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All About Xfinity X1 DVR Packages and Features

Whether you want to listen to your favorite music, stream a movie, catch up on the latest in sports, or kick back and relax with live TV or a recorded show on your DVR, X1 is the central hub that makes it easier than ever. How so? Let’s take a closer look…

What is Xfinity X1?

Xfinity describes X1 as “the ultimate entertainment,” and it would be hard to argue that claim once you’ve had a chance to explore its features. X1 earns its name by being the solution that harnesses all your entertainment options into one easy-to-use interface that can be controlled through their award-winning Voice Remote. Whether you want to listen to your favorite music, stream a movie, catch up on the latest in sports, or kick back and relax with live TV or a recorded show on your DVR, X1 is the central hub that makes it easier than ever. 

Xfinity X1 Remote

We’d be remiss if we didn’t begin with one of the most important and popular features of X1 – the unparalleled Voice Remote. This is the remote we’ve all been waiting for, but didn’t even think to dream of. You can power your system on and off with simple commands, and – of course – search for movies and shows. With every search, you and other users are actually helping the voice commands get “smarter.” As users across the country search for content using different relevant words – including the title, actor, director, or even a popular quote from the production – X1 starts to better understand what to deliver. 

X1 Makes Streaming Easy

Who among hasn’t clicked between Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and Cable desperately trying to remember exactly where it was we started that movie? With so many entertainment options at our fingertips, it can be all-too-easy to forget exactly where we left off. With Xfinity X1, the days of clicking into apps individually searching for your favorite shows and movies are over. X1 is the home base for all your live TV, recorded shows, on-demand shows, and streaming apps – a hub where you can quickly and easily search all of your subscriptions at once!

Xfinity X1 Scores Points with Sports Fans

Xfinity X1 understands that while you want to keep up with the general stats for all the teams in the league, you’re only a die-hard fan of a few. And for those few, you want to keep up with every point scored, and never miss a homerun, touchdown, winning goal, or 3-point shot. X1 makes this possible by personalizing your experience to showcase your favorite teams, providing helpful suggestions and reminders, and importantly, stats!  

X1 is Family-Friendly

X1’s Kids Zone is a favorite of parents and children alike, featuring age-appropriate shows and movies you don’t have to worry about screening beforehand. Easy-to-use parental controls help you take the stress out of screen time, with no more worrying about which video is going to pop up next. Simply set-up an age-appropriate security level, and give yourself some peace of mind while protecting your little one from undesirable content.

X1 is Perfect for Seniors

New technology can often be trickier for senior citizens to learn to navigate as it isn’t as much a part of their daily lives as it is for younger generations. Many elderly people also have reduced vision or arthritis, which makes using a remote control with small, hard-to-read buttons an issue. It isn’t hard to understand why some decide to just “stick with what they know” and forego adopting new technology as long as possible.
The beauty of X1 is that its advanced technology is exactly what makes it so simple to use! The Voice Remote makes it easy to pull up the TV guide, follow voice commands to take you to your desired show, or even offer voice guidance, which reads aloud the on-screen text and options as you navigate. Indeed, for many seniors, it’s not simply that they’re “set in their ways.” They just didn’t have new technology that aligned with their needs. With Xfinity X1, now they do.

X1 Earns a Lot of Likes from Social Media Fans

We’re all aware of the running joke – if partly true! – that many of us spend our spare time flipping between the same handful of sites and apps, and repeating. But for as much as we could all likely use a bit of a break from social media, for many of us, it is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s where we keep up with family and friends near and far, where we go to share exciting news or ask for book recommendations, or even check out our favorite brands’ profiles to see if we missed a coupon code. Social media as a whole is its own “internet inside the internet,” and X1 makes it easy to access your accounts right from your TV.

X1 Goes Wherever Your Day Takes You

As easy as X1 makes it to access all your entertainment options right from your TV, Xfinity understands that your day can take you anywhere. And wherever that anywhere may be, you can watch Xfinity programming on your phone, computer, or tablet.

X1 TV and Internet Bundles Up for Savings

Xfinity offers several X1 bundle options complete with TV, Internet, and Voice options. These are broken out into X1 Saver, X1 Starter, X1 Preferred, and X1 Premier bundles, featuring a variety of download speeds and channels, including packages with or without a phone plan inclusion.

Xfinity X1 DVR Has Its Storage in the Cloud

We all remember the early days of DVRs, when we’d be forced to reluctantly delete one of five saved programs before we’d even had a chance to watch it, just to “make room.” When storage capabilities advanced two-and-threefold, it felt as though we’d won the lottery. Fast-forward to today, and the Xfinity X1 DVR comes complete with 500GB of cloud storage space, giving you plenty of time to watch all your favorite shows before you even have to think about deleting them.
An added benefit of cloud storage is that it isn’t tied to your DVR itself. Older DVRs stored programs on an internal hard drive, requiring that you access them directly. With your DVR recordings in the cloud, they can be easily accessed from your home television, or your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are.  

The X1 DVR Gets Its Beauty Sleep

How many people reading this right now are on Day 3, 11, or maybe even 25 of ignoring your computer’s request to install updates? Against all odds, the pop-up never comes at a good time, and we let another day go by only for it to pop-up yet again mid-task. Simply put – installing updates is annoying. However, it’s also essential to keeping things running as efficiently as possible. And to that end, the X1 DVR restarts itself nightly. If you happen to be up late, no worries at all. You can always postpone for that day and get back to your movie marathon.

Additional Xfinity X1 Features and Considerations

  • X1 packages include free access to Xfinity’s millions of WiFi hotspots
  • Modern, attractive interface is easy-on-eyes and intuitive to use
  • Xfinity On Demand offers thousands of options, including newly released movies, often before other popular services have them
  • Xfinity Stream App offers a visually and functionally similar interface to watching on your TV for a seamless entertainment experience
  • You can simultaneously record up to 6 programs running at the same time
  • The Xfinity TV Remote App lets you use your smartphone as an additional voice-control remote, perfect for those times you simply aren’t sure which couch cushion the real remote is lost in
  • Xfinity X1 features an array of popular TV Apps, including Netflix, Pandora, Stocks, Sports, Weather and more – even your daily horoscope
  • You can download recordings to your device to watch them offline without eating up data
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