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What's the Difference Between DirecTV STREAM and DirecTV?

Curious about the difference between DirecTV and DirecTV Stream? We provide you the details so you know which suits your needs.

Cable and Internet providers are scrambling to capitalize on the popularity of online streaming.

DirecTV is no different. With their DirecTV STREAM service, TV and movie fans have access to both streaming and on-demand viewing of all their favorite content.

What is DirecTV?

The DirecTV company originally competed with cable TV providers with its satellite TV service. Over the decades, this service has grown to include multichannel video broadcasts that offer several popular options.

DirecTV is well-known for having a reliable signal and is dedicated to delivering quality entertainment experiences for the whole family.

Is DirecTV STREAM the same as DirecTV?

  • As its latest offering, DirecTV STREAM is owned and operated by the same company as DirecTV. However, it is focused on offering users live TV and on-demand content over an Internet connection rather than satellite.
  • Similar to streaming services such as SlingTV, DirecTV STREAM allows users to enjoy up to three simultaneous streams over a single home network.
  • A good DirecTV STREAM device is necessary to get the most out of the service. Compatible devices include:
  • Roku Players SmartTVs Android and iOS devices Google Chromecast Amazon Fire TV stick

These devices are essential for taking advantage of DirecTV STREAM’s available streaming apps.

What's the Difference Between DirecTV STREAM and DirecTV?

Both DirecTV and DirecTV STREAM allow users to access hundreds of channels and loads of live content. With a DVR, DirecTV users can select on-demand content to watch at a later time.

The channels, content, and pricing offered by each have unique differences that should be considered when making a decision.


Channel lineups are essential for deciding between DirecTV and DirecTV STREAM. Both give users similar channel lineups for their live TV offerings. Local channels include Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Subscribers to both services can also access premium channels, including Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Epix.

For many users, access to regional sports networks (RSNs) is an essential part of any entertainment package. Both services give users access to all of the most popular sports channels, including ESPN, MLB Network, NHL Network, and Fox Sports.

Where they differ in their channel lineups is in the ability for DirecTV STREAM to give users access to popular streaming apps such as HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+, and Hulu + Live TV. Users should carefully consider whether these apps are necessary for their viewing needs.


TV packages from DirecTV and DirecTV STREAM both have sports content from ESPN and the NFL as well as news content from sources such as CNN. DirecTV’s ultimate package boasts over 250 channels.

STREAM can also double as a live tv streaming service and has on-demand cloud DVR capabilities through the DirecTV app.

Pricing — Is DirecTV STREAM Free for DirecTV Customers?

DirecTV’s pricing for satellite TV with their starter package is $64.99/month with a 12-month agreement. This package comes with over 160 channels and includes channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz for the first three months. The Premier Package gives customers access to all 330+ channels for $139.99.

DirecTV STREAM’s pricing structure starts at $54.99/month for the first two months, going up to $69.99/month after that for their Entertainment Package. This package includes over 65 channels and a Genie HD DVR at no additional cost to the customer. The highest-tiered Premier Package offers over 140 channels starting at $134.99/month with a 12-month service agreement.

So What’s the Best Choice? Is DirecTV Streaming Worthwhile?

While DirecTV STREAM is newer with many added features, traditional DirecTV service is considered comprehensive and could potentially deliver everything a user wants.

DirecTV STREAM, therefore, requires added devices and services to operate. When using DirecTV STREAM, users should make sure they have a fast enough Internet connection for uninterrupted viewing. High-speed Internet is essential for the best experience.

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