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DIY Moving: Going it alone

Are you planning to move by yourself? Here are a few guidelines for getting you where you want to be.

How to Move By Yourself 

If you're planning to move to another city, state or even country, you're facing a huge undertaking that you probably don't want to manage by yourself. Still, if you're persuaded that you can tackle it alone, you might want a few words of wisdom before you embark on this endeavor. Here are some tips for going solo on your relocation:

DIY Moving Tip #1: Start early

Even people with a full crew of movers are advised to begin preparations months in advance, and this deadline is lengthened for people who are planning to move themselves. Around 6 months before your anticipated departure, sit down and create a comprehensive moving checklist. Your list should cover three important factors: the window of time in which certain responsibilities must be accomplished, any physical resources needed at each stage, and the expected cost of ensuring thorough completion.

Take a close look at these requirements and consider whether or not you're really prepared to take them on alone. According to Better Homes and Gardens, although people hope to save money with a DIY move, doing so can actually cost them more time and money in the long run. In fact, the source went so far as to call the self-move one of the "biggest moving mistakes." Let's face it, if you're not a moving expert, you probably don't have the experience of professionals in the business.

DIY Moving Tip #2: Simplify your move

Moving yourself is simplest if you only have to worry about one person's belongings and individual responsibilities, so keep in mind that every additional person will complicate your checklist. This might include updating driver's licenses to reflect your new locale or registering children at new schools. Particularly if you're moving with a large family, try to minimize the other aspects of your transition. Can you cut down on the number of items you have to pack by hosting a yard sale or auction? A second look through your belongings might reveal objects that haven't been used or worn in a while and could be donated to charity.

DIY Moving Tip #3:‚Äč Prepare for the worst

Being ready for worst-case scenarios is certainly not unique to people who are moving by themselves, but it might be more crucial for the DIY type to have some backups in mind. For instance, plan ahead for various conditions, such as inclement weather, that could complicate your transition, and be sure to know when to ask for help.

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