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Sparklight Speed Test Tips

Things you should consider before running your speed test:

  • Internet speed changes throughout the day. Test your speed mulitple times for clear results.
  • Run the speed test in the same room and in clear sight of your router for the most accurate result.
  • Complete downloads on all connected devices prior to running the test.


Your Internet should support the following:

  • Light internet browsing
  • You may experience interrupted video streaming
  • Ideal for fewer than 3 devices


Your Internet should support the following:

  • Moderate internet browsing
  • HD video streaming
  • Music and photo download


Your Internet should support the following:

  • Multiplayer gaming
  • 4K video streaming
  • Uninterrupted video calling

Extremely Fast

Your Internet should support the following:

  • Multiplayer gaming
  • 4K video streaming on multiple devices
  • Fast file download and upload
  • Heavy Internet usage
  • Uninterrupted video calling

What you need to know about your Internet speed

Your Internet speed is important as it determines the kind of activities you can do on your devices. A slow speed may bar you from streaming or watching videos since the buffering speed will be slow. If your Internet speed is high, you can watch shows, play online games and upload and download items faster. Your Internet speed refers to the amount of data you can process at a given time. Internet speed is measured in units per second. That is why you may see it presented as Gbps, standing for gigabits per second, or Mbps, referring to megabits per second. Your speed also determines the number of devices your connection can support. Before settling on an Internet speed, determine the number of devices that will use your connectivity and the activities the users may need.

Common Internet terms

  • Bandwidth: The capacity of a connection to transfer data at a given time. If a connection has a wide bandwidth, you can connect more devices and they will all work well without experiencing downtime.
  • Download speed: The process of sending information from an external source to your router. Your download speed is the time it takes to complete this process and is usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Upload speed: Like your download speed, upload speed is measured in megabits per second. It refers to how quickly your device can send information to the Internet. Adding images to a shared album, attaching files to an email or adding a video to YouTube are all examples of uploading.
  • Latency: These are the intervals or delays you may experience when transferring on the Internet. It varies with Internet connections.
  • Ping: This is a test done to determine how long it takes your device to communicate with a server. It is done by sending a packet of data to the server. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).
  • Router: Your router is the hardware that facilitates the connection between your devices and the Internet network.

What is an Internet speed test?

An Internet speed test measures your download speed, upload speed and ping time. To get accurate results, use reliable testing tools like Sparklight Internet speed tests. Sparklight Internet is one of the most reliable and fast Internet networks. With their fiber-rich Internet, you can stream movies, download music and play games without experiencing interruptions. Your connectivity is secure on Sparklight Internet and you have a choice of plans depending on your Internet needs. They offer Internet speeds ranging from 100 to 1,000 Mbps. Sparklight has an inbuilt Internet speed-testing tool you can use to test the speed of your Sparklight network or any other Internet network. You can start your Sparklight Internet speed test using the prompt at the top of the page.
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Determining what your download speed means

Up to

Ideal for up 4-7 devices

  • Suitable for 2-3 person
  • Light Internet browsing
  • Stream HD videos
Up to

Ideal for up to 9 devices

  • Suitable for 2-3 people
  • Manage large files
  • Stream HD videos
  • Multiplayer gaming
Up to

Ideal for 8-12 devices

  • Suitable for 4-6 people
  • Heavy Internet usage
  • Stream 4k videos
  • Multiplayer gaming
Up to

Ideal for 10+ devices

  • Suitable for 4+ people
  • Heavy Internet usage
  • Stream 4k videos
  • Multiplayer gaming

Device speeds explained

Your Internet speed may be affected by the kind of device you are using, its age and the number of devices you have connected. If you have an older, it may not accommodate recent technology that your smartphone can accommodate.

Tips for improving your WiFi speed

Reset your hardware: This includes the device you are using to browse, modem and router. Turn each device or piece of hardware off, wait a few minutes and turn back on. This could result in improved speeds. Relocate your router: Walls, appliances or furniture may obstruct the Wi-Fi signal. If the device is too far from the router, you will get a weak signal. Using a central location for your router ensures all devices can connect with ease. Check your frequency: Different frequencies suit different activities. Ensure you are using the correct frequency for the activity you are involved in. Remove non-core connections: The speed may be slowed by a reduced bandwidth. Rectify this by retaining only the crucial connections. You may have devices or programs running in the background that you may not be using. Removing them will increase bandwidth. Update your firmware: Your router could be using outdated firmware. Check to make sure your router’s software is updated to the newest version.
Sparklight Frequently Asked Questions
How fast is Sparklight internet speed?
Sparklight offers an array of Internet plans to suit all subscribers’ needs, including a Lite Plan with download speeds of up to 15 Mbps. Their most robust plan is their GigaOne Internet, providing download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps).
Is Sparklight Internet available in my area?
Sparklight is among the most widely available Internet service providers, with coverage areas including parts of Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Mississippi, among other states. To see if Sparklight is available where you live, enter your address at, or review the Sparklight locations map on their site.
How can I improve my Sparklight WiFi signal?
Sparklight offers 5 steps to improve your WiFi signal, and also offers WiFi ONE coverage, which aims to improve your home speeds no matter how far from the router, with a satisfaction guarantee.
What modems work with Sparklight?
You can lease a modem directly through Sparklight, or opt to use your own modem. If you’ll be using your own modem, please review this list of supported cable modems for Sparklight residential subscribers.
You can lease a modem directly through Sparklight, or opt to use your own modem. If you’ll be using
Yes; Sparklight does have data caps on their Internet plans, with higher caps for larger plans. They offer an Unlimited Data add-on for Plus Plan subscribers at an additional monthly cost.

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