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Military Appreciation Month: Resources for Military Members & Their Families

We’re honoring Military Awareness Month by gathering our best resources for military families, from discounts and service providers to tips for moving.

Every year, May is celebrated as Military Appreciation Month. This is a dedicated time to acknowledge the incredible sacrifices and contributions of service members and their families.

We’re honoring this month by providing specialized resources and tools to help military members and their families navigate the complexities of military life, especially when it comes to staying connected when they’re on the move.

What is Military Appreciation Month?

In 1999, the U.S. Congress designated May as Military Appreciation Month. This national observance is an official recognition of the contributions of all branches of the armed forces, including:

  • Navy
  • Army
  • Marines
  • Air Force
  • Space Force
  • Coast Guard
  • National Guard

In addition, May includes many military-specific days of recognition, such as:

  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 10, 2024)
  • Armed Forces Day (May 18, 2024)
  • Memorial Day (May 27, 2024)

Our Resources for Military Members and Family Members

At SmartMove, we understand that nothing we do is possible without the protection and support of service members and veterans. That’s why we’ve curated a special list of resources catered to helping military members meet their Internet, entertainment, and connectivity needs.

Contract Flexibility and the Military Clause: Best TV and Internet for Military Households

Not all cable TV and Internet contracts are created equal. Explore the importance of contract flexibility and how the military clause can help protect peace of mind and finances when during deployment or reassignment. We can help to explain how to select the best TV and Internet options that accommodate the constant and sudden needs of service members.

Learn more about contract flexibility and the military clause.

Maximizing Military Discounts: How to Save on Internet and TV When You Move

Did you know military members and their families can save money on your Internet and TV services while moving? We provide helpful and practical tips about negotiating better deals, finding the right providers, and taking advantage of special rates for service members.

Learn how to take advantage of your military discounts.

The 10 Best Veterans Day Movies to Watch (and Where to Watch Them)

Whether you’re a veteran searching for nostalgia or you’re a military spouse planning a Veterans Day get together, our curated list of films reflects on the highs and lows that military personnel endure on a daily basis. We also provide information on where you can stream these impactful movies.

Find out which Veterans Day movies are most popular.

The Best Mobile Apps for Military Families to Stay Connected On the Move

It’s not easy staying connected to family members and managing family affairs during training or deployment. The same goes with understanding the available resources on a new military base. We give service members, military spouses, and their families insights into the best ways to remain connected no matter where they’re based.

Learn which mobile apps are best for military families.

Set Yourself Up for a Smooth Transition: Moving Tips for Military Families

Military members can be required to move across the country or overseas with short notice, which can be incredibly stressful for a military family. We gathered some expert tips to make relocating as simple as possible.

See our top moving tips for military members and their families.

How SmartMove Can Help Military Members

We recognize the unique challenges that military members and their families face — particularly concerning frequent relocations. We’re here to help them find the best deals on TV, phone, and Internet services, regardless of their station location.

By using SmartMove to help find the best providers for their needs, military families can:

  • Quickly compare and connect with service providers that fit their budgets and needs.
  • Access comprehensive resources that can help to ease the burden of moving and setting up new services.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with contracts, plans and providers that are best suited to the military lifestyle.

Military Appreciation Month is an excellent time to reflect on the profound commitments made by our service members and their families. We’re proud to support these heroes by providing resources that not only recognize their sacrifices but also help improve their quality of life wherever they are stationed.

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