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Sparklight Installation Guide Overview

Having cable and internet is a must for many homeowners, and it's something on everyone's to-do list if they are moving into a new home or just looking to switch to a better provider. Whether you're a gamer or streamer looking for ultra fast internet speeds or just want to enjoy cable tv service, Sparklight has you covered. Now that you've chosen Sparklight as your provider, you are probably wondering what specific things you should know about the installation process.

In this guide, we will walk you through the pros and cons of self-installation, explain in simple terms how to self-install your Sparklight cable TV and internet, how to use the Sparklight Self-Installation Kit, whether you should rent or buy the equipment needed, and more.

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Ways to Install TV & Internet from Sparklight

You have two main options to choose between when it comes to installing your Sparklight cable and internet services. It really all depends on your preference.

You can decide to:

  • Call and schedule a professional Sparklight technician to come do the installation for you in your home
  • Self-install your Sparklight services in your home yourself

This guide will help you self-install with both knowledge and confidence. While it's still common to call a professional technician to come install cable and internet services for you, it really has never been easier to install these services yourself. Even better, Sparklight offers you live support and plenty of documentation and resources to help you through the process. While COVID restrictions are starting to lift in many parts of the US, lots of people still prefer to do it themselves. We don't blame them!

Pros and Cons of Self-Install for Sparklight

Are you unsure about whether or not you should self-install your cable and internet services? Deciding to call an expert to install them and/or deciding to take it on yourself each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Check out the list of pros and cons here:

Pros of self-installation:

  • Get all equipment delivered to you
  • Limit people coming into your home
  • No installation fee

Cons of self-installation:

  • No professional help & in-person troubleshooting
  • Your home may not be eligible
  • Requires some technical expertise

How to Use Sparklight Self-install Kit

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Included in the Sparklight self-installation internet kit include:

The kit comes complete with:

  • Welcome letter
  • Installation guide
  • Modem guide
  • List of tips on managing your internet connection
  • Modem
  • Power cord for modem
  • Modem stand
  • Coaxial cable
  • Ethernet cable
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Included in the Sparklight/CableOne self-installation cable kit include:

The kit comes complete with:

  • Cable box
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cord
  • Remote control
  • Coaxial cable

How to Self-Install Sparklight Internet and WiFi

The Sparklight Self-Install Kit can be set-up in four easy steps.

Watch This Video About Getting Started

How to Self-Install Sparklight Cable TV

Below are instructions to self-install Sparklight cable (formerly CableOne).:

Renting vs. Buying Equipment from Sparklight

You will absolutely need a modem for a broadband internet connection, and you will need a router too for WiFi access. The question you might be asking is whether you should buy or rent the equipment. If you are pretty tech savvy, it might be more beneficial for you to buy the equipment rather than rent it from an internet service provider. However, if you don't know your way around technology very well, renting will probably be your best option.

However, there are advantages to renting equipment, even if it is a little more expensive. It's namely convenience. When you rent a new modem and/or router, you never have to worry about the unit being compatible with a system or needing to replacing it yourself. If your rented equipment stops working, Sparklight will typically replace it free of charge. Additionally, if or when the rented modem and router become obsolete, Sparklight will also typically upgrade you for no additional charge.

Device Fee
Modem $10 to $15 per month
Wireless router $10 to $15 per month

Sparklight Installation Guide Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to your frequently asked questions about Sparlight Cable and Internet.
Does Sparklight serve my area?
According to Sparklight's website, they serve the following areas: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.
What is the Sparklight customer service number?
You can call the number 1 (877) 692-2253.
How can I get help with self-installation of Sparklight services?
If you don't want to talk to a live customer support agent, you can reference Sparklight's support and self-installation help here.
Does Sparklight have 24 hour customer service?
The Sparklight support team can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To talk to a customer representative and get technical support, you can call the number 1-877-692-2253 or use the online chat by going to
Can I set up Sparklight Internet by myself?
Like many other cable and internet providers, Sparklight offers two options for installation. You can get a professional technician to install your service for a one-time installation fee or you can self-install the services yourself. If you choose self-installation, you will typically get equipment through store pick-up or mail delivery.
Do I need any special equipment?
Sparklight provides access to the internet through a certified modem. The path and cost of renting or buying the equipment needed is provided through Sparklight.

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