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Moving To South Carolina

Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to South Carolina

There’s a legend that anyone who drinks from Catfish Creek in Marion, South Carolina, will fall in love with the area and want to stay there forever – but you don’t need to be under a spell to want to live in the Palmetto State. Whether you’re enticed by this southern state’s swathes of green spaces, the thriving food culture, the beautiful beaches, or the low cost of living, SmartMove’s here to help you relocate stress-free.

You’ll need to do a fair bit of planning and preparation to move to your South Carolinian home, regardless of whether you decide to purchase or rent a property. With this little guide courtesy of SmartMove, you’ll know just what you need to do for a move just as relaxed as the way of life in your new state.

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Help and Services for Moving to South Carolina

There’s lots to consider when deciding which part of South Carolina to move to. You might want to go by living costs, proximity to good schools, or just by which area looks like it best matches your lifestyle. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll need to choose if you want to try doing the whole move yourself – hiring trucks, packing and unloading, furnishing the new place – or if you’d like to hire a professional moving company.

SmartMove’s got a great tool to help you pick the right movers, letting you compare prices and giving you information on deals. As always, make sure to do your homework before making a final choice. Look up online reviews and customer testimonials, both on the companies’ websites and on third-party ones so you can form a well-founded opinion.  Get an estimate, bill of lading, and contract in writing to avoid any nasty surprises. A little preparation goes a long way towards ensuring a pleasant moving experience.

You’d be surprised at how much you can save if you dig a little. Ask your employer about relocation funds, and check with a tax expert about any deductibles on your federal return. You’ll have greater peace of mind and more spending money to explore your new neighborhood, or even the rest of South Carolina.

Cable Providers Available in South Carolina

Whether you go for Charter, Comcast, or any other provider for your Internet, TV, and phone, you can use SmartMove to streamline the process. Using SmartMove, you can check if your new provider is the same as the old one and transfer across the terms of your contract. If you want to try out a new company, SmartMove will help you find the best prices and ease the transition as much as possible.

You may even be able to set things up in advance, so you can kick back with a movie or chat to your friends online the day you move in.

Energy Providers Available in South Carolina

Be sure to investigate the utilities in your new area before you move in. Your providers will vary based on where you live. Search online to find out where you’ll likely be getting your utilities from and see if it’s possible to set up your water, electricity, and natural gas before you move in. That way, you can start using them as soon as you’re in your new home, and you won’t have to add that worry to an already full list.

The Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) oversees utility regulation for citizens of South Carolina. On their website, you can find a full list of tariffs and links to bill histories and municipal contacts for each type of utility. You can also find more information on municipal utilities via the Municipal Association of South Carolina.

Important South Carolina Agencies and Resources

Don’t miss important details when planning your move. SmartMove’s checklist will keep you on top of all the things that are easy to overlook, like registering your car in South Carolina and applying for a new driver’s license. Once you have a physical address in the state, you can get a state driver’s license or ID, and from then, you have 45 days to transfer your vehicle registration over to South Carolina. Their Department of Motor Vehicles website has a list of all the documents you’ll need for your new identification, and this page explains the process for registering your car. Note that you’ll need to take a vision test for your license and pay property tax before you can register.

Remember to update your financial information, including informing your banks and insurance providers of the move. The Post Office will also want to know about your new address. Do as much of the prep work as you can before you move, check your SmartMove list for everything you need to do just in case something slips your mind, and you’ll be in your new home before you know it.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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