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How Can I Stream Live Sports?

In the oft-quoted words of hockey great Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” He may have been talking about the game itself – and, notably, life in general – but this quote can also extend to apply to the moments we as the sports fans miss. 
In today’s hyper-connected age of instant news and social media updates, missing that game-winning shot, unforgettable homerun, or unexpected touchdown in real time can mean having the moment stolen from us forever. There is a certain electric charge with seeing these things happen in real-time, and that charge is the stuff sports fans live for! If you’re considering making the switch to streaming, be sure that the streaming service you choose includes live access to the games that matter most to you.


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Streaming Services with Live Sports

While cable remains the most convenient and reliable way to access live sports, streaming services have come a long way in their offerings. As they continue to understand the importance of access to a front-row seat on the couch for many Americans, their options expand right along with it. 
Below are some popular streaming services with live sports options…

YouTube TV

With a recent robust market expansion, YouTube TV provides live sports streaming for significantly more subscribers than they were able to just a year ago. While streaming live sports is not yet an option for those in all areas as it is with cable, if you’re committed to switching to streaming only, we recommend exploring if their market expansion reached your corner of the US. Current national networks included in a YouTube TV subscription include ESPN, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, CBS Sports, NBC Sports Network, and more.

Hulu + Live TV

Similar to YouTube TV, your ability to stream live sports with Hulu + Live TV will vary depending on your location. While your best chance at access in your area still relies on being located within or near a major city, market availability is expanding. You can even enable push notifications to remind you when the big game is about to start – not that you’d forget!


While FuboTV began as an option tailored to soccer fans, they have grown to become one of the most sports-centered streaming options available. In fact, rated them as their top choice for “Best Sports Coverage,” with overall considerations of the total number of sports channels, price, DVR storage capabilities, and more. However, as notes, FuboTV does not include Turner Network channels, so basketball fans may not find it’s the best option for them.

Cable Packages that Offer Streaming on the Go for Sports

When it comes to your cable subscription, you get the best of both worlds – the reliable, easy connectivity you need at home, and streaming options to keep you virtually plugged into the action from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Below are some “on the go” sports options to consider from some top cable providers…

Xfinity: The Xfinity Stream App provides one of the most inclusive on-the-go suite of options

Spectrum: The Spectrum TV App allows you to watch live and On Demand games and more, however far your day finds you from the recliner!

Cox: Depending on your package, the Cox Contour App can keep you connected to ESPN, NBC, and the NFL Network 

Optimum: With the Optimum App, you can watch live TV, On Demand programming, and even control your DVR to catch games and more that you might have forgotten to schedule before you left the house!

Mediacom: Mediacom’s Xtream App provides easy access to live content available through the dedicated section of “Live TV Apps” broken out by channel once you login 

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Live Sports Frequently Asked Questions
Can you live stream local news?

Live streams of your local news may be available directly through your streaming provider subscription, enabling you to keep up with local happenings, events, and other programming from any Internet-enabled device. Another option to consider is investing in an HD TV antenna, which can pick up OTA (over-the-air) programming, free of charge. 

Can you watch local news on a Smart TV?

While you can watch local news on your Smart TV if you have a subscription, or alternate method that allows for it, the Smart TV in and of itself is not equipped to deliver over-the-air programming – you will still need an HD antenna to pick up those signals.

Do I need an indoor TV antenna, or an outdoor TV antenna?

While a budget-friendly indoor TV antenna may meet your needs if you live within, or close to, a major metropolitan area, the signal strength diminishes the further you are from broadcast towers. Those in rural areas will likely need a pricier outdoor-mounted TV antenna to pick up local channels.

What is Haystack News?

Haystack News, available from Haystack TV, is a free resource for both local and world news. This award-winning app offers users access to news from more than 300 channels, with an option to “favorite” channels helping the app to provide you content tailored to your interests.

What is Locast?

Locast – short for “Local Broadcast” – streams local channels for free. While its availability is limited to select metropolitan areas, it does present a viable local news streaming option for millions of Americans. To see if Locast is available where you live, check

What is NewsON?

NewsON is a free service that provides access to live newscasts from more than 200 stations across the US. In addition to live news, the NewsON app also allows users to access previous, recent newscasts at no cost. 

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