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A Comprehensive List of Alexa Smart Home Devices

Curious about your device options with Alexa? Check out this list of categories and smart home devices you should be using with Alexa and why.

Whether you're moving into a new home or apartment and want to finally transition to the perfect smart home in your new location, or you're looking to change the residence you currently live in to something smarter and more connected, Amazon Alexa-enabled smart home devices are a sure bet. The number of smart home devices compatible with Amazon’s Virtual Assistant, Alexa, reached 100,000 in June, 2020 according to Statista, which should come as no surprise — Amazon’s Echo was the world’s first real smart speaker, and Alexa is its voice-activated assistant.

Since first being released on the market in 2015, Alexa has grown in capabilities. Today, Alexa’s unique skills number in the hundreds of thousands, and she’s gaining more each day. In other words, an Alexa home system offers almost endless variety and assistance.

Breaking Down Alexa-Compatible Device Options

A conservative shopper may want to stick to Echo devices for things like home entertainment, as they’re guaranteed to work with Alexa and pretty easy to set up. However, choosing only Echo devices does limit you. There are no large appliances like washers and refrigerators or more niche smart home options like smart blinds available for Alexa-related use.

You could easily get lost among the hundreds of thousands of devices that work with Alexa, so we’ve organized them into about a dozen broad categories. Here’s a closer look at some of the best Amazon Alexa smart home devices and the categories they fall into.

Smart Home Hub Devices


Smart home hubs control multiple smart devices. Think of them as corrals that enable central control using a single app. They can control security devices, lighting, kitchen and other appliances along with managing your entertainment system. If you have only a couple of smart devices, you may not need a hub, as you can control them with multiple apps, but if you are a tech-savvy or busy individual, you can control a lot more with a hub. Depending on how many smart devices you own and the space in which you utilize them, you may need more than one hub. Careful planning and research are key to creating a smart network of Alexa devices.

Hubs, like the internet, employ protocols to communicate with devices. This is important to pay attention to when determining compatibility with your smart devices. Here are some excellent smart home hubs to explore:
  • Amazon’s Echo 4th Generation Smart Hub (doubles as a smart speaker). This hub controls lights using Zigbee or Ring Smart Lighting products, manages your security system, and plays music anywhere using multiple streaming services (Amazon, Spotify, Apple, SiriusXm and more). Amazon’s Echo 4th Generation Smart Hub has high-grade, rich sound and is small and unobtrusive. You can also pair Echo devices with TVs for more full-bodied sound. Note that it supports Bluetooth, WiFi and Zigbee, making it one of the most versatile hubs on the market and a best choice for Alexa users.
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v3. This hub supports Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and Z-wave and has an easy WiFi setup with built-in USB and ethernet ports. Zigbee and Z-wave give this hub connectivity to 100s of devices — more than most hubs. It lacks the speaker feature of the Echo, however. If you have Samsung smart appliances, you’ll want this.
  • Echo Dot Hub. This hub is an inexpensive, small 3.3-inch hub for people who don’t need Zigbee or other protocols. This WiFi, Bluetooth device is a reliable, yet inexpensive choice at $49 that, when paired with the Alexa app, can produce some powerful smart home routines.

Smart Voice-Activated Devices


As previously mentioned, there are a dizzying number of devices available, but here are a few of our favorite voice-activated devices that are compatible with Alexa:
  • Amazon Fire TV Box. This small-profile box offers big features, making it one of the most popular cable devices available. It boasts 4K HDR image quality, measures only 3.4 X 3.4 X 3.0 inches, and has fast streaming for nearly every streaming app from Hulu to Sling. A big bonus is the included remote for those rare occasions you can’t find what you need through voice commands.
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Plug. This inexpensive ($30) plug is Alexa-enabled, but it also comes with a manual switch for when you’re feeling old fashioned. Use it to adjust lights and appliances when you’re not home — or when you're in another room and just don't want to get up.
  • Arlo Q Security Camera. This easy-to-use system comes with 1080p resolution any time of day or night. It has a 130-degree view during the daytime and 25 degrees at night. It can record up to 7 days and is for indoor use only.
  • LGCX OLED TV. This super-high resolution television has Alexa (and Google Assistant) built right in, meaning you can change brightness, switch channels, and adjust volume using only voice commands. This set boasts 3840 x 2160 resolution and supports HDMI 2.01, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG.

