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Whether you’ve recently moved into an area that Fidelity Communications serves and are looking for service, or you are have already signed up a plan subscriber with Fidelity, getting your Internet and cable TV running is a top priority. You're ready to grab your remote, check out the channel lineup, and enjoy your favorite cable TV shows but don't want to wait for a tech to come set everything up. This guide shows you how to install Fidelity Internet, Wi-Fi and cable TV yourself.

Let us show you how easy self-installation is with Fidelity Communications, so you can start using the Internet and binging your favorite TV shows as soon as possible. The gamers in your house as well as shoppers eager to gain an internet connection and start browsing Amazon will be thanking you, and you can pat yourself on the back for setting everything up yourself. Learn how easy it is to install your own Internet and cable TV using Fidelity’s equipment, set up your Wi-Fi, and whether it’s better to buy or rent equipment from Fidelity Communications.

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Ways to Install TV & Internet from Fidelity Communications

Installing TV and Internet used to be something reserved for professional technicians, but it’s now simple to do it on your own. Fidelity Communications provides users with all the equipment they need to install their service on their own. In this way, users can take control of how and where they set up their services and customize the installation. In addition, installing Fidelity Communications Internet and TV yourself may be a better choice for customers that prefer to maintain their privacy and social distancing and would, therefore, rather not open their homes to installers.

You have a couple of options for installing your Fidelity Communications Internet and TV:

  • Contact Fidelity and ask them to come install everything—inside and outside your home
  • Self-install by telling Fidelity you would rather perform the interior installation yourself and have them bring the equipment for you

This guide will assist you with the self-installation procedures.

Pros and Cons of Self-Install for Fidelity Communications

Although it may seem like a daunting task to install your cable TV and Internet yourself, the tips in this guide can make it simple. If you haven’t decided whether self-installation is for you, check out the pros and cons listed below:

Pros of self-installation:

  • You can get all the necessary equipment for a basic installation from Fidelity Communications
  • You don’t have to pay an installation fee
  • You don’t have to allow installers into your home

Cons of self-installation:

  • It takes some technical knowledge to install cable TV and Internet
  • You won’t be able to get in-person assistance
  • If you need help during peak calling hours, you may have to stay on hold for an extended period of time

How to Use Fidelity Communications’ Self-Install Kit

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With the equipment Fidelity Communications provides, it’s easy to install it yourself. The process is straightforward. First, you have to sign up for Fidelity Internet and cable TV. Then, you inform your customer service rep that you would like to do the interior installation yourself using Fidelity’s equipment. The service techs can then provide you with the materials you need to perform the installation.

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What Does the Self-Install Internet Kit Include?

Your Fidelity Communications Self-Install Kit comes with:

  • Wi-Fi modem
  • Power cord
  • Coaxial cable cord

The Self-Install Cable TV kit comes with:

  • Digital converter
  • Coaxial cable cords
  • Power cord

How to Self-Install Fidelity Communications Internet?

Installing Fidelity Communications Internet can be done in only two simple steps:

How to Self-Install Fidelity Communi VCR/DVD/Blue Ray Playercations Cable TV?

Similar to self-installing Fidelity Communications Internet, you can self-install your cable service by simply indicating to your customer service representative that you want to do your own installation. All you then have to do is follow the installation procedure below.

How to Self-Install Fidelity Communications Wi-Fi

Just like with cable and Internet, setting up Fidelity Communications Wi-Fi on your own is straightforward.

Renting vs. Buying Equipment for Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications offers cable TV equipment for a rental fee, but the prices depend on your location. You can reach out to them at (800)392-8070 to get this and other cable TV pricing info.
The decision to rent vs. buy when it comes to Fidelity Communications’ Internet is simpler than it is with many other internet service providers because Fidelity allows you to either use your own modem or use one of theirs for free. For some customers, they may have a favorite modem they have enjoyed using for some time as well as a router they want to continue using. Others may choose to opt for Fidelity’s modem because it’s free and should be able to handle their browsing, streaming, downloading, and gaming needs.

Device Fee
Modem Use your own for free

Fidelity Communications Installation Guide Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to your frequently asked questions about Fidelity Communications Cable and Internet.
Can I get Fidelity Communications in my area?
Fidelity Communications is a cable and internet service provider (ISP) that serves Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. To find out if service is available in your area, you can enter your location information in a form on their site.
What is the Fidelity Communications customer service number?
To reach Fidelity Communications, you can call their toll-free number: (800)392-8070. They can answer all your questions about high-speed internet access, cable issues, and even activation of a new phone service.
How fast are Fidelity Communications’ Internet speeds?
Fidelity Communications’ fastest and best internet service offers speeds up to 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second).
How can I get help with Fidelity Communications self-installation?
The best way to get assistance with self-installing Fidelity Communications’ internet and cable TV is to call customer support at (800)392-8070.

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