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Keep or Improve Cable, Internet & Phone When Moving

Moving? SmartMove helps you stay connected to your current cable, phone, and Internet provider, or discover more options and exclusive deals at your new address.

SmartMove Helps Keep You Connected to TV and Internet When You Move

There’s a lot to do and keep track of when you’re getting ready to move to a new home. With all the stress of packing, scheduling movers, and filling out change of address forms, it’s easy to skip over seemingly complex details like moving your cable TV, phone, and Internet service.

Don’t worry. At SmartMove, we make it easy to transfer your digital home life to your new house. We also make it easy for you to find new deals and packages to meet your changing needs.

How We Got Our Start

In 2003, the Cable Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) started the Cable Mover Hotline. The goal of the hotline was to help cable companies retain customers when they moved. Moving, it turns out, is a prime time for cable company customers to reconsider their telecommunication needs and desires.

The hotline made it easy for customers to connect with their provider directly and set up an installation date at their new address. Or, if they couldn’t transfer their cable service to their new location, the hotline made it easy for them to find a new cable company.

Eventually, we created a website called CableMovers—now SmartMove—to offer even more access and better service to movers. We expanded the help and connections we could offer. Whereas we started out as a cable connecting service for movers, we evolved into a service that also connected movers with other telecom needs, including home phones, mobile phones, smart home automation needs, and Internet service.

Today, we are SmartMove, and we help movers find the best Internet, TV, and phone deals in the country. We also help out with smart home needs, streaming information, and service bundles.

Finding the Best TV Service for Your New Home

Whether your favorite channel is HBO or ESPN, there’s no need to delay transferring your cable TV service so it’s ready to go the day you move in. We can help you confirm that your cable provider does indeed offer service at your new location.

Not crazy about your cable TV provider? Need more features like DVR and premier on-demand offerings? Want a cable provider that offers a streaming service or streaming app for on-the-go viewing? We can help you get the exact TV services and features you desire, and we can also help you uncover deals and offerings exclusive to new customers at your new location. Just enter your new address here, and we’ll show you what’s available.

Finding the Best Internet Service Provider for Your New Home

Not all Internet providers—or Internet plans— are the same. At SmartMove, we can help you transfer your Internet service to your new address, or we can help you find a different ISP. We can also help you uncover ways to avoid having to pay any fees when you transfer Internet service.

But that’s not all. With SmartMove, you can:  

…And more. Find out what ISPs are available at your new address today.

Finding the Best Phone Service for Your New Home

Whether you need to transfer or start up a landline, a mobile phone, or both at your new residence, SmartMove can help. While many mobile providers and home phone providers offer service nationwide, coverage isn’t always guaranteed.

To find out if your phone provider operates in your new location, just enter the street address for your new home and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Finding the Best Smart Home Automation Devices and Providers for Your New Home

As smart home automation becomes more and more mainstream, options abound. As a result, making choices about devices and service is becoming more difficult.

At SmartMove, we provide resources on a variety of smart home-related topics, including a smart home tech directory, the best starter smart devices, ways in which smart home devices help households save time and money, and so much more. 

If you’re looking to transition your current residence to a smart home, or, if you’re excited to move into a new place tat’s already outfitted with smart appliances, we have the smart home information you need.

Find the Best Streaming Services for Your New Home

The streaming services landscape is currently in flux. In addition to well-known streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and NBC’s Peacock, many cable companies now provide customers with on-the-go viewing apps. Partnerships between cable companies and streaming platforms are becoming more common, too—like this one between Charter (Spectrum) and Disney+.

It can be tricky to stay on top of all the latest information related to streaming. We can help. We offer streaming-related content to keep readers informed and to ensure they know about all their options when it comes to accessing the streaming content they don’t want to miss.

SmartMove is still in the cable moving business. We’ve just expanded to help movers stay connected when it comes to all things digital. Let us help you transfer your current services, or discover the packages and deals available to you at your new address.

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