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The Pros and Cons of Cheap Cable TV

Cheap cable TV can greatly reduce your monthly bill, and if you’re moving, now is a good time to find a service provider with a rate that fits your budget.

Money saved with a basic cable TV plan can be used for entertainment equipment like a new TV, Smart home entertainment products and devices (if you use them), or other uses. Cheap TV packages are great for people who don't watch a lot of television and for families on a budget. Some cable TV providers offer super-low-cost TV packages or even free TV with upgrade options available. Of course, you're likely to get a minimum amount of channels in these basic packages, so be sure the cable TV provider you choose offers your favorite shows.

One way to get cheap cable TV plans is to bundle them with a high-speed Internet package. Many cable TV and Internet providers have tiered plans priced according to the number of TV channels, sports channels, local channels, and other stations they include. Also, the speed of your Internet connection generally impacts the pricing.

Many Internet and cable TV service providers offer discounted or free TV plans to seniors. You can check out your local cable service providers or let us find a plan for you. There are plenty of inexpensive Internet packages available to seniors.

The pros of cheap cable TV service

The benefits of cheap cable TV service are, of course, that it’s cost effective, and you can use those dollar savings for other activities. Also, if you are an occasional movie watcher, you can use the savings to rent or buy movies online or subscribe directly to a sports channel or other favorite live TV streaming service. This way, you could use your cable for local TV and basic channels like CBS, NBC, and ABC and your savings money to subscribe to your favorite on-demand streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube TV, DirectTV, etc.).

The cons of cheap cable TV service

The cons of cheap cable TV plans are as follows:

  • Limited TV channel lineup
  • You may not get all of your favorite TV shows
  • Limited movie choices

Ways to cut your cable TV cost

Here are eight quick ways to find a cheaper cable TV package:

  • Evaluate premium channels after the free trial period ends to make sure the content meets your needs
  • Combine basic cable TV with the streaming service of your choice
  • Bundle your Internet service, TV plan, and phone packages
  • Refer friends for a discount (but only if they want you to)
  • Purchase your own modem (many Internet providers charge you to rent these)
  • Drop the DVR (this usually adds cost to a TV plan)
  • Drop channels and packages or call your provider to see how to reduce the price of your TV plan
  • Shop for another plan with a different service provider

Things to look for when shopping for cheap cable TV

  • Make sure the package you select has your favorite shows
  • Ask if there are promo TV package rates
  • Make certain your local channels are included in the plan — if you want easy access to location-specific programming
  • Review their on-demand offerings
  • See if you can combine or customize packages
  • Ask what kind of add-ons are available
  • Ensure the cable channels offered are those you and any roommates or family members watch
  • If you love sports, make sure there are ample sports channels (note, you can also subscribe to streaming sports channels with the cost savings)
  • Make sure the TV plan fee isn’t just a limited intro price
  • Ask if there is a freeze on the basic cable TV plan rate or how long you can expect that rate

Cheap phone/cable TV/Internet bundles


The Xfinity Superfast + Popular TV bundle is available for only $80 (at the time of this writing). The price is introductory and subject to change but includes up to 600Mbps downloads and 125+ channels. Check out their website for more information.


Cox phone, cable TV, and Internet bundles start at $164.99 per month (at the time of this writing) and include unlimited calling, high-speed Internet (150Mbps), 150+ channels, and other bonuses like online storage and their free security suite. A phone modem is included with this bundle.

Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband cable TV/phone/Internet service bundles start at $150 per month and include up to 250 channels, unlimited long-distance calling, and high-speed internet up to 250Mbps. TiVo DVR is also included in their plans, so you can record your favorite TV shows. Atlantic TV also offers an online TV app for streaming with DVR recording of shows and on-demand programming from anywhere, which is kind of like taking your cable with you. They also have some TV cable + Internet deals starting at $64.97 (at the time of this writing). Check out their website for current deals.

We hope you've found our cheap cable TV blog post useful. For help finding a cheap cable TV plan or package, enter your details for more information.

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