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Moving to Tennessee

Tennessee Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Tennessee

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, is an amazing place to live if you’re moving to the southern United States. Known for its music industry, excellent food, and mild year-round weather, Tennessee has many American states beat. Whether you getting ready to move to Nashville or Knoxville in the north or Chattanooga or Memphis in south, SmartMove is here to help you move.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to rent or purchase your new home in Tennessee, using SmartMove can help you plan and execute a flawless move, all while saving money on common moving-related expenses. Read on for a complete moving to Tennessee guide, with information on moving services, cable and utility providers in your new area, and DMV and other government agency information for Tennessee.

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Help and Services for Moving to Tennessee

Finding a reliable moving company for your move to Tennessee can be a difficult task. If you’d like to make it easier, you can try starting your search locally, looking for moving companies where you currently live that offer service to Tennessee. Once you’ve got a list together, spend some time going through online reviews from former customers, looking into how the various companies handle customer service, dispute resolution, and the loading and transport of households. SmartMove has the perfect tool to help you find and compare moving companies both quickly and easily.

Once you have your list of moving companies narrowed down to a group of finalists, solicit estimates from all the companies so you can compare relative services and prices. Then, once you’ve picked a winner, make sure that you get a bill of lading or contract from that company. Don’t confuse a bill of lading with an order for service. An order for service is merely an estimate, while a bill of lading is a legally binding contract. Keep your bill of lading in a secure place so you can refer to it during and after the move if you need to.

If, on the other hand, you choose to move to Tennessee on your own, saving money by renting a trailer or a truck and using your friends and family to help you pack, load, and unload, you’re in good company. Many people choose to handle the heavy lifting of moving their household on their own. Also, you might consider renting a container that you can pack and have delivered to your new home in Tennessee once you’ve arrived.

Regardless of how you choose to move to Tennessee, make sure to take advantage of SmartMove’s free, comprehensive moving checklist to help you stay organized as you prepare to make the move. Also, make sure to check with your current or prospective employer regarding relocation assistance. Not all companies have it, but you wouldn’t want to leave money on the table, if they do. Furthermore, make sure to track your expenses and keep your receipts for anything moving-related. Your tax professional will want the receipts at tax time, to see if you qualify for a credit or deduction.

Cable Providers Available in Tennessee

Tennessee has four major metropolitan areas within its borders and is served by four great cable providers—Sparklight, Charter, Comcast, and Mediacom. Depending on which part of the state you will be moving to, you may have one or more to choose from when it comes to hooking up your Internet, TV, and phone service. SmartMove stands ready to help you determine your options for getting your service transferred or getting new service set up at your new home.

If your current cable provider offers service in the area you’ll be moving to, SmartMove can transfer your service for you, often in advance of your moving day. Wouldn’t it be terrific to move into a house where the TV, Internet, and phone are already all set up in advance so all you have to do is take your equipment with you and plug it in to access all the services you’ve come to rely on?

Using SmartMove to set up service in Tennessee can help you cut most of the hassle out of moving your service, or setting up new service. You may even be able to cut down on the downtime of starting with a new provider, by starting in advance with SmartMove.

Energy Providers Available in Tennessee

In addition to setting up the cable prior to your move, you’ll want to make sure you’re out in front of getting your utilities set up at your new home in Tennessee as well. Depending on which part of the state you’ll be living in when you relocate—east, middle, or west Tennessee—you may have multiple electric and natural gas companies to choose from.

There are thirty-three investor-owned and public electric companies providing service to the various parts of East Tennessee, many with overlapping service areas. There are twenty-seven serving the various parts of Middle Tennessee, and there are twenty-two serving Memphis and the rest of West Tennessee. Nearly all the power is controlled by the public Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, but most of the local power companies also provide natural gas, as well.

Contact your local utility provider and get your accounts set up in advance of your move, if possible. That way, when you transition into your new home, the move will be as hassle-free as it can be. If you can give your new utility companies your anticipated move-in date, you may even be able to set up your new services prior to the move and save some money.

Moving to Tennessee—DMV and Other Agencies

Keeping your move organized using the free moving checklist from SmartMove lets you focus on bigger-picture items, confident that the small details of your move are handled or won’t get lost in the shuffle—details such as registering your car in Tennessee and getting your Tennessee ID or driver’s license.

In Tennessee, driver’s services and vehicle registration are handled by the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security. You are required to apply for a new driver’s license and can do so by downloading and completing an application online that you then take with you to a Driver Service Center.

Before you begin the actual move, you will also want to ensure that you’ve notified the U.S. Postal Service where to forward your mail, and that you’ve changed your address with your insurance companies, creditors, and anyone else that needs to know where you’ll be living once you get there.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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