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How Google Fiber Compares To Other Fiber Internet Options

Google Fiber isn’t the only fiber Internet available. Here’s a guide to making the right Internet choice based on your needs, price range, bundling preferences and location.

Over the past couple of decades, the Internet has changed the way people around the globe interact with one another.  It’s a connecting force when it comes to professional collaboration, school work, current events, and social life as a whole.  So it’s no secret that high-quality Internet access is an important asset in everything from modern business to multiplayer online gaming. 
Whether you’re about to move into your first apartment and are looking to find an Internet service provider with a fiber or Gigabit option, or you need faster Internet service and are wondering whether fiber Internet is right for you, SmartMove can help.  Plus, learn how other providers’ fiber options stack up next to Google Fiber.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is currently the fastest way to transfer Internet data in the world. Much faster than cable and way beyond the capabilities of dialup, fiber Internet can transfer huge amounts of data at amazing speeds using specialized fiber optic cables.
Unlike other types of Internet cable, fiber cables can carry several light signals at once, providing exceptional upload speeds of around 1 Gbps for most households. Fiber Internet has very little latency when downloading and uploading files, too, which makes online gaming and streaming videos a much more seamless and enjoyable experience.
Fiber Internet is currently available from many of the top Internet providers including Google, Xtream, Sparklight, Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband), GCI, Xfinity, Cox, Optimum (including former Suddenlink), Fidelity Communications, Armstrong, MCTV and Spectrum. It’s important to note, however, that upload and download speeds can vary considerably between fiber Internet providers and that many locations still lack fiber Internet infrastructure. More cities across the United States are gaining access to fiber Internet, including Huntsville, Mountain View, Kansas City, Atlanta, Austin and Brooklyn.

How to Know Whether Fiber Internet is Right for You

Just because fiber Internet is the fastest way to stay connected online today, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right option for every Internet user. As stated above, because it is still a relatively new technology, fiber connections aren’t available everywhere in the U.S. Where it is available, fiber Internet also tends to be more expensive than other types of Internet connections.
If you’re a casual Internet user who doesn’t do much more than surf the web, check your email, or participate in some light audio and video streaming, a cable or DSL Internet connection will likely be more than enough. But if you’re constantly using your Internet connection to transfer large files, run data-heavy programs, play online games, or stream 4K videos, a fiber Internet connection may be the right choice. 

Of course, not all fiber Internet options offer the exact same type of service, plan or price. Here’s a look at what Google Fiber — probably the most well-known type of fiber Internet — does and doesn’t offer.

Google Fiber Pros and Cons

Google Fiber is a popular option for fiber Internet connection, and for good reason. With no bandwidth caps, Google Fiber provides storage of up to 500 hours of HD video content in customers’ Google Fiber TV hard drives. It also features download and upload speeds as high as 1,000 Mbps.
However, Google Fiber does have some drawbacks. It’s currently only available in select markets, and it’s one of the pricier options. Another reason to consider another provider? Google Fiber doesn’t offer a wide variety of plan options, so you may end up with a plan that’s not a great fit.

Best Google Fiber Alternatives

There are plenty of Internet providers out there, and many of them are hopping onto the fiber Internet train. Here is a look at some of the top options for fiber Internet available today.

Xtream Fiber Internet

Xtream’s fastest Internet offer provides download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps — enough for 20+ devices in simultaneous use.

Sparklight Fiber Internet

Sparklight’s fiber Internet is very fast and very reliable. Each household’s connection is an individual fiber connection, so bottlenecks, latency and oscillating speeds are a thing of the past.

Xfinity Fiber Internet

Xfinity’s Gigabit Internet package offers upload and download speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps, which is tough to beat. Xfinity even allows users to bundle Internet access with other services like TV and phone for added convenience.

Spectrum Fiber Internet

Spectrum currently offers fiber Internet to many of the country’s largest cities with Spectrum Enterprise. As a special subsidiary of Spectrum, it’s designed to provide businesses with high-quality Internet access. This fiber Internet connection offers all of the fast speeds and reliability that fiber customers have come to expect.

Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) Fiber Internet

Breezeline’s fiber Internet grants customers download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps and upload speeds as high as 600 Mbps. Currently, fiber Internet customers have to lease a fiber gateway from Breezeline.

GCI Fiber Internet

GCI has aggressively invested in fiber optic cable to be able to provide their Alaska-based customers with rapid Internet speeds. GCI advertises speeds of 1 Gbps for their residential customers. 77% of GCI’s customers have access to fiber Internet.

Cox Fiber Internet

Cox advertises symmetrical fiber Internet speeds of 1 Gbps across many parts of the eighteen states the company serves. It should be noted, too, that Cox offers cable Internet speeds that fast as well.

Fidelity Communications Fiber Internet

Fidelity continues to expand fiber Internet options for customers throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma with advertised speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Armstrong Fiber Internet

Armstrong’s fiber Internet service is available to over 1.1 million people, making it the 14th largest fiber Internet service provider in the country. Armstrong fiber Internet customers can expect download speeds as high as 940 Mbps for excellent video conferencing, gaming and streaming.

MCTV Fiber Internet

With symmetrical upload and download speeds of 100 Mbps, MCTV’s fiber Internet tech allows for smoother streaming, surfing and gaming for its Ohio customers.

Optimum (including former Suddenlink) Fiber Internet

Optimum offers fiber Internet to more than 11 million customers, making it the 4th largest fiber Internet service provider in the U.S. With advertised speeds of 1 Gbps, Optimum customers can enjoy anything the Internet has to offer without fear of speed issues or latency.

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