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The Best Streaming Packages Available Right Now

An overview of video streaming services, how to stream your favorite content and the best streaming packages currently available.

More users than ever before have switched to streaming, choosing it over cable TV, satellite and other delivery methods. As more streaming packages become available, it can be difficult for consumers to navigate options and determine what works for them. 

Fortunately, streaming your video content has never been easier. DVR storage lets you access your favorite shows when you have time, and with cloud DVR, you can stream files from anywhere you have a connection for on-the-go entertainment.

How Do I Access My Streaming Packages?

Users can access their streaming packages from many different devices. Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, allow consumers to stream live and on-demand video from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Some other streaming devices include:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TVs

Whether you prefer Android, iOS or any other option, many streaming packages are available for your entertainment.

What Streaming Packages Are Available?

With the right package, you can get all of your favorite TV shows for streaming on-demand content and live TV. Streaming devices give users access to the best add-free, on-demand content. Get drama, comedy, sports and documentaries from the best streaming providers.

Subscribers have access to their favorite shows on the most popular channels. Channel lineups include local channels, such as ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS, as well as premium channels like Showtime, TNT, MTV, Starz, CNN, AMC and Cartoon Network.

Sports channels are also available from the major sports networks. Get live streaming for the biggest sports fans from ESPN, NFL+, NBA TV and

What Are the Best Streaming Packages Available?

Who has the best streaming package? Users should have a clear understanding of available options so they can choose the service that’s right for them. Each package has a unique offering, so users need to determine the type of content that is most important to them.

Get all of the best add-ons:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Disney+
  • Paramount Plus
  • Peacock
  • Apple TV

The best live TV streaming services are available for users who want access to the latest on-demand content. Get your live TV channels and sporting events all in one place with an upgraded streaming package that fits your needs.

Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle is a cost-effective way for fans of Disney’s service to get access to their favorite shows, movies, and sports. For a smaller upfront cost, subscribers can have access to three of the top streaming channels with updated content.

The Disney Bundle comes with Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $7.99 monthly or $79.99 for a year. Users who sign up for the Disney Bundle can download their chosen app and start streaming right away. Existing subscribers can easily upgrade to take advantage of this offer.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is DirecTV’s answer to subscription-based streaming services. Subscribers can choose the entertainment package that works best for them to get access to all of the best premium content.

Starting at $54.99 a month, DirecTV Stream customers have access to over 65 channels and more than 40,000 on-demand titles. DirecTV’s Premier Package offers access to over 140 channels and more than 65,000 on-demand titles for $134.99 a month.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a popular subscription for those who want to take advantage of Amazon’s delivery, gaming, and music services as well as streaming content. By utilizing  Amazon’s offer, subscribers can get discounts, rebates and access to exclusive events.

Amazon Prime comes with many popular movies and shows and ad-free music. Prime Video provides streaming and rental services for users with compatible devices. Amazon Prime costs only $14.99 a month, and new users can try Prime for 30 days.


For fans of live sports, FuboTV is a great streaming option that makes it easy to record and watch your favorite content from anywhere. New users can start their free trial to get access to all of their content for seven days.

FuboTV’s live streaming services give users access to top channels at a low cost. The Pro package, starting at $69.99 a month, comes with 128 channels and over a hundred sporting events. For $99.99 a month, users can get up to 219 live and on-demand channels with 4K streaming capabilities.  FuboTV’s Sports Plus package also comes with NFL Redzone.

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