Smart Lighting Devices


Smart lighting devices can save on energy (and electric bills) and help you more safely navigate your home at all hours. Some are easy, screw-in-type lights that work like regular bulbs, while others may require an add-on bridge or hub to work with Alexa. Philips Hue has a huge selection of smart lighting products, and their Hue Lights are some of the best available. While these require an add-on bridge, they are available in a range of models with lots of different capabilities, including dimming, color-changing, and pattern effects.
  • The Philips Hue Light and Color Ambiance A19 Kit. This kit goes well beyond just smart light bulbs by giving users a remarkable amount of remote control over lighting and dimmer options and color. Imagine creating a relaxing, custom-color ambiance for your Friday night home date or low-lit lavender lighting for your end of the day bath that's ready for you before you even step foot into the bathroom. These are just a couple examples of what you can do with this ambiance kit.
  • Lifx Mini Smart Bulbs. These bulbs connect right to your WiFi, making for easy setup. And they have a huge range of effects including dimming, color adjusting, and a strobe light effect. They can even pulse to your music. Check out the Lifx A19 bulb for a multitude of colors plus a wide range of whites.
  • Yeelight A19 LED WiFi Smart Bulb. This is another ready-to-go bulb that’s Alexa-activated. These bulbs have 16 million colors that sync with your music for endless, mood-enhancing effects. Yeelight A19 LED WiFi Smart Bulbs dim and connect with WiFi right out of the box.

Smart Home Entertainment (Including Remotes)


Smart technology makes home entertainment so much easier. Control your sound system, TV and other digital devices from one location using Alexa with any of your smart home devices. When designing your home entertainment system, you can play it safe and stick to the Echo line of devices, or you can shop for the best Alexa-capable components and customize your entertainment system with all the nuanced features you desire.

There are a dizzying number of Alexa-capable devices available for home entertainment systems, including smart hubs and remotes, smart speakers, mesh WiFi, smart sound bars, smart subwoofers, smart streaming devices, smart displays, and smart TVs and projectors, but how do you know which to buy? And what do you need to manage all of them?

Well, if you have an extensive system, or even more than a device or two, you’ll benefit from the addition of a hub and remote, so you can control your whole home system from one location.

Here are some of our recommendations for smart home products that can make your home entertainment experiences better:
  • Google WiFi Mesh. This 3-node package gives you reliable 4,500-foot coverage — enough for the entertainment centers and nooks throughout your entire home.
  • Yamaha YAS-209L Sound Bar. This is the best mid-priced sound bar with built-in Alexa voice control. It also has a wireless subwoofer with automatic connection and Bluetooth.
  • Sonos One Smart Speaker. This smart speaker works with Alexa and Google Assistant and has a robust sound. It also has a powerful mic that picks up voice commands from a long distance.
  • TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635). This mid-priced smart TV is available in 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes. It boasts a great picture, LED backlighting, superb apps, and great HDL — plus, it’s a great gaming TV.

Smart Home Appliances


Smart home appliances make it easy to manage devices and tasks from a smartphone, tablet or hub, regardless of whether you're in your yard, at work or watching TV. What's it like? Well, imagine getting an “imbalanced load” alert from your washer while you’re clipping the hedges or an oven alert when the casserole is thoroughly cooked. Clothes will no longer be forgotten and gathering wrinkles in the dryer since your phone lets you know they're dry.

Smart appliances are made for the kitchen or the utility room, and they range from big appliances like washers and stoves, to gadget-type appliances such as food processors, microwaves, bread makers and coffee makers.

