Is EPIX NOW Right for You?

EPIX NOW is a movie and TV show streaming service from the EPIX channel owner MGM Studios. The services allows you to stream EPIX Original Series like Belgravia, Godfather of Harlem, War of the Worlds, Pennyworth, Slow Burn, Get Shorty, and more. You can subscribe through Google Play, iTunes, Roku, and Amazon AppStore.

EPIX NOW offers a number of ways to watch:

  • 1000+ movies and TV series to stream.
  • Try EPIX NOW for $2.99 your first three months, then $5.99 every month after, cancel anytime.
  • Stream live TV & on demand without any interuptions from commercials.
  • Watch offline and download full episodes and movies on the go all on the EPIX NOW mobile app.
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What do you need to get EPIX NOW?

EPIX NOW is a subscription-based service that's available as an app via mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices.

To begin, simply subscribe to EPIX NOW for $5.99/mo. through your preferred devices such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon AppStore, or Google Play.

As a standalone service, you won't need an existing account with EPIX to get EPIX NOW — all you'll need is an internet connection to stream popular movies and original series. 

What do you get with EPIX NOW?

EPIX NOW provides subscribers with 1,000+ beloved movies and blockbusters and continually cycles fresh titles into the mix to keep its library fresh.

Plus, EPIX NOW generates its own original series and standup specials that are exclusively available to its service. For a taste of what to expect, its movies are curated with films like Arrival, Bill & Ted: Face the Music, Like a Boss, James Bond: Skyfall, and Gemini Man. EPIX NOW generates over a dozen original series that include hits like Domina, Pennyworth, War of the Worlds, Get Shorty, and Godfather of Harlem

How is EPIX NOW different?

EPIX NOW combines popular blockbusters and classic flicks with a list of original series that you can only find on EPIX. However, with EPIX NOW, you get the same content as you would with EPIX but without the need for a TV provider. That way, if you subscribe to a few streaming services instead of traditional TV, you can still enjoy your favorite EPIX shows. In addition to sharing the same content as the traditional EPIX app, EPIX NOW also includes a linear TV channel for all four EPIX live channels. 

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If I have EPIX through my TV provider, do I also get EPIX NOW?
EPIX NOW is a standalone streaming service that's separate from EPIX and is not automatically included in your TV package. However, EPIX does offer its own app and with your TV provider's account information, you can watch directly on from your web browser.
Does EPIX NOW offer a free trial?
Yes, you can take EPIX NOW for a test drive with its 7-day free trial period. Just keep in mind that the EPIX NOW free trial is only available to new subscribers.
Does EPIX NOW have live TV?
Even though EPIX NOW is a video-on-demand streaming service, it still blends in live TV features with its app. More specifically, EPIX NOW makes accessible the same linear schedule used for all four EPIX live channels.
Is EPIX NOW content available for offline viewing?
Absolutely, you can download movies to watch offline with EPIX NOW. To download titles onto your mobile devices (smartphone or tablet), navigate to the title's detail screen. Simply tap on the Download icon when connected to the internet in order to store it locally on your device for later viewing. Just note that not all titles are available for download.
How do I cancel EPIX NOW?

The best way to quickly cancel your EPIX NOW subscription is by navigating directly to Google Play, iTunes, Roku, or Amazon Apps. Depending on which service you used, the steps are generally the same: 

1.          Open your Account Settings.

2.          Select the Subscription tab. 

3.          Choose EPIX NOW.

4.          Click Cancel

For specific instructions on how to cancel EPIX NOW through your specific service, see the EPIX NOW help page.