How to Make the Move to Streaming with Sparklight


A provider whose availability spans 20 states, Sparklight is an attractive option for millions of Americans looking for cableInternet, phone, or a combination of 2 or 3 services. If you’re considering which of Sparklight’s options best suit your needs, the biggest question you’ll have to answer is whether you’ll opt for a traditional cable plan, a cable and Internet bundle, or a standalone Internet plan, taking advantage of a streaming service provider for your television-watching needs. 
We find these decisions are best helped along with a quick list of pros and cons – and we’ve got that quick list started for you!

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Pros of Staying Plugged In with Sparklight

Sparklight provides various functionality features that make their services user-friendly. When crafting a pros and cons list of cable vs. streaming, there are certain elements that will vary from person to person in alignment with what matters most to them. However, there are some advantages to keeping cable. Let’s explore three of the most common reasons people decide not to cut the cord:

Decreased Internet Reliance

Unlike many Internet providers, all of Sparklight’s plans come with a data cap, whether you’re bundling or opting for a standalone Internet plan. While these caps are generous enough to accommodate most users’ needs, you will certainly hit them much faster if you’re also using the Internet for streaming your favorite shows, and movies on your streaming devices.

Local News and Sports

Even Sparklight’s entry-level “Economy TV” package includes access to the local news and sports programming you rely on to stay up-to-date with your favorite teams, and the world around you. Typically, these programs are more limited in the streaming space, particularly if you don’t live in or near a major city.

Tried-and-True Reliability

While there are many factors that can influence your Internet speeds and overall reliability, cable is by and large a stable source of information and entertainment. A hard-wired Sparklight connection won’t be subject to as many possible hiccups or outages, ensuring that when you’re ready to kick back and catch up on your favorite programs, you aren’t likely to see the dreaded notification that a channel is experiencing issues.

Sparklight TV App

The Sparklight TV app is a great addition to the service. It provides users and subscribers with unique features such as parental controls and permissions, technical support, and the flexibility of a mobile app.

Sparklight Internet Service Packages

Sparklight offers a varied array of Internet plans to accommodate all users, from their modest Lite 15 Plus plan, ideal for small households that are only online occasionally, to their robust GigaOne Plus plan, which meets the needs of multi-person, hyper-connected households. Below we explore 3 of their most popular options.

Keep in mind prices vary by plan. Head over to Sparklight to explore their latest offers!

Starter 100 Plus – 100 Mbps

If you live in a 1-2 person household with average Internet demands, their Starter 100 Plus plan may be just the right fit. These speeds will typically allow you to use the Internet on 4+ devices simultaneously without any concerns, including streaming content, browsing the Internet, catching up on social media, sending emails, and more.

Turbo 300 Plus – 300 Mbps

If you live in a 3+ person household whose Internet usage demands include regular simultaneous streaming of HD content, online gaming, and/or multiple users engaging in heavy-bandwidth tasks like video conferencing, opting for Sparklight’s 300 Mbps plan will help ensure you never experience buffering or connectivity concerns.

GigaOne Plus – 1000 Mbps (1 Gig)

For heavy-Internet usage households with 5 or more members, 1 Gig Internet can meet all your needs today, and help “future-proof” for the increased demands that may be soon to come! While this package offers more speed than many households will need, it is ideal if you regularly engage in online gaming, and video conferencing, or have an array of Internet-enabled devices that are “always on,” such as a security system.

Sparklight Cable TV Packages and Internet Bundles

Like many top cable providers, Sparklight offers a number of cable and Internet bundles that help simplify billing and come with built-in savings. If you’re interested in phone service as well, Sparklight also offers bundles with Internet and phone, cable and phone, or the trifecta – cable, Internet, and phone.

Sparklight bundles include a 6-month promotional price for new subscribers, with the price you’ll pay for the following months clearly outlined so there are no surprises. Below we dive into the details of two of their most popular bundles:

Preferred Package with Starter 100 Plus
Cost: $95/month for the first 6 months, $138/month following
Data Plan: 350GB included, $10 for each additional 100GB (up to $50/month)
Channels: Up to 100 live TV and local channels
Ideal Number of Household Devices: Up to 5
Included: Free HD Channels, TV Everywhere

Preferred 2 Pack Bundle with 300 Mbps Plus
Cost: $120/month for the first 6 months, $163/month following
Data Plan: 1,200GB included, $10 for each additional 100GB (up to $50/month)
Channels: Up to 100 channels
Ideal Number of Household Devices: Up to 30
Included: Free HD Channels, TV Everywhere

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