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How to Block Numbers on Any Smartphone

Find out how to block numbers on any smartphone, plus how to report spam activity and prevent unwanted calls on iPhones and Android devices.

Unwanted calls and spam texts can be annoying and disruptive. Scammers engaged in phishing or catfishing are also cause for security concerns.

If you’re getting too many calls or texts from telemarketers, spammers, and other bad actors, it’s time to take proactive steps and start blocking numbers.

Options for Blocking Unwanted Calls and Numbers

There are many actions you can take to block unwanted calls. First, put your name on the National Do Not Call Registry. After you’ve had your number registered with the service for 31 days, whenever a telemarketer or spammer calls or texts you, you can report them. 

Next, be sure to use your phone’s caller ID to screen incoming calls and texts. Report spam and robocalls and texts to the FCC

Finally, it’s important to ensure your outgoing calls, messages, and connections are secure so spammers and hackers can’t get a hold of any of your private information. 

You can also take time to look through your call list now and again. Look for suspicious numbers and messages. You can use call blocking to prune calls from anyone not in your contact list. Here are the specific steps to take to block numbers on any smartphone — iOS and Android.

Blocking Numbers on iOS Devices

iPhone users who want to block unwanted calls and spam have access to powerful real-time filtering and reporting tools for their security.

To block unwanted phone and Facetime calls on iOS, first go to your recent phone or Facetime call log and look for the unwanted phone number. Tap the button with the ‘i’ logo to access the contact’s information. Scroll down to the option that says ‘Block this caller’ and tap it to prevent further calls.

For iOS messages, first, open the conversation and find the contact you wish to block. Select the ‘Info’ button and scroll down to select ‘Block this caller.’ With new intelligence capabilities delivered by Apple’s Siri, iOS devices that have the necessary updates can automatically silence unknown callers if you turn on that option in the Phone app’s settings menu.

Blocking Numbers on Android Devices

To block a phone number on an android phone, open the Phone app and tap ‘More’ then ‘Call History’ on the top-right. Scroll through your history and find the number, then tap ‘Block/ReportSpam.’

To block specific contacts, find them in the Phone app’s call history, choose the contact, and tap ‘Add to Block List.’ Samsung Galaxy S phones and other modern Android manufacturers have added automatic blocking features that look at recent calls and text messages to filter out unwanted spam and automatically add specific numbers to blocklists.

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