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TV, Internet and Phone Package Bundles

Cable, internet, and phone bundles are designed to simplify and streamline our lives, with stellar options available in varying sizes to suit every household's needs. Whether you live alone, share a space with one person, or have to do a head count before pulling the car out of the driveway in the morning, we can help you find the ideal television, voice and internet bundle to keep your family entertained and connected!

Today’s bundle options are varied enough that there is truly something for everyone, no compromises needed. If you haven’t taken the time to review whether your current subscriptions are the best fit for you, chances are good that you just might be missing out on the “total package” – the services bundle that offers just what you need.

Benefits of Bundling Services

Many of you are likely already taking advantage of a cable and internet bundle, but if this is your first foray into the perks of packages, below are a few of the most popular benefits to consider…

  • Cost savings
  • Less individual bills to keep track of
  • Introductory rates, bonuses, and freebies
  • Possible upgrades to one or more services in the bundle
  • Only one company to update if your address changes
  • Greater clarity into what services you have
You can get exactly what you want and need – perhaps even some new things that weren’t available last time you upgraded!

Bundles by Provider

When shopping for the best cable and internet bundles, the first step is to see which providers are available in your area. Next, you’ll want to review which service options each provider offers to find the best fit for your needs. While cable and internet packages are common, perhaps you’d also like to add in voice, mobile, and smart home options? To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of popular providers and the services available from each. For specifics on pricing and current promotions, we encourage you to visit the respective provider’s site.

Xfinity Bundles: Xfinity’s site lets you hone in on the best options for you by clicking into the services you want to include in your package, refining the results in the process. Standard options of Internet, Television, and Phone are offered, with Xfinity Home security deals, and Xfinity mobile wireless service, available as well.

Spectrum Bundles: Spectrum also offers the option to select the services you’re interested in from the “Big 3” – TV, Internet, and Voice options. Once you’ve clicked your preferred services, simply enter your address for current deals and offers available in your area. Also be sure to check out Spectrum Mobile, currently covering 98% of the US population! With Spectrum WiFi hotspots widely available nationwide, staying connected wherever your day takes you is easy with Spectrum.

COX Bundles: Cox adds Homelife Smart Home & Security options to the traditional mix of TV, Internet, and Phone bundles, allowing you to streamline even more. Browse all the bundle offers available in your area, or select only the offers showcasing exactly the services you’re interested in to refine your options.

Optimum Bundles: Optimum Internet, TV, and Phone packages are available with your choice of many download speeds and total channel counts so you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a glance. Considering a new wireless provider? Take a peek to see if Altice Mobile offers the perfect plan for you!

Suddenlink Bundles: Internet, Television, Phone – check! Bundle all 3, or choose the 2 that matter to you. There is no wrong way to bundle, and Suddenlink offers an impressive array of options to choose from. They also offer Altice Mobile, with some of the most streamlined wireless plans available. Be sure to check them out and find your best fit!

Mediacom Bundles: Finding the best Internet, Television, and/or Phone package from Mediacom is easy with a variety of available download speeds to suit your unique needs. Browse their latest offers to find your ideal solution, and be sure to check out their Home Controller security and automation packages as well!

Sparklight Bundles: Check out Sparklight’s Packages page to see the latest Internet, TV, and Phone bundle options available, with all the top takeaways for each outlined to make choosing the perfect package a cinch.

Atlantic Broadband Bundles: Browse all of Atlantic Broadband package options if you prefer to refine on your own, or click into just what you’re looking for – Internet, TV, and Phone; Internet and TV; or Internet and Phone.

Fidelity Bundles: Acquired by Cable One in October 2019, Fidelity offers Internet, Phone, and TV bundles. Their site features a convenient bandwidth analyzer to help you quickly and easily determine the speeds that fit your household’s needs.

GCI Bundles: GCI offers a great selection of bundles and specials, bringing hot savings to balance out Alaska’s cold temps! Check out their ‘Deals’ tab for the latest options. GCI offers Internet, Phone, TV, Mobile, and Smart Home services.

Vast Broadband Bundles: Vast offers an array of bundle options, including packages that include Internet, Television, and Phone, just Internet and Television, just Internet and Phone, or just Television and Phone. Vast is also a trusted provider for home automation and home security services, with cutting-edge technology keeping your family comfortable and safe.

Armstrong Bundles: Armstrong packages offer bundling for Internet, Television, and Phone. Start at their Special Offers page and enter your location for available offers in your area. Be sure to check out their EXP Whole-Home Solutions, the streamlined way to watch TV that fits our modern lifestyles.

MCTV Bundles: MCTV offers bundle options inclusive of Internet, Television, and Phone services, with home security and MedAlert services also available. They encourage you to contact them directly through their site for more information on package options and special offers.

Which Bundle is Best for You?

While the options can seem overwhelming, choosing the best internet bundles is made much easier by asking yourself a few simple questions. We’ve put together some tips to help ensure your bundle fits your needs perfectly!

Total Channel Options: While most providers focus primarily on the total channel count included in a package, it’s of equal importance for most people to dive into a bit more detail on what those exact channels are. You may even find that a smaller total channel count package includes more of the channels that you’re looking for, or a greater diversity of channel types that appeals to the whole family, or your own varied interests. We recommend making a quick list of the most important channels for each member of your household, and finding the package that includes all or most of those channels. You might be surprised to find that many of your favorites are included in smaller packages!

Internet Speed: When you aren’t sure exactly what you need, it can be easy to opt for internet speeds at either end of the spectrum, choosing the slowest speed to save money, or the fastest speed just to “cover your bases.” But somewhere in that middle range is where most of us are going to find our sweet spot, not having to worry about internet lag time, while also not opting for incredibly fast speeds that our everyday internet usage doesn’t demand.

Generally speaking, two of the biggest ‘needs for speed’ are downloading large files, and streaming, with multiple devices streaming simultaneously being where many of us are going to find increased bandwidth demands. If you live alone or with one other person, and the majority of your internet usage is checking your email and social media, or streaming on one device at a time, you can likely opt for a lower speed package without any performance hiccups. For larger households where there might be one person downloading a video game, another streaming a high-definition video, and another working from home with video conferencing being a major part of their day, higher speeds are definitely in order to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.