How complex the smart appliances are that use Alexa can vary. Some come with very basic functions; others are super-devices like Samsung’s Family Hub line of refrigerators that come with five smart screens (for recipes, movies, photos, pinboard and other needs).

Learn more about smart appliances by perusing some of our favorites:
  • June Oven. The June Smart Oven is a compact, countertop-sized appliance that functions as a convection oven, air fryer, slow cooker, toaster, broiler, food dehydrator, and broiler — all in one. It can be activated using Alexa or an app and has an HD-internal camera, so you can monitor your food while you shop/rest/work/watch TV, etc.
  • Samsung High-Efficiency Front-Loading Washer with Addwash. This Alexa-enabled smart washer completes a load in 36 minutes, is 4.5 cubic feet and has a handy, “add-wash” capability.
  • Samsung Smart Dryer with Multi-Steam Technology. Energy Star rated, this smart dryer's steam option reduces wrinkles, odors and static, and you can control and adjust it from your smartphone or other Alexa-enabled device.
  • iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum. This smart vacuum empties itself, utilizing smart mapping for greater vacuuming efficiency. It's also really effective at removing dust, pet hair and other debris from carpets and floors.

Smart Blinds and Window Solutions


If you’ve ever wrestled with heavy blinds, you’ll appreciate the ease of use that comes with smart blinds and window solutions. Powered by batteries, solar energy (and batteries), or electrical cords, these window and privacy options can be controlled by Alexa through your phone or home hub.

Here are our recommendation for Alexa-compatible window treatments:
  • Yoolax Motorized Blind Blackout Shade. These solar battery-powered, inside or outside-mount shades are made from vinyl and can improve your home's energy efficiency. They're also powered by a smart R14 remote motor that works with five of Amazon’s Echo hubs, including Echo Plus — they just need a smart bridge (Bond). Custom cut, they come in a variety of materials (such as fabric) and a generous range of mostly-neutral colors, including whites and grays.
  • SimpleSmart Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks. These motorized curtain rods with Alexa capabilities are a smart choice for anyone who prefers drapes to shades. They come in 4- to 20-foot lengths, can be set on a timer or by voice command, and are great for older people or people with mobility challenges. They’re also a great way to conserve energy (think blackout drapes).
  • Graywind Motorized Roller Shades. These attractive, hardwired motorized shades with blackout capabilities can be used straight out of the box, because they don’t require a bridge. Easily create schedules for use through the Graywind app or use the remote to control up to nine shades. They can also be controlled with Alexa, of course.

Smart Home Security Devices


Smart home security devices make home security more affordable for the average homeowner. Prior to smart home security, homeowners had to pay for expensive installations with pricey contracts from home security companies.

With smart home security devices, you can become your own surveillance team, or you can enhance your current security service with your own DIY smart home security approach. Part of the joy of DIY systems is that you can customize your security to what you need, from multi-camera, elaborate systems to something very basic.

Here are several smart home security devices that are Alexa-compatible and easy to use:
  • Amazon Echo. While not a dedicated security device, the Amazon Echo comes with Alexa Guard, which alerts you if someone comes into your house. It also lets you listen to sounds in your house as a way of identifying any potential intrusion, and it can turn on the lights to make it seem like someone is home. The Echo can detect smoke alerts too, provided the alarms make a sound — that's a lot of security features for only $30, making the Echo a very economical security alert system. Note that they also sell Echo Guard Plus, an inexpensive monthly paid plan, which has more bells and whistles that include: playing dog-barking and siren sounds, hands-free communications and auto-calling of emergency services. Also, if you have an Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) or Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) you can use the device to see what’s happening via the people detection feature in the smart display.
  • Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 Home Security Camera. Compatible with Alexa and Apple HomeKit, this camera has a built-in detection feature and can tell the difference between whether your visitor is a human or a pet. It offers excellent night vision and 2K resolution (1080p when using HomeKit). Two-way audio also lets you speak to visitors or intruders.
  • Nest Cam (outdoor battery powered). This Google smart camera integrates with Alexa, Google Nest and the outgoing Google Home. It offers a sharp, 1080p image, easy mounting anywhere outdoors, and three free hours of storage with additional cloud storage available for just $6 a month.
  • Ring Video Doorbell. Whether wired or battery powered, the Ring Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that takes smart home security and video communication up a notch. The Elite models feature 1080p HD video, built-in microphone and speakers that offer remarkable clarity for two-way communication, as well as live view on-demand video and audio.

