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Discounts Seniors May Qualify For: Internet, TV, Phone

See a breakdown of all the cable TV, home and mobile phone, and Internet discounts seniors may be eligible for. Find out how to get low-cost service.

Find out if you’re eligible for one of the best perks of aging — discounts.

Looking for senior discounts when it comes to Internet, entertainment and/or mobile plans? You’re in luck! Many providers will work with you to find a package in your price range or set you up with savings you qualify for.

We’ve put together a breakdown of the providers we work with and the discounts they offer. Most offer discounts through federal programs, like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline. Some even offer additional ways to save. Keep reading to explore all your options.

What is the ACP?

The ACP is a government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure low-income households have affordable Internet access for school, work, and more. The program offers qualifying homes a $30 monthly discount on Internet service from participating providers. If you live on Tribal lands, that discount increases to $75/month.

What is the Lifeline Program?

Like the ACP, Lifeline is another FCC program that offers discounts to low-income households. While the ACP benefit only provides support for Internet service, Lifeline provides support for both Internet and home phone service. Qualified households can get up to $9.25 off the cost of phone, Internet, or bundled services. If you live on Tribal lands, you can get up to $34.25 off your monthly bill. It’s important to note that Lifeline and the ACP are not mutually exclusive, meaning you could enroll and receive benefits from both.

TV, Phone, and Internet Providers That Offer Discounts

To help you make the best decision for your TV, phone, and Internet service, we compiled a list of the available discounts and service packages offered by each provider. The discounts do not include options like autopay and paperless billing as those are often built into the providers’ pricing structures.

Before signing up for any service, we recommend calling or chatting online with the provider to inquire about any seasonal or limited-time deals.


With Optimum, qualifying seniors can save money on both mobile and Internet plans through the ACP. There may also be other Optimum deals seniors could qualify for throughout the year.

  • Internet: Optimum fiber Internet plans can be as low as $30/month or more than $100/month depending on the plan you select. Seniors may also be able to get up to $30/month in savings by qualifying for the ACP discount. Bundling Internet and mobile plans may also result in a lower overall cost.
  • Entertainment: Optimum TV packages are affordable to all ages, starting at just $35/month.
  • Phone: If you qualify for ACP, you can use that benefit toward a mobile plan, which means you could potentially qualify for free mobile service. Seniors can also enjoy Optimum’s many discounts on mobile phones throughout the year.


Seniors can take advantage of several deals and discounts with Xfinity. At the time this article was written, veterans and current military members are eligible for a special offer.

  • Internet: Not only does Xfinity offer low-cost Internet service for as little as $10/month, it also offers an ACP discount as well as its Internet Essentials program. This program, combined with ACP eligibility, can get seniors free Internet and a new Dell laptop or Chromebook for just $149.99!
  • Entertainment: Xfinity’sTV packages offer various live TV and on-demand plans that range from $20/month to more than $100/month depending on the plan you choose.
  • Phone: Xfinity offers both mobile and home phone service. There are no discounts available, but you can save by bundling Internet and phone services.


Spectrum delivers reliable, high-speed broadband service at an affordable price with various deals and specials available throughout the year.

  • Internet: Depending on the speed you choose, Spectrum broadband Internet generally ranges from $50-$90/month. Individuals age 65+ who receive Supplemental Security Income may be eligible to receive discounts through Spectrum Internet Assist or the ACP.
  • Entertainment: Though it depends on location, equipment, and more, Spectrum TV typically costs between $60-$80/month. Spectrum also extends various TV offers throughout the year. For example, Spectrum may offer a premium version of a popular streaming service free for a limited time when you enroll.
  • Phone: Spectrum often has special deals available on select mobile phones. As far as mobile plans go, their service is consistently affordable. There are two simple plans available: you can purchase data by the gig at $14/GB per month, or purchase an unlimited plan for $30/month per line.


Though Hargray has no senior discounts, there are still several ways to save money on the different plans available.

  • Internet: To help you save money, Hargray offers ACP benefits, Lifeline discounts, and a military discount for active military members. Without discounts, Hargray Internet can range from $40-$85/month, depending on location, Internet speed, and more.
  • TV: With no available TV discounts, the cost of residential TV service can be anywhere from $30-$120/month, depending on the package you select.
  • Phone: If you qualify for the Lifeline program, you can save up to $8.75/month on home phone service. If not, the monthly cost is around $30.


Armstrong does not provide senior discounts for any of its services. However, you can still get affordable plans and access to various low-income programs.

