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Moving to Arkansas

Arkansas Phone, Cable TV, and Internet Guide

Getting Ready to Move to Arkansas

Arkansas is a fantastic place to live; the state is rich in natural beauty, it features the nation’s only state park that doubles as a diamond mine, and it has a relaxed and idyllic lifestyle. Because of this and more, it’s little wonder that so many people choose to make Arkansas their home. Whether you’re moving to the metropolitan Little Rock area in the very center of the state, to the western shore of the Mississippi river in the west, up near the Missouri border in the north, or down by the Louisiana border in the south, SmartMove has all the tools you need to plan and prepare for moving to Arkansas.

With the help of the handy, easy-to-use moving tools and checklists available from SmartMove, you can actually save money on many of the most common moving expenses, all while planning and putting together the perfect move to what some call “The Natural State” and others call “The Land of Opportunity.” Read on for a complete guide on moving to Arkansas.

Check Out Internet Providers by City

Support and Services for Moving to Arkansas

One of the best ways to get started in preparing for your Arkansas move is to research moving companies in your area that offer service to the state. Compile a list of possible options and then take the time to look into their online reviews. What you’re looking for is a winning combination of rave reviews regarding customer service, dependability, and reliability. SmartMove has a great free tool to help you get started; this online tool helps you to easily find and compare moving services that serve Arkansas.

When you get the big list narrowed down to a small elite group of finalists, your next step is to solicit estimates from them so that you can compare their various rates and services. Then, when you have selected a winner, be sure to ask them for a “bill of lading.” A bill of lading is a contract for moving services that is legally binding. It may look a lot like an “order for service,” which is not legally binding, but merely an estimate. Keep you bill of lading in a safe place until your move to Arkansas is complete.

If you want to save yourself some money, think about doing some or all of the labor of moving on your own. You can most likely rent a trailer, truck, or container to ship to Arkansas and get your friends and family help you pack, load, and unload. Speaking of saving money, make sure that you save all your moving-related receipts to give to your tax preparer, and check in with your employer to see if they offer relocation assistance of any kind.

Cable Providers Available in Arkansas

No matter which part of Arkansas you’ve chosen as the place to make your new home, you will have a great variety of cable providers to choose from once you arrive. If you want to learn exactly which cable service providers are currently operating in the area of Arkansas that you’re moving to, turn to SmartMove.

SmartMove is ready to help you set up new service or to transfer service if your current cable provider is also operating in Arkansas. You can choose Sparklight, Charter, Comcast, Cox, or Suddenlink, and SmartMove will help coordinate.

Use SmartMove to transfer your cable service to your new address before you even begin the move, and you may be able to save yourself a potential delay, waiting for a service appointment at your new home. Getting set up with cable in your new home could be as simple as transferring your services through SmartMove and bringing your equipment along with you as you move. Just picture being able to plug in on your first day in your home, enjoying all of the cable services that you’ve come to rely on while you unpack and settle in.

Energy Providers Available in Arkansas

Just as with your cable provider, doing the preparatory work to get your utilities set up at your new Arkansas home in advance of your arrival certainly has its benefits. Do the work ahead of time, and you won’t get bogged down while you’re trying to unpack, checking your options, making calls to the providers you select (or the default options depending on where you’ll be living), and setting up your new accounts.

In the state of Arkansas, there are currently forty-one electric and natural gas providers operating. Four of them are investor owned electric companies; one is a generation and transmission cooperative; eighteen are electric cooperatives operating under the banner Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas; fifteen municipal electric utilities; and four are investor-owned natural gas companies. In Arkansas, all but the municipal utilities are regulated by the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) of the Arkansas Department of Department of Environmental Quality.

Moving to Arkansas—DMV and Other State Agencies and Resources

Moving to a new state is usually a challenging experience, but it doesn’t have to be an extreme stressor. With the help of the tools and checklists available to you at SmartMove, your move to Arkansas can be accomplished smoothly. The SmartMove moving checklist can help you in stay ahead of all the details involved in your move to Arkansas—details like remembering to get your new Arkansas ID license plates once you arrive.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration handles issuing state IDs and vehicle registration through its Revenue Offices. Make sure you visit one within your first month in the state. Also, you’ll want to change your address with the U.S. Postal Service and take the time to notify your bank, creditors, insurance companies, and other companies of what your new address will be.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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