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Moving to New Hampshire

New Hampshire Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an amazing place to live – after all, the state is one of the commercial, cultural, and industrial hubs of the northeastern U.S. There are many fantastic reasons to move to New Hampshire, whether you’re relocating to the Nashua or Manchester areas in the south, or to one of the state’s other many towns and cities along the border with Vermont or Maine. As you prepare to move, take advantage of the great tools available to you on SmartMove to plan and execute your relocation with ease.

Whether you plan to rent an apartment or home, or purchasing a new place to live in the state of New Hampshire, you’ll want to make sure to plan out as much of the move as possible before you get too far along in the process. SmartMove has some handy tools and deals that can help you plan your move while you save money on several of the costs that go along with moving. This guide is here to help you get ready for your upcoming move to New Hampshire.

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Support and Services for Moving to New Hampshire

The first thing you’re going to want to do to prepare for relocating to New Hampshire, is tobfigure out how you’ll be getting your belongings from your old home to your new one. Many people elect to move themselves, and there are most likely several truck rental locations near where you live now that will rent you a truck or trailer to load up and drive yourself to your new home in New Hampshire.

There are also services that will drop off an empty container at your current home so that you can load it for them to transport to you, once you’ve found a new home in New Hampshire. But if you’re like most people, then you’ll be looking for a reputable moving company to help you with some or all of the tasks associated with packing and transporting your belongings.

A great way to begin your search for a good moving company is by checking out online reviews for moving companies located in your area that offer transport to New Hampshire. Look for positive reviews that go into detail regarding the moving company’s customer service, efficiency, affordability, and reliability. SmartMove has a handy free tool to help you locate movers that fit your criteria and can help you get from wherever you are currently living to the state of New Hampshire.

Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a few finalists, you’ll want to solicit an estimate from each company so you can compare their prices and available services. This should help you make thecright choice, knowing that you’ve done your homework and can expect the level of service you’re looking for.

An estimate, or “order of service,” is not a binding contract. Make sure that whichever moving company you select for your move to New Hampshire also provides you with a bill of lading—a document that serves as a binding contract for services—and that you keep it someplace secure until the move is complete.

Whether you choose to do some or all of the moving yourself or you hire a professional moving company to do the whole job, make sure you check with your employer regarding relocation assistance. Many employers offer staff incentives to relocate to new positions in New Hampshire, and will pay outright or reimburse you for your move.

Furthermore, make sure to keep all of your receipts to pass along to your tax preparer. Many moving expenses can be claimed as deductions, so be sure to check with a professional first.

Cable Providers Available in New Hampshire

There are several reputable cable service providers operating in the state of New Hampshire. Depending on where your new home in the state is located, you may have a choice from among operators. To learn which cable service providers are offering service packages in your new area, check out SmartMove. Charter and Comcast are both currently providing cable in New Hampshire, and SmartMove can help you get started with either.

You can also use SmartMove to move your cable service, if your current provider also offers service in the area of New Hampshire where you’ll be moving. Or, use SmartMove to set up new TV, Internet, and phone service prior to your move.

Moving can be very stressful, and setting up your cable in advance gives you the opportunity to check one more thing off your moving to-do list prior to moving day. Wouldn’t it be great to have your Internet, TV, and phone service already set up and ready for you once you arrive at your new home? If it's a possibility, SmartMove can make that happen for you.

Energy Providers Available in New Hampshire

Much like the advance work you’ll want to put into setting up your cable service in advance of your move to New Hampshire, you’ll also want to set up your utilities before you start packing boxes. If you do the work in advance, you won’t have to deal with it while you’re trying to unpack your new home.

The state of New Hampshire deregulated utilities in the 1990s, opening the door for competition among energy providers and providing consumers with the power to choose which companies they want to buy electricity and natural gas from. There are four electric distribution companies and two natural gas suppliers currently operating in New Hampshire. Check out the webpage of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission for more information about selecting utility companies and to weigh the pros and cons of each. 

New Hampshire State Agencies and Resources

Thanks to the helpful tools at SmartMove, you should be able to get a headstart on your move to New Hampshire and on several of the chores associated with moving, including setting up your cable and utilities in your new home. Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you take the time to plan effectively and use the tools available to you.

SmartMove has a terrific moving checklist that will help you stay in front of all your moving tasks, including registering your vehicles in New Hampshire and getting your New Hampshire ID. Unlike many other states, New Hampshire driver’s licensing and vehicle registration are handled by separate agencies.

To register your vehicle(s) in the state, you must visit the county clerk’s office for the county you will be living in. To obtain your new state ID or driver’s license, just visit any New Hampshire DMV office. In New Hampshire, you have sixty days from the time you establish residency to register your vehicles and apply for a new ID without incurring a penalty. The state maintains a New Resident of New Hampshire site to help you stay on top of your obligations.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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