Weighing your cord-cutting options

With so many options in home entertainment and high-speed internet, how do you make a smart choice? Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all-recommendation. Cutting the cord might benefit one viewer and frustrate another. To discover how it might affect you, you need to understand your viewing habits and preferences for accessing information and connecting with friends and family.

You can start by asking yourself key questions outlined on this site. Your answers will help ensure you get the experience you want. Watch the video to see the story of one family that used a move to see what it was like to cut the cord.

Cutting the Cord

Get help gathering the information you need to make a decision on whether to cut the cord.

Watch a video series to help determine the smart choice for you

  • Starting the decision process
  • Will cord cutting save me money?
  • Simplicity versus control
  • Security
  • Decisions to make when moving
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The Internet you need

More than ever, we rely on our Internet connection for video streaming and entertainment as well as home security and convenience. Does your home network have the bandwidth to keep up?

Home technology expert Carley Knobloch discusses broadband needs, gigabit speed and other considerations in a new video series.

  • How much speed do I need?
  • The sports fan factor
  • Concerns about privacy and control
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Learn more about options from your provider

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An informed decision is a smart move. 
  • Special TV packages
  • Internet that fits your needs
  • Secure, whole-home WiFi