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How to Transfer MCTV Internet Service During a Move

Learn how MCTV Internet customers can keep their same provider and plan during a move within Ohio, plus avoid fees or find similar options if Armstrong can’t be transferred.

Preparing for a move to or within Ohio? Whether you're looking to move your current services to another Ohio neighborhood or you simply want to start a new plan in your new home, MCTV offers several options for transferring or starting your Internet service.

Updating your Internet service when moving to a new area can be a hassle, especially on top of the many tasks associated with relocating. Fortunately, MCTV  makes it easy to find the right option for you so you have one less item on your moving to-do list.

Are You an Existing MCTV Customer Moving to a New Residence in Ohio?

If you're moving to a new residence within their many Ohio service areas, MCTV has you covered. 

Existing customers can change, move, or even pause service depending on your relocation plans. Just go to the MCTV support page to reach out to a customer service representative.

Are You a New Customer Curious About MCTV?

If you aren’t currently an MCTV customer but are moving to an area MCTV serves, you should take time to explore the various plans available. From high-speed Internet with no data caps to their smart home security plan, Safeguard, MCTV makes it easy to find a plan that works for your household.

Plus: bundle all your digital needs into one plan and not only will you save money, but you’ll simplify your services and bills.

Connect to MCTV Internet with SmartMove

SmartMove offers the support you need to make transferring or starting your MCTV Internet service a breeze. We partner with providers in your area to keep your digital life up and running, no matter where you’re going.

Get ahead on transferring your MCTV Internet service with SmartMove.

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