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Xfinity Cell Phone Plans and Bundles

Xfinity cell phone plans can help customers save on monthly data costs through multi-line discounts and Internet and TV bundling options. Find out more!

In today’s highly connected world, owning a smartphone is crucial for maintaining relationships, completing tasks at work, and even staying up to date with current events. But even the most impressive smartphone needs a good mobile phone and data plan to live up to its potential.

SmartMove understands the importance of staying connected to friends, colleagues, and loved ones. We also know the necessity of high-quality mobile phone service to make these things happen. That’s why we recommend brands like Xfinity (Comcast) that offer top-notch mobile phone plans and bundles at competitive prices.

Xfinity Mobile Needs Xfinity Internet

In order to keep the network fast and secure, Xfinity wireless plans are only offered to Xfinity Internet customers. That way they can prevent congestion and keep customers happy with excellent mobile data coverage, along with fast Internet speeds. Best of all, it’s easy to bundle cell service, Internet access, and even additional features like TV and Smart Home capabilities with Xfinity.

Not sure whether Xfinity wireless plans or service bundles are the right options for you and your family? Let’s explore some of the distinct mobile phone plans available with Xfinity and how they can be combined with other services for optimal ease and convenience.

Why Bundle Xfinity Mobile Cell Phone Plans?

Bundling Xfinity wireless plans can do more than just provide convenience for your entire family or household. All of your services can come from a single provider, which means that they can be more easily managed or changed depending on your needs.

But bundling your media service can also help you to save significantly on your monthly expenses. If you need talk and text, cellular data, TV, and Internet services, a package can really lower your overall cost.

Xfinity (Comcast) Cell Phone Packages for the Whole Family

Everyone has different needs when it comes to mobile data usage. Whether you love to stream videos on your device, surf the Web on a daily basis, or generally use your phone to text and call family and friends, the perfect plan for you is available with Xfinity mobile phone plans.

The best way to save big on mobile data costs? Bundle multiple phone lines together on the same plan.

With Xfinity, when you bundle four cell phone lines on the same plan, you gain unlimited access to 5G data for all of your family’s devices — for just $30 per month per line.

Take a look at the details of Xfinity cell phone packages to determine whether an Xfinity mobile unlimited plan might be best for your family’s mobile data needs or if paying by the gig for cell service might end up saving you money in the long run.

Xfinity’s Unlimited Mobile Plan

With the Unlimited Xfinity mobile plan, each user within your bundle will enjoy access to unlimited cellular data. That means as much talking, texting, browsing, and streaming as you want for one low monthly price.

The more devices you have on your plan, the less unlimited data access will cost per month for each line.

It’s important to note that not every user on your plan needs to sign up for Unlimited data access. You can easily pick and choose which devices utilize unlimited data and which devices opt for By the Gig coverage, making it simple to customize your family plan and only pay for what you need.

Unlimited 5G data access with Xfinity cell plans starts at just $45 per month for a single line.

However, adding an additional line to your plan will reduce your cost to $40 per month per line. Three lines bring the cost down to just $33.33 per line per month, and as was mentioned earlier: four lines reduce the cost even more, coming in at just $30 per month per line.

Xfinity’s By the Gig Mobile Plan

By the Gig mobile coverage with Xfinity (Comcast) wireless phone plans is a great option for customers who use mobile data sparingly and don’t need unlimited data access to meet their needs.

However, if the data needs for one or more of the phones on your account does change, you can switch to unlimited coverage at any time.

Xfinity mobile pricing for By the Gig coverage starts at just $15 per month for 1 GB of data per plan.

You can upgrade at any time to 3 GB for $30 per month or even 10 GB for $60 per month. By the Gig data users enjoy HD resolution for video streaming and high-quality cell service, even in areas with significant network traffic.

By the Gig coverage is a particularly smart option when it comes to the best Xfinity cell phone plans for seniors.

Due to the fact that older adults don’t often need the same amount of data as younger customers, seniors can simply opt for the amount of data they need each month to meet their needs, rather than paying for coverage they’re unlikely to use.

Benefits of Xfinity Cell Phone Packages

Signing up multiple lines on Xfinity (Comcast) mobile plans gives you access to the best mobile pricing available, with costs continuing to decrease as you add more devices to your account.

Xfinity also gives you the freedom to switch any of your devices between Unlimited and By the Gig coverage, based on your needs and preferences.

Whether you prefer Unlimited data access, By the Gig service, or a mixture of both, all Xfinity mobile data customers have access to the same nationwide and ultra-wideband 5G coverage.

Bundle Comcast Phone Plans with Cable TV and Internet

Xfinity customers can also save significantly on their monthly media costs by bundling TV, Xfinity cell phone coverage, and Internet services. Different bundles are available depending on your location, so make sure to check with your local providers to find out how you can bundle mobile data, Internet access, and TV to keep your costs low.

Wireless Plan Options from Other Major Providers

Major mobile data providers such as Spectrum, Optimum Mobile, and GCI also offer high-quality mobile data plans for monthly fees as low as $14 per month. Find out whether one of our partner companies can best meet your cell phone and data needs.

Explore Xfinity Phone Plan Deals Today

Ready to upgrade your mobile phone plan and data access, so you can easily text, talk, browse, and stream from anywhere? Get started today with Xfinity (Comcast) mobile plans, or explore a range of options for service through SmartMove. We make it easy to find the phone, Internet, TV, and smart home services you need.
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