If you're still uncertain about what types of smart security systems and smart security cameras are right for you, check out the best outdoor security cameras for all budgets.

Smart Locks


Smart Locks eliminate the problem of rummaging for keys (and losing keys); they also provide convenience for letting in guests, especially for residents with mobility issues. Extending entrance privileges to friends or relatives is yet another way you might benefit from a smart lock system. Be sure when choosing a lock and setting up your smart home system that you use the right protocol for your system, be it WiFi, Bluetooth or Z-wave. Options include keyless and keyed, deadbolt add-ons and fingerprint activated systems.

Here are some Alexa-friendly smart lock picks (no pun intended):
  • Smart Lock Pro. This smart lock works with your existing deadbolt and includes a WiFi bridge for easy connections. It also works with Apple’s HomeKit and Z-Wave Plus. It includes an activity feed that works around the clock and a sensor to tell you when the battery is low.
  • Smart Lock Standard. This less expensive smart lock doesn’t work with HomeKit but has lots of nice features including a programmable, expiring, friend key pass — perfect for Airbnb owners. It also works with your existing keys and locks.
  • Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt. This high-end security lock features a scrambling button/code feature to deter thieves. A built-in fingerprint scanner limits access, and, despite its bells and whistles, it’s a very intuitive system that includes an internal WiFi hub. This smart lock does require installation and completely replaces your existing locks.

Smart Garage Doors


What do you need to consider when choosing a smart garage door opener? Pay attention to what assistants they work with (many don’t work with Alexa), how much work it requires to set them up (some need to be rewired), how easily they connect to your WiFi and what features they include. Price is another consideration to pay attention to. Smart garage door openers generally range from $25 – $120.
  • Nexx GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener. This wireless 2.4GHz 802.11 WiFi door opener works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. A calendar feature lets you see when garage doors are opened, and you can also assign multiple users. It includes a geo-feature that detects when you’re nearby, so it can automatically open. It includes a simple app interface that's easy to use for the non-tech savvy. You will have to run a wire between the door and the opener for it to function.
  • Genie Aladdin Connect. This smart garage door opener can open up to three different doors. It works with SmartThings, Alexa and Google Assistant. There's also a Samsung SmartThings integration that enables smoke detection and automatic door opening.
  • Garadget Garage Door Opener Updater. Garadget's super-easy installation makes it an especially attractive option. It attaches to your existing garage door opener via adhesive and has a geo-fence-like system similar to the Nexx model. It integrates easily with home automation systems, is simple to use and can be operated via IFTTT or Alexa.

Smart Home Sensors


Smart home sensors have many uses. They can sense movement, sound, light, temperature and weather conditions. They can help save money on utilities. Use them to detect a baby or a physically-challenged loved one's movement or to alert you if someone enters your home while you are away.

There are a lot of smart home sensors available, and most of them run on Zigbee or Z-Wave which means you often have to add a bridge to get them to work. Most models are available in battery-operated or wireless models, so they can be placed anywhere on your property (provided your router can span the distance).

Smart Home Sensors are obvious components of a smart home security system, and many devices (including many/most Echos) have built-in sensors. Although to experience their full benefit, having sensors throughout the home is ideal. One note: sensor position is important, and while you can place smart home sensors yourself, hiring a pro will make sure you get it right.

