfinity Internet transfer fee: Free, but you may be required to pay for a new installation

Some Xfinity plans waive Internet moving fees, but you should check your specific plan and provider information to be sure.

Spectrum Internet Moving Fees

Spectrum Internet moving fees vary depending on your current Internet service provider and your new ISP. Generally, Spectrum may require you to pay the following Internet moving fees:
  • Spectrum WiFi transfer service fee: $9.99
  • Spectrum new installation fees: $49.99 – $199.99 (for fiber Internet service)
  • Spectrum WiFi activation Fee: $9.99
  • Spectrum Internet cancellation fee: free

If you’re wondering, “Can I move my Spectrum modem to another house?” the answer is yes. Further, Spectrum offers a self-installation option that can potentially reduce Internet service transfer costs.

Optimum Internet Moving Fees

Optimum Internet moving fees are similar to other major high-speed Internet service providers. Fees may include, but are not limited to:
  • Optimum Internet installation fees: $49.99 – $59.99
  • Optimum modem fee: $10.00/mo
  • Optimum Internet cancellation fee: Up to $25 if canceled within the first six months of the contract. Otherwise, cancellation is free.

COX Internet Moving Fees

COX Internet moving fees are slightly different than other major ISPs. They can include, but are not limited to:
  • COX Internet transfer fees: Up to $75
  • COX modem and Internet equipment fees: $4 – $10.99/mo
  • COX set up and installation Fees: Up to $75
  • COX cancellation fee: Up to $120

How Much Should I Expect to Pay When Moving Internet Service?

The exact amount you can expect to pay when moving your Internet service depends on your answers to the following questions:
  • Will you keep the same Internet service when you move, or will you transfer to a new provider’s network?
  • Does your high-speed Internet service contract include cancellation fees?
  • Do you need to upgrade your Internet equipment or service?
  • Does your ISP require transfer fees or waive them?

If you’re worried about the cost of Internet moving fees, we can help. Continue reading to learn how to avoid costly fees when moving to a new location.

Tips to Help You Avoid Internet Transfer Fees

Just because there are cancellation and transfer fees in your contract doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to avoid having to pay them. Listed below are a few tips that just might help you avoid Internet moving costs (i.e., cancellation fees, transfer fees, etc.).
  1. Talk to a Live Person: Talking to a live person can help you negotiate lower or waived fees. Just be sure to have a valid reason for cancellation. Also, be firm and kind in your requests.

  2. Check Your Contract: Sometimes, your ISP may charge high-speed Internet transfer fees by accident. If you’ve met the necessary obligations for your contract, you may be eligible for cancellation fee waivers.

  3. Ask Your New Provider: In some cases, your new ISP may assist you with the transfer service, which can potentially result in savings.

  4. Return Your Equipment: If your contract stipulates returning your Internet equipment, it’s best to comply. Otherwise, you may face hefty fees.

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