Good WiFi connectivity is essential for home Internet users. Throughout the United States, scores of Internet service providers (ISPs) offer WiFi, but not all ISPs — or WiFi options — are equal. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the different types of Internet connectivity available, as well as offers from the top Internet service providers.

Different Types of Internet Plans

It’s common for WiFi customers to bundle their Internet service with other services, such as cable TV, mobile, and/or home phone or VoIP services. Within bundles of this type, there are a number of different types of Internet connections available.

Broadband Internet Vs Satellite Vs Fixed Wireless

Broadband connections come in many forms, including DSL, cable, and fiber. Broadband connections tend to have higher speeds than old fashioned dial-up, satellite Internet or fixed wireless Internet. For the most part, the fastest type of broadband WiFi available is fiber optic. 

Satellite Internet providers generally focus on rural areas where broadband connections are not yet available. While satellite has gotten better in recent years, many consumers will have lower speeds and data caps than broadband users.

Fixed wireless Internet services use a cellular connection to deliver LTE, 5G, and other types of mobile data to connected devices. Cellular Internet is a rapidly growing form of Internet coverage and is most commonly used by WiFi customers who don’t have ready access to broadband options.

Here is a list of the top WiFi providers in the U.S. that offer broadband WiFi service. Please keep in mind that different ISPs offer varying download and upload speeds. Some impose restrictions and data caps, while others offer unlimited data. Of course, the plan you choose can also affect speed, data usage, and the like. Be sure to pay close attention to the specifics of the particular plan you choose.


Xfinity Internet grew out of Comcast’s cable television services. The Xfinity DSL Internet coverage area extends to most U.S. states. Xfinity offers a variety of plans and pricing options depending on the coverage area. With speeds starting at just 50Mbps and going up to 1,200 Mbps, there are Xfinity plans and speeds to fit any budget.


Spectrum is a well-known provider of cable TV, fast Internet, and phone services. They offer high-speed bandwidth capabilities at well over 1000 Mbps, and their coverage area encompasses many urban and suburban areas. Spectrum has reliable service with no data caps. Plus, their lowest priced service tier still offers 200 Mbps speeds.


Cox is an Internet service provider specializing in digital media and security services for smart home automation. As a provider, Cox Communications operates in 18 U.S. states and offers reliable Internet packages to customers.


Optimum provides digital cable Internet packages for households on a budge, including cable, fiber optic Internet, and landline voice services.


Armstrong services residential and commercial customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It provides TV and voice services and offers Internet speeds as high as 1 gigabit per second.


Serving Alaska, GCI was built to deliver unlimited connectivity to rural areas. Its Internet, mobile, and TV services bring 5G speeds to local customers. In fact, GCI currently advertises 2 Gig speeds.


MCTV provides Internet service to select areas in Ohio. It currently offers three Internet plans. The lowest priced plan comes with 25 Mbps speeds, and the highest priced plan comes with 100 Mbps speeds.

Xtream (Mediacom)

Xtream by Mediacom offers Internet service to 22 states throughout the U.S. One reason Xtream is a popular service is that its Internet speeds routinely exceed the advertised offerings.


With services covering roughly half of the U.S., Sparklight can provide highly-rated Internet services to a large number of clients. Sparklight’s streaming-focused network can give customers up to 1 Gbps of speed. The company offers users zero-commitment WiFi and Internet services without a contract.

Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications provides no-contract bundles and reliable network coverage to users. Fidelity provides fast, secure, and reliable service in tiers that range between 50 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps.


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