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Moving to North Carolina

Guide to Internet, TV, and Mobile in North Carolina

Getting Ready to Move to North Carolina

Whether you’re planning a move to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill (the research triangle), a move to Charlotte, one of the nation’s largest banking hubs; or any one of a hundred other idyllic towns and small cities, SmartMove is here to help you with your upcoming move to North Carolina.

Moving to North Carolina requires a good amount of planning and preparation regardless of whether you’re buying a new home or renting your next place. With SmartMove, you can find great deals on moving-related expenses while planning out the details of your move, using our handy, free tools. You can save money and get organized for your move to the Tar Heel State at the same time, with SmartMove.

Check Out North Carolina Providers by City

Internet Service Providers in North Carolina

Internet service providers provide a variety of different types of the Internet such as fiber optic, cable, and DSL. The most important factor when choosing your Internet service provider is available in your area.

Internet plans include high-speed Internet and no data caps. Running speed tests can help you determine which providers are best in your area. You should also check for promotional pricing and data overage fees, as well as any other special offers that may be available.

Fiber Internet is the fastest type of Internet available. It is a newer technology that is not as widely available as other types of the Internet. However, it is slowly becoming more available in larger cities.

Broadband Internet is widely available in North Carolina. It is a high-speed Internet connection that is perfect for streaming, gaming, and working from home.

Cable Internet is widely available in North Carolina. It offers high-speed Internet with no data caps.

DSL is widely available in North Carolina. It is a high-speed Internet connection that is perfect for streaming, gaming, and working from home.

A strong Internet connection is important for working from home, online schooling, and streaming entertainment. Internet services have become more important than ever during the pandemic.

The best Internet will have strong WiFi and no data caps. Fast Internet is very important because it helps with things like working from home, online schooling, and streaming entertainment.

Cable TV in North Carolina

Cable TV is widely available in North Carolina. There are many providers to choose from, so it is important to compare pricing and plans before making a decision. You Want to be able to watch your favorite shows and movies without interruption.

TV packages include channels such as ESPN, HGTV, and The Disney Channel. You can also get premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. Most providers offer a variety of package options so you can find the perfect fit for your viewing habits.

A strong router and modem are important because it helps with things like streaming and gaming. You want to be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without interruption. Live TV streaming services are a great addition to cable TV. They offer a variety of channels and you can watch them on your schedule.

Phone Services in North Carolina

Home phone service is available from a variety of providers in North Carolina. Phone plans include local and long-distance calling, as well as features such as voicemail and call waiting. You can also add on features such as caller ID and call forwarding.

Resources and Assistance for Moving to North Carolina

In addition to getting your digital life in order, you'll need to relocate from your current location to your future one. Here are some tips on how to relocate in North Carolina.

Choosing a Moving Company

If you've decided to utilize a moving company, do your research ahead of time so you can schedule their services. About six months before your move date, start looking into what companies are available both where you are and where you want to go. SmartMove is a free online tool to help you find and compare movers in North Carolina.

After you've identified which companies are capable of moving you, read reviews to narrow down your list even more. Excellent customer service, affordability, and dependability are all important factors to consider. Once you've chosen your pick, you can book their services. Then, to prepare for the rest of your trip to Carolina, complete SmartMove's free moving checklist!

How to Move Yourself 

If you want to save money on your move to North Carolina or simply enjoy the feeling of having complete control over your belongings from point A to point B, moving yourself is a great option. Consider the following points before deciding to relocate:

  • Do you really want your friends and family members to help you move boxes and furniture?
  • Is it physically possible for you, your friends, and your family to move?
  • What are your contingency plans in the event of severe weather or an accident?

Keep in mind that you may always hire local movers to help you at the start and/or finish of your trip.

Whether you move yourself or use a professional moving company, remember to save your receipts for your tax preparer. If you're relocating for work, see if your employer will cover your moving costs.

You should have all of the tools and knowledge you need to make the transfer — and your arrival — as painless as possible after reading our Moving to North Carolina guide.

Find Providers for Your Move to North Carolina

When moving to North Carolina, you don't want to worry about finding the right Internet, TV, or mobile provider. SmartMove is here to help. We can connect you with providers in your area so you can get the services you need.

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