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The Best Mobile Apps for Military Families to Stay Connected On the Move

Stay connected while your family is on the move. Find the best military family apps for communication, support, and entertainment.

From constant adaptations to new surroundings, military families face unique challenges when compared to the civilian population. As such, staying connected through these transitions becomes key to the well-being and peace of mind of military families.

Fortunately, there are many mobile apps on the market that are designed to address the specific needs of service members (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.), military spouses, and their family members. That way, they can maintain solid connectivity no matter where or when duty calls.

Communication and Organization Apps

Instant Messaging and Video Call Apps

Whether you’re in the armed services or not, maintaining communication is vital. Luckily, there are a number of popular options that offer instant messaging and video call capabilities to keep families connected while on the move. Two of the most popular options include:

  • WhatsApp: This free app is among the most popular and secure messaging platforms. It’s available on both iOS and Android and allows users to securely send messages, make voice and video calls, as well as share images and videos no matter where they are.
  • Facebook Messenger: A staple in the social media world, Messenger connects families via instant messages and video calls. It can be found via Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Organization & Entertainment for Military Families

When it comes to the day-to-day management of military life, there are a few organization apps that can help you with scheduling and keeping up with family obligations. A few of the most popular apps to help with this include:

  • Cozi: Specifically designed for busy families, this app helps to coordinate everyone’s schedules and all your lists in one centralized and secure place.
  • Sesame Street for Military Families: A critical app for military children and caregivers that’s jam-packed with incredible resources to help them cope with the unique challenges of military life in an entertaining way.

Military Support and Community Apps

Base Directory Apps

From commissary rewards to facility services , several apps provide information about military bases for newly arriving military members and their families. Two of the most widely used base directory platforms include:

  • Base Guide: Comprehensive details about military bases worldwide that connect families with essential services and community info.
  • My Military OneSource app: The official DoD app offering users a wide range of resources from non-medical counseling to PCS assistance and wellness resources.

Support Network Apps

Support apps can help keep military families connected while fostering a sense of community. Instant access to these resources can enhance your family’s overall quality of life while proving much needed mental health support and resources.

  • Sandboxx: If your loved one is in military training, this app helps keep military families connected with service members via a unique letter sending feature. It also offers helpful updates, as well as support.
  • RallyPoint: A network of active service members and veterans that allows them to discuss military life and share guidance. This can be invaluable during and after service.

TV & Internet Connectivity Apps

Cable TV Provider Apps

Military families can stay tuned in to their favorite TV shows and trending movies during their move with streaming apps from leading cable providers:

  • Xfinity Stream: Watch live TV and on-demand content directly on your iPhone or Android device wherever services are available.
  • Optimum App: Check out your favorite TV shows, watch DVR recordings, use your smartphone as a remote, and more.

Due to the Military Clause, those in the armed forces can take advantage of flexible contracts, paused billing, discounts, and more when they’re relocated to another station. Be sure to inquire with your provider about additional discounts and benefits offered to service members.

Internet Provider Apps

Staying online is essential, and these apps help manage services to ensure seamless Internet connectivity:

  • My Spectrum: Seamlessly manage your account, troubleshoot equipment, and even pay bills while on the go.
  • Cox App: Allows users to manage their bills, keep an eye on data usage, and access 24/7 support. Available via iOS and Android devices.

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