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The Best Xfinity Promotions Going on Right Now

Want to learn about the best current Xfinity promotions for TV/Streaming, Internet, mobile phone and bundling? SmartMove has all the information you need.

Are you looking for a new phone, TV, or Internet service? There are many options available, but look no further than Xfinity for great service and competitive pricing. Xfinity offers a comprehensive platform for all of your communication and entertainment needs. 

Subscribers to Xfinity’s promotional offers can find even greater savings by customizing a package tailored to their needs. Compared with other Internet service providers, you might find that Xfinity gives more value at a lower cost.  Take advantage of Xfinity’s current deals to connect, secure, and stream the way you want.

Take Advantage of Xfinity Bundles

Xfinity’s bundled offers are designed to save you money and are guaranteed to fit within your budget. This approach allows them to deliver premium service at an affordable price. Xfinity also offers discounts that its competitors do not. 

With a variety of options designed to meet your needs, Xfinity’s deals are flexible and cost-effective. With quality service and low-cost options for streaming, voice, and TV, Xfinity’s platform is built to deliver high-quality entertainment and connectivity to your home.

See Which Xfinity Services Are Right for You

Comcast’s Xfinity specializes in digital cable, high-speed Internet, and voice services. Both existing and new customers can take advantage of the current promotions.

Internet, TV, phone, and security can all be bundled in Xfinity’s Plan Builder, allowing customers more flexibility in choosing what and how much they need from their plan. This bundling allows Xfinity to offer more services at a lower cost.

All the TV and Streaming You Want

Xfinity’s TV and streaming services let you watch your favorite movies and shows even if you’re on-the-go. Their coverage includes over 200 networks, DVR, and access to a lineup of streaming apps.

Through the Xfinity X1 service platform, Xfinity is able to deliver on-demand streaming and entertainment to both new customers and existing subscribers. Xfinity also offers 4k Flex TV boxes, giving you access to an in-home, on-demand streaming service.

Cable TV and streaming packages start at just $40 a month for 10+ channels with up to 50 Mbps download speeds and go as high as $100 a month for 185+ channels and up to 300 Mbps download speeds.

Fast and Reliable Internet

Gigabit Internet by Xfinity gives you all of the essentials and more. Xfinity Gig WiFi provides the largest gig-speed network over a powerful and secure connection to deliver the best entertainment to your home.

Xfinity offers a variety of different Internet tiers to fit your needs, including:

The company’s deals come with higher download speeds, unlimited data, and modern modem and router hardware. Prices start at just $25 for speeds up to 50 Mb/s for the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.

Trusted Home Automation and Security

Xfinity’s home security and automation services provide reliable networking for all your important devices. WiFi cameras, motion detection, and live video feeds offer peace of mind, while smart lighting, climate control, and smart outlets and appliances make it easier for you to remotely secure and monitor your home.

Xfinity has the services and devices you need to power your connected home. Its home security and automation equipment uses your home’s Xfinity Internet network to  provide the best protection at the lowest cost.

Modern Mobile Phone

Xfinity’s Triple Play bundle allows you to save money on the services you need by building a personalized plan. Save on everything you need, from voice and TV to security and streaming, by creating your personalized plan and saving more.

Xfinity’s Mobile service provides a reliable 5G connection so you can access the Internet wherever you need it most. With plans starting at $25 a month for a one-year agreement, those looking to find the best Xfinity promotions should take a look right now.

Understand the Term Agreements

Are you moving to an area with Xfinity services? SmartMove keeps you connected while you relocate to your new home by partnering with cable and Internet providers around the country to ensure your service remains uninterrupted. We’ll help you get control over your move so you can start enjoying the best Xfinity deals in your area.

Want to find the best Xfinity promos in your area? Contact SmartMove today!


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