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There’s a lot to solve when you’re moving, whether it’s across town or across the country. When it comes to solving what company to choose for Internet service, SmartMove can help. We don’t just know all the ISPs in Ville Platte, LA, we also know the best bundles and deals for movers relocating here.

Regardless of what you’re looking for — basic cable with a family phone plan, broadband Internet plus premium cable channels, mobile service with Internet and cable — we can guide you to a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget in Ville Platte, LA. Click the button below to find out the best cable, mobile and Internet bundles in Ville Platte, LA.
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Ville Platte Internet Coverage

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No matter where you live in Ville Platte, LA, you have access to high-quality Internet providers, ensuring you have the speed and bandwidth needed to connect everyone in your home. Though there are several providers in the area, two of the best options are Spectrum (940 Mbps) and Optimum (400 Mbps). Both providers offer affordable plans with speeds that are likely to handle the needs of most households. Plus they both offer great customer service. Need help picking a provider? We can recommend the best option for your home based on your address. Simply fill out the form above and we'll connect you to the best available providers.

Summary of Internet Providers in Ville Platte

Provider Coverages Best Available Speed
18% 150 Mbps Learn More about Optimum Internet
19.6% 940 Mbps Learn More about Spectrum Internet
AT&T 3.2% 18 Mbps
CenturyLink 22.4% 940 Mbps
HughesNet 39.1% 25 Mbps
T-Mobile 1.6% 25 Mbps
Viasat 40.3% 100 Mbps
VSAT 39.1% 2 Mbps

Coverage of Internet Providers by Zip Code

ZIP Code HughesNet Spectrum Viasat
70586 97.2 % 19.6 % 100 %

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Internet Speed Users Supported Speed Summary
25 Mbps 1 – 2 people Basic
100 Mbps 2 – 3 people Average
200 Mbps 3 – 5 people Fast
400 Mbps 5+ people Very Fast
1000 Mbps 5+ people Fastest

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Provided Modems & Routers

Brand & Model Description Highest Compatible Package
SpectrumDOCSIS 3.1 eMTA Modem All of the non-fiber Internet plans come with this high-speed, DOCSIS 3.1-certified modem. A separate router is required. Internet Gig (1 Gbps)
SpectrumONU (SONU) Modem This advanced fiber modem is only available for Spectrum’s fiber Internet customers. A separate router is required. Fiber Internet
Brand & Model Description Highest Compatible Package
The provided NETGEAR or ARRIS gateways are DOCSIS 3.1 modem and router combos that offer secure, high-speed service with any Optimum plan. Compatible with all Optimum plans
Ville Platte LA Frequently Asked Questions
Internet users in Ville Platte, LA have plenty of options. There are 8 Internet providers offering various Internet speeds and services. The highest advertised download speed is 940 Mbps and the highest advertised upload speed is 40 Mbps.
There are 8 Internet service providers (ISPs) offering Internet service in Ville Platte, LA.
No. You cannot get fiber Internet in Ville Platte, LA.
The fastest Internet in Ville Platte, LA is from Spectrum. They advertise download speeds as high as 940 Mbps. and upload speeds as high as 35 Mbps.
The Internet service provider with the highest advertised download speeds and upload speeds in Ville Platte, LA is Spectrum. However, depending on your needs, budget, location and customer service needs, another ISP may be the best Internet provider for you.