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Cable TV Is Getting in on Streaming: What You Need to Know

Cable TV providers are starting to offer streaming apps to create the ultimate TV on-the-go viewing experience for their customers. Here’s what you need to know.

For decades cable TV was the only way to access nationwide TV shows, sports, news broadcasts, and on-demand movies. There were local TV options, but without a cable connection, content options were very limited.

That’s no longer the case. Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and DirecTV Stream offer quality original programming, plus favorite TV shows and movies. Even better, these services mean that viewers are no longer tied to their television sets for entertainment. All you need  is a good Internet connection or data plan and your device of choice to bring your favorite shows, games, and movies with you wherever you go.

Now, even cable TV providers have joined the streaming craze and added a streaming app or option to their plans. That means cable TV customers can access excellent cable programming not just from their TVs, but from their phones and tablets too.

Benefits of Cable TV Streaming Options

Here are some of the reasons cable TV is offering streaming options to their customers.

It's Convenient

Convenience is a huge factor for consumers when choosing just about any product or service. Compared to traditional TV watching, cable TV streaming services are much more convenient. They can be accessed from multiple types of devices, including smart TVs, a Chromecast device, a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer.

Plus, if you have a smart home setup that connects to other smart devices throughout your house, you can control playback, volume, and more through the simple touch of a screen or quick voice command.

You Can Watch From Anywhere

Cable TV offers a wide variety of premium channels that can satisfy the needs of  sports fans, reality TV lovers, and everything in between. However, while cable watchers were previously limited to viewing their favorite programs at home, cable TV streaming enables entertainment on-the-go from any smart  device.

No Time Constraints

Unless you use some of your DVR storage to record a program, you have to tune in at the exact time of broadcast in order to catch your favorite show on cable TV. Streaming your cable programs gives you access to an entire library of shows, movies, and special event broadcasts at any time, so you can watch when you want and for as long as you want.

No Pay-Per-View Fees

Cable TV providers will often include a huge variety of premium channels in their packages with the option to access extra content for an additional fee. For the most part, cable TV companies offering streaming services won’t charge any extra costs on top of the regular monthly bill in order to stream content; what you pay for is what you get.

You Can Still Tune In to Live Broadcasts

For programs such as sporting events, award shows, and series premieres, watching live broadcasts is part of the fun. That’s where streaming and traditional cable TV come together to create the optimal TV watching experience.

The best live TV streaming service will include live sports broadcasting from sports networks like ESPN, live events on major networks like NBC, Fox, and ABC, and much more.

Which Cable TV Providers Are Offering Streaming Options?

Now that you understand a bit more about the different benefits of streaming cable TV, it’s time to take a look at some of the major cable TV providers offering streaming options today.


Cox customers are greatly enjoying the ease and convenience of Cox Contour TV—a new hybrid of content streaming and live TV broadcasting. With the Voice Remote feature customers can load programs onto the screen of whatever device they’re using, completely hands-free.

Fidelity Communications

Fidelity offers its customers WatchTVEverywhere, a convenient streaming app that’s free to all Fidelity TV customers, regardless of what television package they’re signed up for.


GCI’s TV Everywhere makes it easy for GCI TV customers throughout Alaska to access their favorite television from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection. For access to channels included in their GCI TV subscription, customers just need to download the particular channel’s app (e.g. HBO GO) and sign in with their GCI credentials.


MCTV Stream is a customizable television streaming app available to all MCTV customers. It offers many HD options, as well as 100 hours of cloud DVD storage.

Xtream by Mediacom

Free for Xtream/Mediacom TV customers, the XtreamTV App gives customers instant access to all their television options on their tablet, computer or smartphone. Note that it’s powered by TiVo, so you need a TiVo-compatible device.


Armstrong’s TV Everywhere makes it easy for customers to access every available season and episode of all their favorite shows. Combining the catalogs of Netflix, Hulu, and Armstrong cable TV, you can access everything from brand new content to episodes deep in the archives.


Sparklight’s contribution to more flexible and convenient TV viewing is called TiVo Stream. With it, Sparklight customers can easily pause their program and play it in a different location if another area becomes too hectic.


Optimum offers Optimum Stream to its 1 Gig customers for free, and it’s only $5 a month for everyone else. If you’re looking for more diversity in your cable TV streaming options, Optimum has some good options as well. In addition to many U.S. favorites like CNN, TBS, the Food Network, and sports channels like the NFL Network and NBA TV, Optimum users can easily stream content from Optimum Russian, Optimum en Español, Optimum Chinese, and many other alternative language options.


The Spectrum TV App is free for every Spectrum TV customer for easy, on-the-go television viewing. It’s compatible with everything from Roku and Chromecast to Apple TV, Xbox, and Samsung’s Smart TV.


Xfinity Stream is an app available to all Xfinity TV and Internet customers; however, the package you have will determine what content is available. The best streaming and TV viewing experience is the Xfinity X1 option. It provides customers with hundreds of channels, DVR capabilities, 4K Ultra HD, and more.


Suddenlink provides its 1 Gig customers with a streaming service called Suddenlink Stream. With Suddenlink Stream, customers can access other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Discovery+, and more. It’s also an app that can be downloaded to a mobile device for on-the-go viewing.

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As you can see, there are many high-quality cable TV and Internet companies out there that provide streaming services for optimal user experience and convenience.

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