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Fidelity Communications Company Overview

Fidelity is a Missouri-based telecommunications company which offers television, Internet, phone and business cable services to residential and commercial areas across Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Founded in 1940, the Fidelity Communications Co. is owned by the Davis family.

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What services does Fidelity Communications provide?

High-Speed Internet Service: Today, the internet is becoming a NEED, not just a want. Sooo many of our new devices depend on the internet - it’s what keeps us connected! If you use a Ring doorbell, Nest thermometer, smart TV, online gaming system, home office video conferencing and more - you need reliable, unlimited internet.

FidelityTV: Stay connected to local and national television programming with FidelityTV. We’ve got a full channel lineup that will make your favorite shows just one or two buttons away!

Phone Service: We got our start in 1940 as a local and long distance phone company, and we’ve continued to be a preferred provider of phone services for both residential and businesses.

Business Services: We’re proud to work alongside businesses of all sizes and bring advanced technology into the workspace. No matter the size or complexity of your job, we’re certain Fidelity can handle it. If you need an engineered, wired plan for the infrastructure of your networks - we can handle it. Or, if you need a basic line and the internet put in, we’re glad to help with that too. From massive projects to small - Fidelity can help with it all.

Fidelity Communications Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get in contact with Fidelity customer service?
You can call, find a local business office or find other ways to reach Fidelity here.
Can I pay my Fidelity bill online?
Yes! You can log in to pay your Fidelity bill with this link.
Is Fidelity available in my area?
Fidelity provides business and residential services currently only within the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Fidelity services may not be available in all areas. Please visit the Fidelity website and use the “Check for Service Availability” pop-up tool to find their service areas.
How much bandwidth do I really need?
Whether you're an avid binge-watcher, extreme gamer or social media butterfly, Fidelity's bandwidth analyzer can help you find the perfect Internet speed to keep you connected! Test Fidelity Internet speed here.
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