Here are some Alexa-compatible smart home sensors that can add security and savings to your smart home:
  • Amazon Echo Show. Now on generation 15, the Amazon Echo Show is a multi-function workhorse in the Amazon family. More recent model Echo displays can monitor and show you what’s happening using the new built-in people detection feature with live feed. These smart displays are multitaskers, and they can be used to access and display educational materials, video chat and more. Plus, thanks to its detection capabilities, it can make previously commanded adjustments depending on different rooms’ conditions — think lighting adjustments, music controls, garage door capabilities and door lock management.
  • Sengled Smart Door Sensor and Smart Sensor for Window and Door. These sensors can be purchased in multiples and work with Alexa with the addition of a smart home hub. These sensors are easy to stick on and are simple to connect using the app. They can also automate your lights when a door is opened, adding an extra level of security.
  • Aquara Motion Sensor. This inexpensive sensor requires the Aquara Hub to work with Alexa. It includes an optional mount, or you can stick it to a wall or ceiling. Together the sensor and hub cost between $65 and $80.

Smart Home Eco-Solutions


Smart home systems not only make automating tasks easier, they can also make your home more eco-efficient using a combination of hubs, apps and eco-friendly smart devices. From smart window shades that open and close based on time of day to HVAC systems that turn the heat up, down or off with smart thermostats and smart scheduling through apps, smart home eco-solutions can change your energy and resource use for the better.

Here are some Alexa-enabled smart home eco-solution recommendations:
  • ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor. On the fence about whether or not a smart thermostat is for you? This ecobee smart thermostat works with a lot of different HVAC systems. Distributing sensors throughout rooms helps this high-end thermostat manage hot and cold spots. It works with Amazon’s Echo, IFTTT, Google Assistant, SmartThings, HomeKit and has Alexa built-in. It includes a free app for android or iOS.
  • Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. Save on water bills with this smart sprinkler controller. It will turn your sprinklers off when it rains, and you can schedule it to turn on during certain times when you’re not home. A fast, 30-minute installation makes this smart sprinkler controller a great choice for the average homeowner. It works with Android and iOS (check versions). You will need to pair it with an Amazon Echo for Alexa integration. 
  • Kasa Smart Plugs. These smart plugs could easily fall into a number of categories, because they offer security, lighting, appliance and eco-friendly solutions. Kasa Smart Plugs allow users to add, control and monitor connected TP-LINK smart home devices from anywhere. Features include scheduling appliances and lights to turn on or off according to a set schedule and setting smart home devices to Away Mode to deter intruders.

Smart Home Apps


Smart home apps in the Alexa universe are generally called “skills.” Some are built into Amazon products, while others may need to be enabled. Many skills are third-party, downloadable programs that add functionality to Alexa. Skills may include weather checkers, audio programs, donation apps, greeting messages and more. Because skills are open to third-party development, the types of skills available to use with Alexa are almost unlimited. Note that some skills are free and you just need to enable them through your app. You can also find some on Google Play or from your favorite app vendor.

Amazon skills offer a lot of options to customize your smart home system so that it suits your lifestyle. Here are some examples:
Big Sky. This free weather skill supplies current weather information based on users' addresses. Once activated, users can get details on local, regional or global weather by asking Alexa to “ask Big Sky... “ Easy-peasy.
Alexa Guard. This skill helps keep your home safe by notifying you about intruders and sounds. See the security section above for more information.
MySomm. Become your own sommelier. MySomm can help you figure out which wines to pair with food. What beer? does the same thing but for beer instead of wine.
7-Minute Workout. This Alexa skill provides a quick exercise routine played right through your home hub, smartphone or smart speakers.
Valossa Movie Finder. This skill can assist you in finding a movie to watch by context, genre, actor, name or date.
Ambient Noise. This skill provides sounds to help you go to sleep and stay asleep.
Storage Mart. Storage Mart is an Alexa skill that can help anyone who is moving find a storage unit in their new or old location. It also answers questions about what size storage unit you need, as well as storage and moving tips.

Alexa, as you can see, can dramatically transform the way you live in and secure your home, especially when paired with the right smart devices.

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