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The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors Living in Florida

Want to know the best cell phone plans for seniors living in Florida? We can guide you to the best senior phone plans based on budget and phone features.

Seniors are using cell phones at increasingly higher rates. According to the PEW Research Center, 92% of adults over 65 have a cellphone, which is almost as high as other age groups. Still, seniors have needs that are unique. In addition to phone capabilities and services, cost is a major concern.

Shopping for the best mobile plans for seniors in Florida can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of options. But not all plans are the same.

In general, the best cell phone plans — for anyone — offer some combination of the following:

  • Reliable coverage
  • Good customer service
  • An affordable price point
  • Ample data and minutes
  • Fast download speeds
  • WiFi capability
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Bundling options

Seniors in Florida Need the Right Cell Phone

Seniors in Florida should look for the offerings above, but there’s a lot more available, too — especially when it comes to choosing the right phone. From senior-friendly cell phone designs and cell phone service options to medical-related services and hearing-impaired add-ons, seniors should also be on the lookout for these functions:

  • Urgent response for quick emergency help
  • Fall-detection capabilities
  • Medical phone assistance from qualified practitioners
  • Senior transportation services 
  • Cell phones designed for visually-impaired people (read this related Verizon article)
  • Braille capabilities
  • Cell phones designed for hearing-impaired people
  • Large buttons
  • Voice-control capabilities

Choosing a cell phone, of course, is very personal. Just make sure you choose one that can connect with a provider that offers excellent service. 

Many top service providers also offer discounts for mobile plans for seniors. Some providers even partner with the AARP for cell phone plan discounts. The federally funded Emergency Broadband Act also qualifies low-income seniors for discounts through many carriers, including T-Mobile and Verizon.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features different carriers provide that will support various senior needs.

High-Quality and Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

One thing to keep in mind during your search is that most cell phone users use smartphones. This means they rely on wireless Internet even when they’re at home.

For that reason, seniors should make sure they have a reliable broadband Internet connection. This is especially important since a cable company’s broadband and wireless products are usually designed to work together. Here are some great cell phone provider options for seniors.

Spectrum. Charter Communications’ Spectrum Mobile uses Spectrum Internet to provide excellent mobile service for low prices. How low? A 1 Gig data plan only costs $14 a month, and an unlimited data plan is just $29.99 a month.

Xfinity. For seniors who don’t have high download requirements, Xfinity offers some great bare-bones senior cell phone plans — as low as $20 per month in some areas. Xfinity, a Comcast company, requires a one-year service agreement. They carry the usual big-brand phones like Motorola, Apple, Samsung and LG. 

Optimum. Optimum doesn’t have a specific senior phone plan, but they do have a very low-cost option that includes 1 G of data for just $14 a month.

Senior Citizen Cell Phone Plans for Free — or Almost

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a continuation of the Emergency Broadband Benefit —a federally-funded COVID-19-related program. The ACP  provides discounts to low-income families, including senior families, such as a household with married partners or a larger, multi-generational family. 

Seniors can apply for the discounts through the FCC website. Once you qualify, you can shop for the plan that fits your needs. They are basic cell phone plans and some even come with free devices. Only one discount per household is allowed.

Cell Phone Plans for Seniors with Medical, Hearing and Vision Issues

For seniors with medical needs or hearing or vision loss, there are some great cell phone plans.

Lively (formerly GreatCall). Lively has one of the most robust cell phone plans for seniors and people who are hearing impaired, blind, or have low vision. Package prices vary depending on how many options are chosen. 

Lively also offers Jitterbug flip phones, which is the only flip phone that works with Amazon Alexa and features big, easy-to-use buttons. Jitterbug phones are available at an affordable price tag of around $30 and can be purchased outright from Lively.

Lively has a variety of paid plans to suit senior needs from $20 to $40 plans at the time of publishing.

Shopping for the best cell phone plans for seniors in Florida can be cumbersome, but SmartMove makes it easy. Whether you’re moving to Florida for the first time to enjoy your retirement, or you’re relocating within the state, just enter your address, and SmartMove will help find the right mobile phone plan for you.

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