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Moving to Alaska Guide

Alaska Cable TV, Mobile, and Internet Providers

Getting Ready to Move to Alaska

Alaska is a breathtaking state, rich in both history and natural beauty. With its geographic diversity and sprawling wilderness, it’s no surprise so many people want to experience their own Alaskan adventure. Whether you’re planning to move to metropolitan Anchorage, one of the islands straddling the International Date Line, the panhandle, the North Slope, or the interior, SmartMove is here to help you set up your cable TV, Internet, and phone so your move to the last frontier is smooth and simple.

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Preparing to Move Your Digital Life to Alaska

Online and digital connections for entertainment and communication are central to modern life. SmartMove can ensure you stay connected to the most reliable Internet, cable TV and phone service providers in Alaska.

Cable Providers Available in Alaska

No matter which part of Alaska you’re moving to or relocating to, — Big Lake, Wasilla, Eagle River, Kenai — SmartMove is ready to help you set up new service or transfer your existing cable service. SmartMove and GCI may be able to get your service set up in advance of your move, saving you the extra stress of a potential delay that could come from waiting until you’ve already moved to transfer or set up new service.

If you’re currently with GCI, getting set up could be as simple as transferring your services through SmartMove and bringing your equipment along with you. If you currently have a different TV provider and want to make the switch to GCI, enter your address to view plans now. Planning ahead will make it possible for you to plug in your equipment once you arrive, enjoying the service you’ve come to rely on from day one in your new home.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Alaska

Getting the fastest Internet and WiFi in Alaska is a lot easier than it used to be. GCI, one of the best Internet providers in the state, offers a variety of Internet options to choose from with different download speeds and upload speeds, price points, and Internet connection types, including cable Internet and fiber Internet. Enter your address to find the Internet plan or Internet deal that’s right for your household, and try our GCI speedtest.

Mobile Phone Service Providers in Alaska

GCI offers fast and reliable cell phone service and wireless for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for customers in Alaska. They have a number of different phone plans at different price points, speeds, and data offerings. The vast majority of their current plans offer unlimited voice, unlimited text, unlimited data, video streaming, and full-speed hotspot.

Moving to Alaska: Resources and Support

In addition to getting your digital life in order, you’re also going to need to get from your current location to your next one. Here are some tips about the physical act of moving to a new location in Alaska.

How to Choose a Moving Company

If you’ve decided to hire a moving company, then it’s important to do your research far enough in advance to reserve their services. About six months before your move date, begin to research what companies are available both where you are and where you’re headed. SmartMove has a free online tool to assist you in finding and comparing moving companies that serve the state of Alaska. Given Alaska’s remoteness, this is key.
Once you know which companies can do the move, narrow your list down further based on reviews. Look for excellent customer service, affordability, and reliability. Once you’ve made a choice, reserve their services. Then check out SmartMove’s free moving checklist to get ready for the rest of your moving to Alaska adventure!

How to Move Yourself

If you’re looking to save money when you move to Alaska, or you just enjoy the feeling of being in charge of all your belongings from point A to point B, moving yourself is a great option. Here are a few questions to ask before you decide to move yourself: 

  • Do your friends and family really want to help carry boxes and furniture? 
  • Do you?
  • Are you, your friends and family in good physical shape to handle moving?
  • What’s your plan in the event of bad weather or mishap?

Remember, too, that you can always hire local movers to help out at the start and/or end of your journey, too.

Whether you move yourself or hire a professional moving company, don’t forget to save your receipts for your tax preparer. If you’re relocating for work, ask your employer if they reimburse moving costs.

Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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