  • Internet: Armstrong Internet plans can range anywhere from $35/month to $110/month, depending where you live and the plan you select. However, Armstrong participates in multiple low-cost programs. If you qualify for the ACP, you could receive a discount of up to $30/month on Internet service. The Lifeline 135 program also offers a $9.25/month discount on Internet service.
  • TV: With the basic EXP Stream package from Armstrong, you get 100+ channels for just $9.95/month on one television. Premium channels and additional TVs can be added for an additional cost. Armstrong’s TV plans are only available as a bundle with Internet service.
  • Phone: Armstrong currently offers home telephone service for just $9.95/month for six months. Armstrong also participates in Lifeline 135, a federal government assistance program that provides low-income households with a $5.25/month discount on phone service.

Fidelity Communications

Like many other providers, Fidelity offers discounts to qualified applicants through the ACP and Lifeline programs.

  • Internet: Depending on location, speed, and add-ons, Fidelity Internet prices can range from around $50-$100/month. That means if you qualify for the ACP’s $30/month discount, you will be able to get great Internet service at a low cost.
  • Entertainment: With no available TV service discounts, the prices range from around $40/month for basic channels to more than $120/month for popular channels, additional screens, an Amazon Fire TV Stick device, and more.
  • Phone: The prices for home phone service vary by location. If you’re on a limited income and are looking for ways to save money, the Lifeline program offers access to discounted phone service to qualified individuals.


Qualifying individuals can save on MCTV services through the ACP.

  • Internet: Depending on your location, you can expect to pay between $50-$80/month for MCTV Internet. Eligible households can also receive a discount of up to $30/month through the ACP.
  • TV: MCTV entertainment options are slightly pricier than some of the other providers, starting at around $60/month. But even MCTV’s most basic TV package comes with a whopping 120+ channels.
  • Phone: There are no available phone discounts at MCTV, but home phone service is affordable, ranging from $20-$40/month.


While GCI offers no senior discount among its many deals, it does participate in federal assistance programs like ACP and Lifeline.

  • Internet: While most Internet service providers (ISPs) offer discounts through the ACP and Lifeline, GCI’s Lifeline program does not apply to Internet service. Therefore, the ACP is the only available discount. If you do qualify for the ACP, you could save up to $79.99/month on your GCI Internet plan. You could even receive potential discounts on a laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  • TV: GCI’s Yukon TV options are highly customizable. If you’re looking for low-cost service, TV packages start at just $15/month for 40+ channels. And since GCI’s Yukon TV options are highly customizable, there are various channel add-ons available.
  • Phone: Though there is a wide range of prices for mobile phone service depending on the data plans and number of lines, qualified households can take advantage of the Lifeline program. If you qualify for Lifeline Wireless, you could be eligible to receive unlimited nationwide talk and text for $1/month, 12 GB of included data, and one Lifeline-eligible phone each year.


Cox is an ACP participant, so you may qualify for an Internet discount. Cox also offers great flexibility with affordable single service packages and money-saving bundles.

  • Internet: Depending on the speed you select, Cox Internet plans can cost anywhere from $50-$100/month. If you qualify for ACP, you can also get up to $30 off your monthly Internet bill. Another discount program Cox offers is Connect2Compete. If seniors have a K-12 student living in their house, they may qualify for 100 Mbps Internet service for just $9.95/month.
  • TV: Though there are no specific discounts, Cox offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out their services before committing . Cox streaming entertainment packages range from around $50/month for 75+ channels (local channels included) to $140/month for 250+ local and premium channels.
  • Phone: Cox offers both home phone/landline service and mobile phone plans. Landline service is typically $20/month, while the cost of Cox’s mobile plans varies by location, phone, and data usage.


Qualifying seniors can take advantage of Mediacom’s ACP and Connect2Compete discounts for more affordable Internet service.

  • Internet: Internet access from Mediacom typically costs between $20-$60/month depending on location, Internet speeds, and add-ons. Select seniors may qualify for an ACP discount up to $30/month and/or the Connect2Compete program to receive Internet service for as little as $9.95/month.
  • Entertainment: Xtream TV service is only available if bundled with Internet service. While there are no TV discounts, qualifying for one of the various Internet discounts can help lower the monthly cost.
  • Phone: Mediacom does not offer any phone discounts. Prices for home phone service vary by location, international minutes, and Internet or TV bundling selections.


Even though the only discount available is through the ACP benefit, Sparklight bundles are still extremely affordable for seniors.

  • Internet: Sparklight’s high-speed Internet prices range from $45-$125/month. The price varies based on location, equipment rentals, and more. Like most providers, Sparklight also participates in the ACP, which means qualifying seniors could save up to $30/month on their Internet bill.
  • Entertainment: As Sparklight TV is only available with Sparklight’s Internet service, the prices vary greatly by the choice of Internet plan.

Can Seniors Get Free Internet Anywhere?

Unfortunately, no major ISPs offer free Internet service specifically for seniors. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get free Internet. If you qualify for and enroll in the ACP, depending on the Internet provider and plan you select, you may be able to receive Internet service at no cost.

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