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Looking to Speed Up Your Optimum Internet? Here’s What You Should Know

Increase your Internet speed with Optimum. Explore which Optimum users are eligible for speed upgrades plus other ways to increase Internet speed without a plan change.

Home WiFi keeps us connected across various aspects of daily life. WiFi enables you to work from home, complete school assignments, stay informed on important issues, and enjoy all your favorite live sporting events, from the Olympics to the Superbowl. Whether you’re gaming on your Xbox, Playstation or another console; jamming to music, reading the news or catching up with loved ones, WiFi is your connecting force! Most households use their Internet connection for several reasons simultaneously—which usually requires different levels of bandwidth.

If you’re currently paying for less Internet bandwidth than you need, your household is likely experiencing the constant frustration that comes with a slow connection. Luckily, many Optimum users have access to increased Internet speeds in certain regions (with more regions coming soon). Plus, SmartMove has your back with a couple other tricks that might help boost your Optimum Internet speeds.

How to Increase Internet Access as an Optimum User

Before you contact Optimum about optimizing your Internet service, take a moment to try SmartMove’s Optimum speed test. This test will determine whether your Internet is functioning at the speed it should be. If it’s not, you may have some troubleshooting to do either on your own or with a Optimum representative to get your Internet back up to its best working speed.

There’s also a chance that your Optimum speed test shows that your Internet connection is working at the proper speed based on your plan, but it’s just not what you need. This means it’s time to look into whether you qualify for increased Internet upload and download speeds from Optimum .

Currently, increased speeds are available for Optimum users in select regions. In order to find out whether your plan qualifies for speed upgrades at this time, simply log in to your online account and follow these instructions:

  • ​Click the Billing tab
  • Scroll down and click the Statements tab
  • Find Statement Details
  • Look for an Upgrade tab, and you should be directed to a new webpage that displays your options for upgrading
If these steps show that you are not currently eligible for a speed upgrade, you can contact your local Optimum helpline to get more information or talk about paying for more data or faster speeds.

Top Ways to Make Your Internet Faster

If you’re unable to upgrade your Optimum Internet speeds at this time, have no fear! There are many quick fixes to improve your household’s  online experience, and we’ve broken them down for you.

Sick of your streaming devices buffering mid-scene during your favorite show? Or experiencing a slow Internet connection when you’re on your mobile device? Here are some tips to speed up your Internet without changing your service plan.

Change the Location of Your Router

If you’re only experiencing slow Internet speeds on certain devices in your home but not others, the location of your router may be the problem. The more centrally your router is located to the rest of your home, the better the Internet connection will be for all of your devices. Additionally, make sure the devices requiring the highest priority are closest to the router to get the best possible connection.

Connect With an Ethernet Cable

Given the popularity of wireless Internet access, it’s easy to forget that a wired connection can often be much more quick and reliable. It may be slightly less convenient to attach an Ethernet cable to your device, as you can’t move around as freely. However, if you’re trying to do a data-heavy activity like on-demand streaming or gaming or even running simultaneous streams, an Ethernet cable will boost your Internet speeds significantly.

Get an Upgraded Router

In some cases, you might be using a WiFi router that isn’t built for the amount of space you need to cover. Contact your Optimum representative to find out whether a router upgrade is in order. Then you can get back to streaming your favorite cable TV channels online on your TV app, including ESPN, Fox, Showtime, TNT, Comedy Central, and many more.

Consider a WiFi Extender

A WiFi extender (not to be confused with a WiFi repeater) may also be needed if your router isn’t quite equipped to give you high-speed Internet access. WiFi extenders are easy to set up and are a great way to eradicate dead zones throughout your property.

Find the Best Internet and Media Bundles with SmartMove

Improving your Optimum Internet speed is definitely possible if you follow these tips. 

Need to add cable TV or mobile to your Internet service? SmartMove can help you find the best bundles available in your region from the highest quality providers available.

Here are some of Optimum's current most popular Internet plans for various budgets and needs:

Optimum 1 Gig Internet
Perfect for the modern ultra-connected home.

Optimum 500 Mbps Internet
Ideal for supporting multiple 4K UHD streamers at once.

Optimum 300 Mbps Internet
Great for multi-device HD streaming, gaming and more.

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